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    My best JETS memory is: watching the JETS win the 2009 playoff game against San Diego with my older brother.

    My second best JETS memory is being at the Meadowlands in 2008 for Bills vs. Jets, when Shaun Ellis scored a touchdown off a forced fumble to keep us in playoff contention in the final 2 minutes. The stadium was rocking! I remember hugging random strangers!
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    After awhile it becomes a blur.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. stoicsentry

    Tarvaris Jackson's Wife is Savage

    If this is what female empowerment is about, then I'm all for female empowerment. Savage.
  2. This is one of the best non-douche drafts that I can ever remember us having. For now, at least...
  3. stoicsentry

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Best wishes Joe. I think I only met you once but I've got a lot of respect for you. Thanks for all you do and hoping for the best.
  4. stoicsentry

    The interview.

    Here's another video: https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/jets-select-usc-qb-sam-darnold-with-no-3-overall-pick/273521052 He sounds plenty happy in that one. I wouldn't judge him based on that one moment that he's been waiting for for years, it was probably sensory overload.
  5. stoicsentry

    The interview.

    That's just not true. He said all of the usual things these guys say. He's more low key than most, that's all. If he didn't want to be here, then they would've drafted Rosen.
  6. He said something or other about being honored to be a Jet, gave a shout out to the 'great Jets fans' there and when asked what the fans could expect, he said "Wins."
  7. I also hate him bc he's a millennial. But they're all millennials. So I hate them all.
  8. He's a jackass and a huge injury risk. Just IMO.
  9. I'd be surprised if it's Mayfield. The Jets have been way too obvious about wanting Mayfield. I bet it's Rosen, and I'm not thrilled about that. But it's not Allen, so that's good.
  10. stoicsentry

    BUF Has Huge Issues

    Our offensive line is also far from impressive.
  11. Honestly, the Patriots draft history over the past 20 years is not impressive either with one glaring exception.
  12. All I'm saying is that the universe in which the Jets draft him is probably the same universe in which that scenario plays out.
  13. Yeah, so the way it would work is that he would light it up for 8 weeks, throwing like 22 touchdowns to 3 picks during that time. And then he would leave. That would be the most Jets thing ever.
  14. It's tough not to pick Allen, but damn, Rosen really worries me. The combination of injury concerns + commitment to the game concerns + being on the Jets scares the hell out of me. Surely one of those 3 things will ruin him.