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    My best JETS memory is: watching the JETS win the 2009 playoff game against San Diego with my older brother.

    My second best JETS memory is being at the Meadowlands in 2008 for Bills vs. Jets, when Shaun Ellis scored a touchdown off a forced fumble to keep us in playoff contention in the final 2 minutes. The stadium was rocking! I remember hugging random strangers!
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    After awhile it becomes a blur.
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  1. This offense is like when you're just screwing around playing Madden and you decide to do flea flickers and just run around behind the line of scrimmage aimlessly and see how long you can do it without getting tackled. Actually that might be a more productive gameplan.
  2. On Google's game tracker, under the stats for Jets receivers, there's a spot where it just says #8. It lists his alleged stats but there's not even a name attached to it. And I'm thinking, yeah, that's about right. We don't have named receivers, we have receiver #8.
  3. Serious question because I've been zoning out the past 2 years or so. Is there anyone on this team other than Marcus Maye and people on rookie contracts that are making more than $1M/year and if so, who are they and how the hell do they have such a contract?
  4. All of them. All of them plus war crimes is the correct answer.
  5. The level of wrong Mims would have had to have done to justify being on the bench is roughly active genocidal war crimes PLUS doing every coach's wife.
  6. This is truly atrocious. We should be able to earn retroactive #1 picks for this season. Or some new class of #1 picks like super #1s, they're #1 picks that happen before the #1 pick because we're that bad. Rex Ryan's lover's pinky toe could put together a better offensive team than this one.
  7. Come for the social justice. Stay for the 15 second highlight reel at the end of the game.
  8. This is rock bottom. I can't believe after all the nonsense we've witnessed over the years that it could get worse, but here we are. There is absolutely no hope for this franchise right now.
  9. Great, so are we going to get social justice lectures throughout every game or only this one? It's amazing that they're still figuring out ways to make Jets games more obnoxious.
  10. You still can't convince me that the offense would be any worse with Rex at the helm. And then at least we'd have one unit functioning effectively.
  11. He seems like the real deal, IMO. Most excited I've ever been about a Jets QB and that's not saying a lot but then again, it's saying a lot.
  12. This is ridiculous. This has got to be the worst I've ever felt about this team, and that's saying something.
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