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  1. Such a tremendous lack of discipline and concentration on this team.
  2. They're less disciplined than they were under Rex... and various other sentences that you thought you would never read.
  3. Reminds me of the playoff game vs. San Diego where Jets fans were holding up "J - E - S - T"
  4. You could select one of us at random to be head coach and we would be performing just as well. Of that I have no doubt. Literally just tell Fitz and Harris to call their own plays and watch them play better than this.
  5. Why should we have even an ounce of faith in this coaching staff? Bowles is absolutely clueless.
  6. Oddly enough, better QB than Geno.
  7. Thankfully it is finally over! He's terrible at football and doesn't seem to be a particularly nice guy either. I'll be so glad to see him in another uniform, holding a clipboard. Good riddance!!!
  8. He was punched in the jaw by a teammate, and no other teammates stuck up for him. That's your first sign right there. Despite being the worst QB in the league and starting 1-5, there wasn't even a hint of dissension or backstabbing against Fitzpatrick among the starters. That's a sign. When you combine performing poorly for 2 years and being disliked by teammates, that's a really, really bad look. If you're going to be a jackass as the QB, you better bring better talent and execution otherwise you just can't get away with it.
  9. Great, now we have to hear people drone on about how good Geno is because he'll probably throw 1 TD in absolute garbage time, down 21 points in the 4th. Ugh....
  10. It takes a special kind of awful to get anyone excited about a Geno Smith appearance.
  11. How can anyone defend Bowles when the team comes out on the field unprepared, undisciplined and without energy week after week after week?
  12. Never, he's terrible. Bowles is a lost cause. Fire him ASAP. This is absurd.
  13. The QB situation is obvious. What changes has he made anywhere else on the field? Or to his week in and week out approach, gameplanning, etc.?
  14. Anyone who blames just Fitz or just the defense is wrong... it's the whole damn team. The specials, too. The coach especially. The entire organization is rotten right now.
  15. There haven't been improvements or obvious adjustments from week to week, that's what gets me the most.
  16. Bowles constructing another brilliant 2 minute drive. At least this one didn't involve kneeling!!!
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