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    My best JETS memory is: watching the JETS win the 2009 playoff game against San Diego with my older brother.

    My second best JETS memory is being at the Meadowlands in 2008 for Bills vs. Jets, when Shaun Ellis scored a touchdown off a forced fumble to keep us in playoff contention in the final 2 minutes. The stadium was rocking! I remember hugging random strangers!
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    After awhile it becomes a blur.
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  1. Does Giants loss help/hurt us?

    Patriots: Bledsoe to Brady Colts: Peyton to Luck to now another top QB probably
  2. Oh, nice, another penalty. Great to have a coach that's such a disciplinarian.
  3. Is it just me or was the broadcaster disappointed when the ruling wasn't a fumble initially?
  4. It's as if we're going to be the same 2-14 team that we expected to be but with a much lower draft pick. This is the worst.
  5. Yeah he should be able to block those linebackers with one arm long enough to throw the ball with the other. We need youth at the QB position.
  6. Not to mention that they got to the stadium late today because sometimes alarm clocks don't work.
  7. Right, as opposed to all the classic Todd Bowles AFCCGs where they tackled well.
  8. Rex tended to call the plays where we tackle. Funny how that works.
  9. Here's another thing - how is that we are halfway through the 1st quarter and still have 3 timeouts? That is ridiculous, come on Todd.
  10. You know what I was thinking? Could we provide softer coverage on 3rd downs? I mean, sure, there's been at least one receiver wide open for 3 straight 3rd downs but why not 2 receivers, 3? How about a 3rd down look with no cornerbacks? Come on Todd, coach this team the way that only you know how. Vintage Bowles + Revis coverage!
  11. NFL 2017 Midseason Awards: MMQB

    Plot twist: IK Enemkpali knocks them both out.
  12. If this game was 10 minutes longer, we definitely lose it... and we all know that.
  13. As impressive as this win was, the ending was equally pathetic. CLOSE THE DAMN GAME OUT.