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  1. So we can't ask for the team to be good. We can't ask for them to be competitive. We can't ask for them to be entertaining. Why the hell are we watching?
  2. Does it look like we're headed anywhere? This is as bad as it got under Rex and it's only getting worse.
  3. Bowles has been horrendous in this game. He's clueless. If we're going to embarrass ourselves consistently, at least give me Rex... at least give me the laughs that Rex brings.
  4. Fighting? Meh. What I want to see from this team is: stop being embarrassing.
  5. Good. Now PLEASE just don't give up a KOR for a TD.
  6. Darron Lee is playing well and therefore it's OK that this team is playing like garbage otherwise? Come on now.
  7. What part of what you're seeing right now indicates that the Jets are progressing rather than regressing?
  8. If you're Todd Bowles, you have 4 superbly talented defensive linemen. There's no excuse to have your secondary get destroyed like that. You figure out a way to make it work, it doesn't matter who's back there. And by the way, it's not like the guys back there have no pedigree.
  9. You know what? I'm not an NFL coach. I don't get paid to figure that out. But I'll tell you this: Bowles has enough talent to figure it out.
  10. "Whiteout"? More like white flag. Bowles is absolutely clueless and this is the worst secondary we've had in a decade.
  11. Been saying this since last season. He coaches the team likes he afraid.
  12. When I said boom/bust, I meant to say project.
  13. Is he supposed to be a boom/bust type of guy? If not, I don't get the idea of spending a 1st round pick on a player that you don't expect to beat out Erin Henderson in camp.
  14. Thank God that game is over and that we figured out a way to win. Let's not talk about it again, ever.
  15. It's amazing that you can be losing a game on which you have practically a 3:1 time of possession. That's freaking remarkable.
  16. The stuff that pisses me off is that we knew Jalin had that fumbling issue and we chose to go with him anyway. We knew Revis needs more help and we let him man up time and time again anyway. Predictable problems.
  17. Why do they always play like this in prime time games? And by the way, the honeymoon is OVER with Bowles.
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