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  1. Yeah I guess they should but Austin is so quick.... percy harvin type.... or younger steve smith.... people are worried about his size.... but steve smith isn't much taller
  2. You rather have Eifert then Austin? lol Omg... What's wrong you don't like Escobar or Ertz?
  3. lol..... Well we have had our debates in the past.... And McFadden was a better selection then Gholston was... McFadden with our O line that we had back then would have been much better then what the raiders had... And btw.. they selected DMC when they had three running backs already on the team... that was al Davis in a nutshell...
  4. Oh by the way.... for the newbies....... Several years ago I had a post on here that was one of the longest ever seen and one of the most hottest debates on this forum... I was screaming for McFadden.... We even had guys making screen names SAYNOTODMC and others.... people were getting so heated there were cursing threats of fighting funny sh*t... it was an awesome time... and it was when this board was jumping... and I had to defend myself because everyone wanted Vernon Gholston.... "hes a beast" "sign that beast" "McFadden is too fragile" and now we can look back and only laugh.... raiders
  5. Hows that? when did we draft to make a splash? Sanchez comes to mind.... but we needed a QB because Kellen was terrible... We need at some point to address the offense already.... seriously... when do we do that? the third and 4th rounds? We need help in a lot of areas I agree... But offense is important... or you rather see games like 6-3 vs Arizona... look all im saying is if were going to suck...give the fans that pay the bills the right to see something exciting.. something entertaining.. because that's what this is about entertaining people... a new guard and d lineman wont do it...
  6. That's horrible!!!! jones? guy has a serious spinal disease!!! E reid? a cb that you forgot his name? that sucks.... so what will happen is this.... we make those trades and we draft a whole bunch of sh*t and then watch Tavon Austin become a star in this league and we will bite ourselves in the ass again.... whie we can say hey but we got that cb we didn't need.... that I don't even know his name..... we don't need a cb that high!!! we had the second best pass defense in the league last year,,,
  7. Please do not select a Guard in the first round!!! You have just traded your best player on your team and you want people asses in the stands... Sorry to tell you or anyone on this board but nobody is going to be rooting for Guard come Sundays or even an outside linebacker.... We been jokes in the draft for many years... To the point now its expected for the fans to boo the pick... . We will suck this year and there is no secret. People are already looking to 2014 with Clowney and Johnny Football and Teddy Bridgewater. I AM ASKING YOU TO PLEASE TAKE TAVON AUSTIN AND PUT HIM ON THIS
  8. If the Jets are going to suck..... I would at least like to watch an electric Wr... and a new Dynamic QB... rather then another defensive lineman and a guard,, how do you sell that to your fans? See Ny Mets.... There Fans know they are not making the playoffs already... but Matt Harvey makes up for all of it....
  9. Exactly... Mayock has him at number 2 behind Smith.. Mcshay said the jets get Tavon austin at 9 and Mingo at 13 then trade back into round one for geno smith
  10. Jets should go get Florida State QB Manuel, who can help this year and beyond By STEVE SERBY Last Updated: 9:12 AM, April 24, 2013 Posted: 2:09 AM, April 24, 2013 Steve Serby There is no way of knowing whether Teddy Bridgewater or “Johnny Football” Manziel or Tahj Boyd or their next franchise quarterback will be available to the Jets in the 2014 NFL Draft. There will be other sad sack teams jockeying for position at the top of that draft for a franchise quarterback, and did any of you see what happened to Robert
  11. We can always wait for a QB next year when we have a top 3 pick.... Johnny football anyone?
  12. Love EJ Manuel.... Rocket Arm... Can scramble when the pocket breaks down and make something happen. Strengths Manuel is a big, strong, fast athlete who keeps defenses on their heels. He smoothly executes play fakes and rollouts with precision. Manuel's delivery is clean and he seems to have natural feel as a passer in the short and intermediate areas of the defense, whether he's throwing a touch pass or a fastball. Manuel isn't always accurate as a deep passer, but he has the arm strength to stretch NFL defenses. While he is a dangerous runner, Manuel doesn't abandon the pocket at the f
  13. My point is that if this team is going to suck and be horrible.... I rather watch a new exciting QB from day one and a burner in Austin then a new guard and a horrible Qb that we watched painfully last year... Ask met fans.... See Matt Harvey... same situation...
  14. They compare Mingo to Aldon Smith and EJ Manuel is number two on Mike Mayock's list of QB's
  15. How could he say that Mark Sanchez gives him the best chance to win while he was having close to the worst year a QB could possibly have... Why fans aren't more angry at Ryan is beyond me... He is big mouth that even got put in his place by buck Showalter of all people...lol
  16. Like tebow last year.... We were already not making the playoffs.... Why not just throw him out there and see what he could have done... He's a very fired up type player and at least it would have been fun... But that stubborn **** Ryan wouldn't have it that way... and he will be gone soon anyways
  17. My whole point is this.... If were basically throwing this year away.... Then I would love to watch a Rookie QB with a rocket arm and elite speed and a WR that can burn up the sidelines... At least we we would be entertained... Who would you rather watch Mark Sanchez and a rookie guard and outside linebacker? Cmon lets be serious.. It would not only be boring it would painful to watch that sh*t
  18. Overall Weaknesses - Undersized with a slight frame - Medical/injury concerns - One-dimensional player who lacks pass rush moves
  19. Weaknesses: Not a hard worker Timed slow Needs to add strength Can miss some tackles Can struggle with runs straight at him No thanks
  20. Why is everyone pissed at a taking a QB? we don't need one? or you like someone else at QB? or wait till next years draft? See the thing is this if were going to suck.... at least be entertaining and watch some exciting rookies play this year
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