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  1. I tried to read that. I really did. If you could split it up into paragraphs so that my eyes don't bleed that would be great!
  2. On a team with so many needs, why waste #1 on a QB? We don't know what will happen with Kellen yet. It is so ridiculous that people have given up on him after about 8 games with an awful o-line, and a weakened WR corps.
  3. Included in your quote was Washington at 4:117. You didn't mean to include him there, did you? I mean, knowing what we know now.. you would have pulled the trigger on him at 117 right? Honestly, I don't think Brad Smith was all that bad of a pick in round 4, either...
  4. Yeah I can't get that excited either. I thought we'd do better 07 than 06. Figured with the addition of Thomas Jones, and all we lost is Pete Kendall.. I mean who the hell is Pete Kendall, right? Oh, yeah.. apparently someone much more important than TJ.
  5. Since when is it so easy to trade down this draft? All I've been hearing the past few months is how impossible it will be, given the number of teams willing to trade down far outnumbers the teams willing to trade up. If Gholston, Long and DMC are gone by 6, I hope they can trade down. #6 is too high for McKelvin or any other CB, also too high for any WR. If they do manage a trade-down with Dallas, I like: 22: Cromartie 28: Sweed Other possibilities at 22, should be plenty of CBs to choose from Other possibilities at 28, Groves (DE), Cherilus (OT). Stewart (RB)
  6. To be fair though, about the Pitt game it was really the D that won that. If I remember correctly Kellen turned it over on downs twice in a row late in the fourth.
  7. He's probably worth about as much as Pace, but the Pats will pay him substantially less.
  8. You know, I've been convinced for awhile now that Chad's career was over with. But the sheer level of devotion for him here is giving me second thoughts lately.
  9. lol.. there's another video there where Takeo Spikes is asked about Chad. "5 yards here, 6 yards there, another 3 yards here... ...dink and dunk" LOL
  10. Advantages of a Ninja QB: -Master of the QB Sneak -Significant stealth makes for a better scrambling QB than Vince Young -Arm strength/Quick Release (At his Senior Bowl, he chopped 10 wooden boards in half with his bare hands) -Flea flicker play replaced with the "Boulder Throw" Disadvantages of a Ninja QB: -Wants to wear own uniform, doesn't want a number or any other identifying characteristics -In the wake of the flashing scandal, the PR department frowns upon murder and the negative attention it will garner.
  11. Last year KC showed that he has valuable innate talents, 1, he is mobile. 2, he has arm strength. The criticisms of KC are all about things that have to be developed over time with NFL experience, 1, pocket presence, 2, awareness. KC should be the starter.
  12. So you can choose to kick and then have to kick again second half? Huh???
  13. Matt Ryan is second round talent, TOPS. Darren McFadden will occupy the entire first round single-handedly.
  14. I haven't seen a mock yet which has Brohm going top 10. Doesn't he have a weak arm? How about Ryan, what kind of QB is this kid? What style? Will he live up to the hype?
  15. All we have done for our D is Pace? How about that "minor acquisition" of Jenkins? And we have improved our offense quite a bit.
  16. Why would they trade us 2 first day picks and 2 second day picks just to move up 4 spots? No way.
  17. Normally, I'd agree, but look at the past 2 years alone: Rex Grossman made the superbowl, and Eli Manning won it. Now I don't care what anyone else says, Eli Manning is an average quaterback at best and Rex Grossman is probably one of the worst I've ever seen in the NFL.
  18. How are they putting the Cards in front of us? They got destroyed this offseason! And, the Bills will have a great defense? Are you friggin kiddin me? 3 pieces doesn't get you from the worst defense to the best, plus Lynch or not, their offense is even worse than ours!
  19. Faneca, because Robertson @NT > Clarke @ LG. And why did anyone say Pace?
  20. If it looks as if Gholston will drop to 6, the question you have to ask yourself is this, is Darren McFumbles worth Gholston + Kenyon Coleman? NO!
  21. Kenyon Coleman has 6 years, 73 games total. In his entire career he has 110 solo tackles. 55, repeat 55 came last year in just 16 games alone. Not much in the way of sacks, but it was a breakout year for him.
  22. If this happens... I will stab my eyes out with a fork. Now I *really* hope this doesn't happen, because that threat has been made public and so I guess I'm bound to it.. Let the Raiders take McFumbles!
  23. The Bills. They are out of their minds desperate for a receiver. You know the situation we have with just Coles and Cotch out there? Well, take that scenario and make it even worse... take that and lose Coles and thats what you have (JUST Lee Evans). A good WR will not only help in his own way, he will also make Evans much better since teams won't be able to double up on him as much. With the addition of Mitchell and Stroud, the Bills will either take a WR or CB first round IMO, and if they go the WR route then they want someone big such as Hardy, to compliment the speedy Evans.
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