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  1. Haven't seen anyone comment yet on this guy's dedication issues that he had on the Lions.
  2. This is not good. Following a season in which Buffalo already had a more talented team than us, we are having our best off-season in decades and they are still beating us out at that. Lame.
  3. Not a priority, but why not sign Neal if you can get him for a reasonable amount? I like the idea of having him around to throw some blocks, in case our O-line moves don't work out as well as we hope.
  4. If Vilma is as worthless as some here claim, then I'd invite you to check out the Saints message board and ask why 90%+ of them are so excited and think this was a steal.
  5. He was (effectively) a rookie He had a poor O-line He played without Cotch some games He played without Coles other games He might've beaten the Ravens as well, if it wasn't for McDroppins. Listen, I'm not saying coronate the guy, I'm saying don't lynch him. I like Chad, he's a good guy and he's been nothing but classy for this organization, but it's time to move on and bury this drama once and for all. Get a pick and move on.
  6. Vilma for a 4th in 2009? In other news, DRob to the Lions for a conditional 5/6 in 2014.
  7. We're almost certain to address the need for a pass rushing OLB with Gholston in the first round of the draft. With that in mind, CB becomes number 1 need on this defense. I wasn't a big fan of Dyson, but surprisingly with him gone things look even shakier. If we start Big Bust Barret at #2 CB next year, the D will be in for a world of headaches.
  8. The problem is we gave up a 3 & 5 for Jenkins. If we can recoup that with a DRob trade then we need to draft a WR late. There's depth at receiver this year, isn't there?
  9. We've got the $$$ and no UFA's yet, lets get something done out there! The Bills are already outdoing us, we need to step it up. I know Faneca is on the radar but I can't wait.. How about Hall, we need a CB. Need an OLB too.
  10. I can't find any confirmation of this besides the link provided, what's the deal? Everywhere else I look just says there is a rumor floating around about a possible move involving the Jets and Jenkins..
  11. Well you're right, Madden says he's a 94 overall power move d-lineman and i get all my info from madden soooo... Anyway, how sure are we that this went down? I'd love to see official confirmation so I don't have to be mad at Tangini all night for that BS Vilma deal
  12. I can't tell from his stats and never saw him play, is this guy any good? Better than DROb? Better than Rodgers? In other words, is this a transaction we should be excited about? Also, does this take us out of the market for Rodgers?
  13. He's worth a round 2 pick, but I want rogers. As to what do I expect tomorrow morning? Honestly, nothing.. no news at all. I've been a Jets fan too long to expect any different.
  14. Thomas and Moss to an already loaded team? How can the Cowboys possibly afford this????
  15. oh god just sign Rhodes now. If we all chip in 2% of our annual income we can lock this bad boy up. please give him whatever he wants pleaaaaaaaaaaaase.. can you imagine that secondary without him? How sad would that be.
  16. Which is exactly why they'll want him now. Sign the man for cheap money and reap the tremendous upside.
  17. I was just joking, man. There is no one named Leon Johnson on the Jets.
  18. All of the sudden I'm meeting tons of "Giants fans" who've never watched football until this month. How odd!
  19. Why is it that in about 90% of mock drafts that I see, McFadden goes pick 3, and in the other 10% he goes to us at pick 6?
  20. You're right, Leon Johnson has done NOTHING for this team! Screw Leon Johnson!
  21. 1. This team has so many needs, the more picks the better. 2. This team has shown plenty ability recently to find talent in non-first rounds (Harris, Rhodes, Cotchery, Washington all come to mind)
  22. 2 of the best #2 receivers in the league. But yeah, that's true...
  23. stoicsentry

    100 - 1

    Wow, I like the Bills at those 80/1 odds. That team is going to be a hell of a lot better than anyone expects next year. At least 10-6.
  24. Damn. I'd really love to see Suggs in a Jets uniform. One of my favorite non-Jets.
  25. When there's nothing standing between you and four big rigs, *everyone* looks like a deer in headlights. Chad did too. Only reason Chad looked better (if he did) is because he had the experience to cope somewhat better.
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