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  1. Well if we didnt win that last game vs the cheifs..We would have... Broadie Croyle sucks..I was rooting for them to start huard instead..I was rooting for us to lose.. We had no shot of anything..excep[t having a great pick and we screwed that up too.. JETS NEED PLAYMAKERS.. BOTTOM LINE... You can say all day how we need to upgrade the D and what not but we do need some offense and that is pefectly clear... Btw... Assante Samual is a free agent this year... Pair him with revis and were are you going to throw the ball?
  2. yup..thats how it goes... like if tony romo was jessica simpsons mailman..ya think he gets a shot?
  3. Were not drafting three o-lineman with three first round picks... dbrick mangold and now spend another on an o-lineman...
  4. Your absolutely right... we do not need gholtan..we have been drafting D lately.. we need to address the offense..
  5. We actually are looking for a guy thats had the wort offense in football to help us?
  6. You are saying that we cant gamble on a guy like mcfadden? I mean come on how many years do we need to struggle on offense to admit we need something changed? The d since the bye week was on eof the best in the Nfl.. they would be much better if we had a better offense and didnt have to be on the field for that long... A guy like mcfadden is stud.. we need to draft playmakers.. there are several running backs coming out this year and we need to draft one of them... a wide out and upgradse the o-line via free agency.. Dbrick was a big mistake and I knew it then... wer passed on cutl
  7. Thats just our Gm blowing smoke... he wants to increase his trade value... Chad does not want to be back.
  8. That kid is a freak!..I would love to draft him but maybe with the second round pick if he is still availaibel
  9. #6 means you take the best RB on the board... We need a playmaker a star on this team desperatly.. we need a guy peterson... fix the o-line via free agency.. grab a linebacker SUGGS via free agency and draft for a stud
  10. Please lets stop with all the picking a OL again with out top pick.. D'brick was horrible and we can fix the line via free agency if we need too.. The draft is about getting a Stud...a Playmaker and with the 6th pick of the draft it should be a DE or a RB for me
  11. Im not sure either.. but have you seen all the RB prospects leaving for the draft? mcfadden the kid from illonois central florida smith who was battling for barry sanders record this year... and jamal charles out of texas... WOW
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3184342 This guy is the goods... wow this is really turning into a huge RB Draft DMC Arkansas,Jamall Charles texas, Kevin smith, and the running back from illnois
  13. Maybe marty gets the job and hires his son to run the offense... either way sutton and shot wil be gone and we can get 2 new fresh faces to run the D and the Offense.. Btw Our d would be much better if we had a better offense
  14. Not a pressing need? we dont have any running backs? unless you count leon (special teams and third down back johnson) or Thomas im getting old and cant convert 4th 1 'a galore jones... please..we need playmakers and your favorite running back might just be able to help BUt I really want DMC heres another... http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3184342
  15. We can use an upgrade on the O-line but we spent two first round picks on them couple years ago... and im against spending picks that high on another one.. As for trades... The vikings would love to have chad and coles..
  16. New York Jets (4-12) 2008 playoff potential: No hope What they need to do to get there: Pray that Year 3 looks a lot more like Year 1 than Year 2 under head coach Eric Mangini. Mangini surely overachieved with limited talent in 2006, but the Jets suffered this season because neither he nor general manager Mike Tannenbaum wanted to significantly upgrade the roster. They'd better find some major fixes this offseason. The Jets simply don't have enough playmakers in their locker room. Mangini also needs to determine if Kellen Clemens really is a quarterback worth building ar
  17. But how many chanced do you actually get to grab a elite player such as a adrian peterson? thats what you get with a guy like mcfadden.. thomas jones is not a homerun threat even with a great o-line.. chris bakers sucks... we need a better tight end... we need playmakers..we dont have any... cotchery is our best reciever? love him but we need more.... we also a need a big fat bastard to plug up the middle against runs.. We have no offense!!! face the fckn facts.. we have none to speak of... thomas jones leon washington coles cotchery our QB Clemons is not the answer obviously.. People g
  18. The jets need a reciever that is a down field threat no doubt... we also need a running back... Did you read the lipes of mangini when we couldnt make a fourth and 1 over and over in the kansas city game? he said unfckbelievable.. Look I know everyone wants a DE but I want more playmakers... A huge down field threat at reciver a awesome running back.. this team outside of kerry rhodes has no superstars.. and even kerry rhodes is a stretch.. we need a tight end for sure... chris baker blows.. we havent had a good TE on this team since johnny mitchel or mickey shuler.... we need to up
  19. Who would you guys rather have?? Me..I go with rex.. ON DEFENSIVE: Eric Mangini's decision on defensive coordinator Bob Sutton could be influenced by the availability of two potential replacements - Raiders coordinator Rob Ryan and his brother, former Ravens coordinator Rex Ryan, who was fired on Monday with the rest of Brian Billick's staff. Mangini has spoken highly of both Ryans, especially Rob, who is under fire and could be dismissed today. Rex is expected to interview for the Ravens' head-coaching vacancy, but he could be on the Jets' radar if it doesn't work out in Balt
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