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  1. Of course there were warnings. We all knew what Ryan Fitzpatrick is. But what are we comparing him to that's any better?
  2. Bowles just said during the presser that "the season is still young." So, no worries.
  3. I don't know how you can watch these games and determine that Bowles is an adequate coach. Maybe he will be 5, 10 years down the line... who knows? Right now? No way.
  4. Did he just use a timeout with the clock stopped? Did that just happen???
  5. The book doesn't say not to go for 4th downs until you're absolutely, positively desperate and there's 3 minutes or less left on the clock. That was not even going by the book. There's less than 8 minutes, you're down 2 scores, only 2 yards to go... doesn't take a renegade to go for that 4th. BTW, how the heck do you come into a game against Pittsburgh, on the road, you're 1-3 and think "We're going to win this game and we're going to do it without doing anything creative and without taking any chances"?
  6. He's coaching as if we've already forfeited the season. I wish we could, might as well lock that top 3 pick up.
  7. That only makes sense if he's trying to lose. Is that possible? I don't know what to make of this anymore.
  8. Who the heck punts it there? Unfreakingreal. I don't get this guy: you're playing a game. Your team might suck, but you're still playing a game. Why not TRY to win?
  9. Is there some kind of karma rule where one guy must go down every time a Jet makes a good play?
  10. About what you said earlier - I agree that this is not embarrassing. This is the least embarrassing game of the season. And we're down by 11. So that shows you where we are.
  11. So, maybe this is why you don't give up your end of half possessions every single week.
  12. I love how we can't even throw past the 1st down marker when it's 3rd & 1.
  13. 3 of which can't even catch so just use some damn linemen at that point
  14. BTW, JetNation's tweets are as funny as the Jets are bad right now. Bravo!
  15. If it was situational (dependent on the opponent, field conditions, etc.) then I wouldn't mind as much. But no, it's practically every week.
  16. If you're going to kneel it there, fine. Then just kneel it on every down. Don't even try to run an offense. Total sissy ball.
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