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  1. He did. They asked him why he was starting Fitz given that he won't be back next season and he got irritated and said, "you don't KNOW that!"
  2. He is the worst coach. I can't stand him. He has all of Bill B's attitude with none of his credentials. Who the heck does that guy think he is?
  3. Just Fire Todd already. Seriously, this is ridiculous. He is so much worse than Rex.
  4. He probably did give us the best chance to win but so what? Seriously. 3-7. Now 3-8. Who cares?
  5. Bowles implied on the Kay show that Fitzpatrick might be back next season. LOLOLOL
  6. That's so Jets. Had this game from the beginning and lousy coaching gave it away for free.
  7. Can't remember the time I gave less about a chance to beat the Pats in the final minute. This whole franchise is a disaster from top to bottom.
  8. We have? What, because of that one time when we took Leonard Williams?
  9. FGA was a joke. Deep zone defense after we took the lead was a joke.
  10. Our future looks about as good as theirs right now. Except they get a better draft pick, so they've got that going for them...
  11. Bowles is so terrible. Please get rid of him right now.
  12. Ball that goes right through your arms? Give me a break.
  13. Is this even the right choice to do that? How much worse could Petty possibly be than Fitz? He looked just as good as Fitz does this season against a tough Rams D in his 1st start ever, so why not give him another go?
  14. Make the Jets great again. Drain the swamp!
  15. He wasn't good, but he didn't look confused out there. And that's saying something for a Jets QB.
  16. FLUSH THE BOWLES He coaches like Kotite but has an attitude like Belichick.
  17. Yeah we should really be celebrating this 3-7 season more. What a magical mystery ride it's been.
  18. I've never been more bored by a Jets game in my entire life. It was unwatchable.
  19. I can't remember the last time that I cared less. I was more invested when Rex led this team to a 4-12 season. There just doesn't seem to be much to root for nor much hope for the future, and there aren't many fun personalities either. It doesn't help with the penalties/pace of the game, all the commercials, awful and yet expensive gameday experience in the stadium and the poor play around the league as a whole, either.
  20. I don't care. He's not here to evaluate talent. He's here to play and when he's been on the field, he's played well. The GM needs to be above such influence.
  21. I can't fault Decker for this. The players are there to compete. The coaches and GM are supposed to be the "adults" in the room so to speak, the ones that make these tough decisions.
  22. Rex is a better coach and even during the down times, he was at least entertaining.
  23. They've played with Geno, too. Soon they'll play with Petty. Having a terrible QB is part of the deal here.
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