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  1. When was the last time Bowles used a timeout to preserve time for a TD drive?
  2. Why don't we just stop playing football and have a yellow flag throwing contest instead?
  3. Forte just got tackled there by a guy that was laying on the ground. Niiice
  4. Bunch of future impact players there? Lol. Where's last year's crop of talent, too?
  5. Jets will get the ball back down 14-3 with 1:30 and 2 timeouts and just run the ball 3 times and punt.
  6. These penalties are starting to make about as much sense as NBA foul calls.
  7. I just meant that it seems like a luxury now, to be able to get upset at the kicking game. He could miss 10 in a row now and we'd still have bigger problems.
  8. Can't believe that people were more worried about Folk at the beginning of the season than virtually everything else on this team which is all garbage.
  9. They're finally rolling and what do you know? Big penalty again, 3rd and long
  10. How could we look any less prepared? What's that, 4 penalties in the quarter so far?
  11. This is what year 2 of a rebuild looks like. A bunch of great but raw young talents learning the ropes. Like um... that one guy and the punter and
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