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  1. As far as I'm concerned, Jax is favorite over NYG, Seattle, and Dallas and Green Bay. The problem is getting through the minefield that is the AFC. Can Jax beat NE? Absolutely. Either way, the Pats are a paper tiger, you wouldn't have beaten a healthy Indy in the regular season and if we see a healthy Indy this go around then you won't beat them this time (assuming you actually get penalties called against you when you commit them and that you don't use spy cameras and/or have the fans attack opposing players with snow and ice). We won't even see that game, unless you can beat Jax.. and I gotta tell you, I hope Bellicheat thinks like you that this game against Jax is going to be a walk in the park because then you will both have a terrible weekend. Did you see the NYG game? Are you kidding me???? The Pats were getting away with stuff like Michael Jordan (or for that matter, Larry Byrd) did, and we all know it
  2. As much as all of us would like to see other young QB prospects join the ranks, we can't afford to pick one early and as far as I'm concerned we can't afford to pick one at all. You've got to use most of these picks to sure up the O-line and D-line, maybe get a skill player or two.. then you go out and sign a reliable Vet QB so that if Kellen is injured or performs terribly, you have a man that can keep you in the playoff hunt.
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    Kellen has horrible pocket presence? What pocket? He hasn't been in a pocket all season thanks to the O-line. To make matters worse, most of these games his only healthy receivers were MacDroppins, Brad Smith and Wallace Wright. I'm not a Kellen fanboy or anything like that, I'm just saying this test has been a total disaster; there's no way to tell what he is/isn't capable of.
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