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  1. Someone might be willing to pay Coles more than we do????
  2. Suppose they keep him and he actually sits out, doesn't he forfeit his contract $$$?
  3. Just reading NewYorkJets.com and there's an article by "Real Football" about pick-swapping here. "Our guess is the Jets will have to give up their first and second, as well as a fourth or a fifth, to get to that spot [Raiders #4 pick] and assure themselves of securing Gholston. In 2004, Cleveland moved one spot from seven to six overall, giving up its second-round pick, to select Kellen Winslow." Is it just me or does that sound like one of the dumbest moves we could make? If we give up our 1, 2 and 4 then we will have no picks between Gholston and the fifth round. Maybe that works for the Giants or Pats, teams that don't need too much and want to grab one difference maker.. but to some degree or another we NEED to fill spots at CB, LB, WR, DE and depth on the OL. Sorry Vernon, I like you, but I'd rather take a reach (McKelvin, for example) than give up our entire draft for you..
  4. White roses in their lapels? A large bow and a short train? Seriously??????????????
  5. Some say that DMC is a "tough inside runner". But, he's also prone to fumbles, and "goes down on contact". How are you a "tough inside runner" if you're fumble happy and have a poor ability to break tackles? Add up slippery hands, thin legs, poor tackle-breaking and off the field character issues and he better be the fastest man alive if he really is the best talent in this draft...
  6. Games we SHOULD win: Dolphins X2, Arizona, Oakland, Chiefs, 49ers Close calls, (I'll give 50%): Bills X2, Titans, Bengals Tough games: Pats X2, Bolts, Seahawks, Broncos Thus, my pre-draft 2008-2009 Jets season record prediction: 8-8.
  7. Considering the Pats behavior PLUS the fact that they seem to make out like bandits on every trade, every NFL team should come together and sign a trade embargo against them.
  8. We should resign Elam and Nugent. We'll see how Miller does this year before making a decision on him. Wallace Wright is also a question mark. Not sure about the O-lineman.
  9. After the Rhodes deal and all the FA acquisitions and Jenkins... do we even have enough $$$ at this point to sign our first round pick, let alone 85?
  10. Either way, our big 3 of McFadden, Gholston and Long could be gone. I'll give that a 50/50. Completely feasible scenario.
  11. I think we're looking at worst case scenario here, the Jets will end up taking McKelvin bc they can't trade down. Not a bad player, just a reach. Top 5 will include Long, Long, Gholston, McFadden, Dorsey.. of course not in that order necessarily.
  12. Thanks that makes much more sense now. So basically what you're saying is that he's a good value pick? Do we have to be concerned about the Pats taking him? They play the 3-4 and need LBs desperately.
  13. ok last time i asked this i didnt get an answer so im going to try again. what is the deal with goff? a lot of people here like the guy but no one sees him going before the 3rd/4th round. so if he is that good why would he go so low? and if he's a 4th round level prospect, why is everyone so into him? nothing against him, i've never seen him play.. just asking cause it sounds funny.
  14. What's up with Goff? A lot of people here are high on him, but everyone seems to think he will be taken 4th round or so. If he's that good, why would he go so low? If he's that bad, why is everyone so high on him?
  15. Whats the deal with Harvey? I rarely see his name mentioned for us, is he an NFL 3-4 DE and if so what is his value
  16. Who? On D, we've got #1 Long, #2 Gholston, #3 McKelvin. That's the draft order, if 1 is gone you go to 2 if 2 is gone you go to 3. On O, most likely Jake Long will be gone, the most likely choice here is DMC. Most of these guys will be gone by the time we pick. We don't know what other teams will do, but then again you dont usually know what other teams will do... but the point is there are clear favorites at most of these positions.
  17. Sorry, my bad. I don't know how to judge their sizes sometimes.. I looked up Allen, it says he's 6'6, 270. Shaun Ellis is a 3-4 DE at 6'5, 285. Would it be tough for Allen to put on, say, 20 lbs? I always think of how easy it would be for me to put on 20-30 lbs, but maybe that's tough when you're already huge.
  18. I don't want to see us give up a 1st rounder either. But the scenario supposed Long, McFadden, and Gholston off the board. Fine then, who do you take @ 6 given these circumstances? No pass rusher available that isn't a reach. McKelvin? If you can't trade the pick then yes, but he's a reach here. With 4 2nd round picks, you can choose a CB (there is plenty of depth at CB this year), a WR (one of the top-tier guys should be left), grab an LB, then who knows.. if S Kenny Phillips is available maybe you can jump on him .. or a RB. It would be lots of fun!
  19. Ok how much $$$ do the jets have left? can you imagine if Long slips to us and somehow (impossible, but still), somehow the Jets get Allen? Long - Jenkins - Allen with Harris behind them. +Revis and Rhodes.. Guys we would be talking about the #1 defense in the NFL. Hands down.
  20. When did Clemens ever have a pocket to work with? You can't expect him to make plays when he gets dropped in less than 3 seconds almost every play. Clemens has a cannon for an arm, and he has good mobility. Give the guy a year with talent around him. Put him behind the improved O-line with Tony Richardson, DMC and a new WR and see how he does. There's always next year to draft a QB.
  21. 3) Bob Sutton - He is still around. If he has to be there bc they have no other candidate then he better start to coach the entire season for a change, or hand over the calls to Mangini.
  22. If that was the scenario - Ryan. QB is the most important position in the game. If we're talking about fantasy football, yeah, I'd take Tomilson.. ...but in real life, Palmer, no doubt about it.
  23. If $ wasn't the issue then the Pace signing was def. fulfilling a need. I just can't imagine him performing as well as he's getting paid, but he's not too old, we'll see... As far as Rhodes is concerned, that's another one of my off-season wishes fulfilled. Thanks Tangini!
  24. Thanks for the fix, Cmart. I don't doubt that this team will be vastly improved, they have to be, considering all the $$ they've dropped on the FAs. Can we make a run for the playoffs this year? I think so, is there anyone here that doesn't think we have a decent shot for the playoffs? Superbowl? I don't think so, but you never know. Towards the middle of last season people didnt consider the Giants a lock for the playoffs, let alone the superbowl.. and I thought Eli Manning was just another Rex Grossman.. so who knows?
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