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  1. "High percentage passes" they call them, and he still threw 2 picks and could've been as many as 5 picks.
  2. Look, there's a ton of things to bitch at when it comes to this game. You got the O-Line's piss poor play + penalties, Robby who has more fumbles than TDs, the defense folding as it usually does.... But I'm going to keep coming back to this one: we're up 14-0 and we're about to get the ball back with 6 minutes to go in the half AND we're set to receive the 2nd half kickoff. When Trumaine Johnson commits that dumbass penalty that gives the Browns a free drive, HE IS RIDING THE BENCH FOR AN ENTIRE QUARTER. He's not back to commit another penalty, however questionable the 2nd one may have been. But if I do send him back in, then at least after that one, HE IS RIDING THE BENCH FOR AN ENTIRE QUARTER. I'm sick of that crap.
  3. I'm haunted in advance by Todd Bowles' monotone "move on to the next game" crap. Can we just be done with this idiot already?
  4. And he apparently can't throw the ball any further downfield than a post-surgery 35 year old Chad Pennington.
  5. 14-3 lead AND THE BALL vs the Browns in the 3rd quarter. Rookie QB coming in at that time who has never taken a pro snap. You CANNOT LOSE THAT GAME. Fire Bowles.
  6. Can someone other than Enunwa make a huge play for this team pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  7. Mayfield: Short pass: complete Bomb: incomplete Bomb: complete Darnold: Handoff: lose 1 Handoff: lose 2 5 yard pass Punt
  8. He looks a lot better in this half than Sam has looked in any of his 3 games, to be honest. I don't have a dog in this fight but I'm just being honest...
  9. Nauseating. I swear, sometimes it feels like Bowles is trying to hand games away. These penalties are absurd.
  10. Between Darnold sucking it up, the offensive line penalties and yet another Robby fumble, this offense is just DEPRESSING. Defense has given them plenty of chances.
  11. If you're in your 4th year as a GM and coach and your offense can't throw forward passes, that's not on the other team for having a pass rush... that's on you.
  12. Baker has basically made just as many plays as Sam has in just two possessions now lool
  13. I know he's been under pressure a lot but Darnold looks Sanchez level bad right now. Just awful.
  14. What's up with this broadcast crew? Are they being paid by the Browns or what???
  15. It concerns me that we're in year 4 of the Bowles regime and we're underdogs (a pick 'em on neutral territory) against a team that hasn't won a game in years. Yes, I know the Browns look better than usual so far, but it's only 2 games. It concerns me even more that I don't think it's unreasonable for the Jets to be the underdog here, either. I don't know how you can look at year 4 of a regime and think this is acceptable.
  16. This is not just bad, it's embarrassing. And for a coach that has never impressed anyone in his 4th year, this is the kind of game that should put you on the chopping block. Unacceptable.
  17. Disappointed, but surprisingly unphased. I don't say that to pat myself on the back though, because I'm wrong probably more often than I'm right. For example, I definitely expected the Jets to lose this game. But I just got the sense watching the preseason alone that Darnold was different than any of the young QBs we've had in a long time. He carries himself like someone who knows what he's doing out there. So even if there's a couple mistakes, I still tend to trust him for now.
  18. I was not big on trading for him at that price. And I still don't think it was a mistake to pass on the opportunity. But we should give him his due for last night. He was involved in 3 turnovers in the 1st half alone. I don't care what he did for the rest of the game, that was plenty. Just to put things into perspective, there are starting players on the Jets defense who will not accomplish in the full 16 game season what he accomplished in one half of football.
  19. I'm extremely disappointed in his draft picks but I don't know why you didn't mention Adams or Maye. They look like impact players to me.
  20. I think he has Maye and Adams and Robbie (UDFA) and a few others but yeah it doesn't feel like enough. But ultimately if he got us a 10+ year QB then he's done something that other GMs just couldn't do here. He has to fix the offensive line though because it's all worth nothing if he gets Sam messed up.
  21. No man is entitled to the time of any woman. So when these male 'cheerleaders' try out for the team, that's basically catcalling if you think about it.
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