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  1. It's year 2. I can understand if you inherit a mess and you do that in year 1... maybe. But in year 2, you've got 40 seconds and a timeout to try and get 40 yards or so and you don't even try? No. Just no.
  2. OK, I'm DONE with Todd Bowles. How freakin gutless can you be? The dude will never even TRY to score with less than 2 minutes on the clock. It's absolutely ridiculous.
  3. They also have just 2 turnovers in 4.5 games. That's one turnover for every 2.25 games. LOL. Doesn't NO's defense at least get turnovers?
  4. Bad communication on that play. I'll excuse it, because it's not like we have bad communication in coverage every week.
  5. Sure, and their ball to start the half also? Why not? Sounds spectacular.
  6. Did anyone have a doubt, even the slightest doubt that Pittsburgh was going to score on that possession?
  7. Oh sure, why not give them half the distance to the goal? It's so tough to score against this defense, might as well spot 'em a few yards.
  8. Chance that Bowles would even ATTEMPT to get into FG range with 30 seconds and 2 timeouts? 5%?
  9. That was an ugly looking pass but it's a TD and at this point who cares?
  10. It's so nice to see someone on this team that's awake.
  11. Pittsburgh's OC hasn't watched enough gametape if he's running it on 3rd and 15. Should've just chucked it downfield. What are we gonna do, intercept it? LOL
  12. We're Jets fans. That's what rebuilding looks like for us.
  13. Jets are going to lose 52-13. But I do have good news: I saved my fantasy season by switching to Roethlisberger.
  14. Marshall with his customary wide open drop. Championship week of pass dropping.
  15. What's the play call on that Robby Anderson pass? "Go long, I'll throw it super long, we'll see what happens"?
  16. Todd Bowles really coaching them up now. Utilizing 4 highly talented defensive linemen to help the secondary out.
  17. Don't worry guys, we're "rebuilding." As evidenced by... Marcus Williams getting burned. As evidenced by... Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall settling for a Nick Folk field goal. Big time rebuild we got going here.
  18. Mediocre? What games are you watching? We're 1-3, could have easily been 0-4. In every game, we've made multiple boneheaded mistakes. Offense, defense, special teams have all been responsible for losses. The team doesn't come out fired up early, Bowles doesn't adjust at halftime, they never take control to start the 2nd half. Receivers fall down, tip balls up into the air, Calvin Pryor falls down randomly, Revis & co. forget what the coverage is... on and on and on.
  19. Because we were due for another tip it up into the air interception. God, the whole team is lost.
  20. Hobbled Russel Wilson flies east for a 1PM game and our defensive genius of a head coach lets him roll right over the team.
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