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  1. The fact is he is overpaid. Has anyone stopped to consider maybe the reason he is acting like this is not that he wants the $$$, but that he wants off the Jets? That's the best way to get off a team, you just act irrational and then when you get somewhere else you're a bit better.. consider Owens and Moss as examples.
  2. Just because you fix one of the most broken O-lines in history and sign a good blocker doesn't mean you are going to do nothing but run the ball and throw 5 yard PA passes all season. At least I hope not. Chad must be traded, we must move on... I don't know that Kellen is the answer but we need to get Chad behind us already... And if Coles want to bitch and whine like that, it really bothers me.. I always considered him a standup guy.. until now. Cotchery should be offensive captain, especially after his recent comments you can tell he's suitable for the position. Who is with me on that?
  3. We can't possibly have enough to afford him right now.
  4. We need Gholston. Cromartie may be available in round 2. If not, I'm sure there will be a serviceable CB around. Then later we take some WR, OL, DL, whatever.
  5. Gholston is the guy at 6. Don't want to risk starting Thomas after last year. If he has a comeback season, then we have 3 solid OLB's, not a bad problem to have for a 3-4 defense.
  6. Holy crap. How much money can we possibly have left at this point?
  7. He says, 1) Bills are still a better team than the Jets. 2) Bills have made better acquisitions than the Jets in free agency. (Stroud, Mitchell and Henderson vs. our entire cast, I can't even name them all) 3) Jets will only win 5 games next season, and take 3rd in the AFC east. True/False? I'm calling BS on all 3.
  8. He's gonna be an awesome blocker for Jones.
  9. Sorry to be OT, but just out of curiosity, if you live in Kansas, how do you go from being a Chiefs fan to a Jets fan? I mean, I think the Chiefs play in KC, Missouri but still.. now you're really reaching.
  10. Is it last year (07-08) that we made the full transition to the 3-4 defense or was it the year before (06-07)? Because that would be another reason.
  11. I'd be thrilled to have Fitz. But Coles + #6 overall for Fitz. Question: why would the Cards do this deal? If their problem is money, why pick up a guy who wants more than he's worth and a high first round pick that will mean big money for unproven talent?
  12. Even if there's a competition for QB, which I'm not opposed to.. it better not be between Kellen and Chad. Chad is earning way too much to possibly be sitting on the bench, and even if he beats out Kellen.. it won't be by much, unless he gained about 30 pounds of arm muscle.
  13. That's a great way of putting it. Just add... "...he is going to win 3 games in half a season, in his first season starting.."
  14. Can we use Tutt for that? Because, 1) Chatman is going to command a decent salary and 2) Shouldn't we keep the 3RB spot open for a young guy as the heir to Jones?
  15. If I'm the Jets, I do this deal in a second and don't look back. But why would Arizona go for it?
  16. Whats the point in signing Chatman? He's a halfway adequate RB, but he's starting to get up there in years, by the time TJ is gone it's not like he will replace him as the everydown back. Meanwhile, we already have a good change of pace back in Leon... so it's not about that. Someone fill me in here. What the Jets need is a young guy that can be groomed to replace TJ, I'm not saying DMC but..
  17. I sincerely hope it wasn't Rhodes that said that, or Baker...
  18. Coles & a 1st rounder for Fitz? Don't think that would happen, but it would be nice.
  19. "I give the Jets credit. They did their research on me and they know how I fit in. It isn't like they just took a chance..." No, of course not. This is no "chance" at all. No risk here with your 1 good year and enormous paycheck. Are you freakin kidding me, Calvin?
  20. It's not only about re-signing Rhodes, it's about keeping him happy. He's played far better than his contract would indicate, he's a young guy, a leader on defense, doesn't cause problems for his coaches or teammates, doesn't have a big mouth. There's virtually nothing that isn't positive about Rhodes, and he will be a repeat pro-bowler if he continues his development as planned. Let's for once treat such a valuable player with respect, and earn his loyalty. Sign this beast for extreme money!
  21. Oh yeah. And it's painful sitting there watching a game as a regular fan and you know exactly what's coming. If you know, you can damn sure expect the opposing teams DC knows and is going to react perfectly for it. I'm not sure if I remember it correctly, but if not it doesn't matter since there were similar patterns throughout the season so I'll give you an example. I remember watching the first game against the Bills this season, when we had to get a late TD. Twice in a row Chad threw lobs 10-15 yards to the sidelines. We could have thrown the bomb, either that or we probably had enough time to take a shot or two down the middle and run the no huddle. But I knew what was coming next: another 10-15 yard lob near the sidelines. I was right - and a Bills DB had one of the greatest jumps on a route that's ever been made, picking it off. He might as well have been in our huddle. I know how much some here admire Chad. I do too, he's as classy and as gritty as they come and I appreciate what he has put on the line for this team, however... The fact is that Chad's arm is compromised. He cannot throw a decent bullet over the middle. He cannot throw a bomb effectively. The fact is that the strengths that we all loved about him have also disappeared. He gets frazzled under pressure. He's not leading the team well enough. He is not as accurate as he was. He could get one of our receivers killed. Literally. Sadly, Chad has to go. Turn the page. Not only to the bench, but to another team. He wants to be a starter, and if another team honestly believes he would be an upgrade then I'm all for it. Let them play the dink and dunk game that Chad can run. We are still contenders, and let's not compromise our chances with a noodle-arm QB.
  22. Someone please remind me why I'm supposed to be excited about this acquisition. This guy isn't any better than the people we already have on the right side of the line.
  23. The pro-pace argument is that he looked good towards the end of last season, and we should just trust the FO. The anti-pace argument is that he's been injured in the past, and is largely unproven: his stats aren't that intimidating. Considering the size of the contract, the anti-pace argument prevails for now.
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