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  1. Robinson looks like he'll land with the Bears. Landry's already off the board. Even a combo of Bridgewater + McCown probably costs less than Cousins. What are the Jets actually gonna do with this $$$?
  2. I actually kinda like this, given that it's a 1 year deal.
  3. So... did they just create a need for themselves at left tackle?
  4. Joe is absolutely right about this franchise accepting mediocrity and what's worse, that mindset has now spread to so many fans. In 2013, the Jets won their last game of the season, going 8-8 for the year. The team then celebrated right after when they found out Rex was coming back. Francesa lambasted the organization for celebrating an 8-8 season and, you know what? So did the fans. But where are we now, 4 years later? We're celebrating our 2nd straight 5-11 season.
  5. Thhhhhhh-that's what she said. Seriously though, yeah, let's get our next center.
  6. Already more active than the Mets this off-season.
  7. I really don't know what to make of him because I think this team had 2-3 win talent and he led them to 5, so he does deserve some kind of credit. But I can't name anything that he's good at and some decisions he makes are just perplexing.
  8. How might the free agent market for QBs affect our situation provided we don't sign a free agent QB - or we only sign a guy we intend to be the backup? Cousins has to go somewhere. Bridgewater is out there, maybe Tyrod Taylor as well... any chance some of the teams ahead of us bite on them?
  9. If the Browns draft Darnold, how much to pry Kizer away from them?
  10. What just happened to Petty on this drive? Are they playing prevent or did they finally turn over the reins to him and he's having success?
  11. Well that too. I'd say it reflects poorly on both of them at this point. Hackenberg has always been a different case than Petty to me, though. It's unrealistic to put starting franchise QB expectations on 4th round picks, but top of the 2nd round project picks, that's fair.
  12. This goes back to his very first season. He's always been this way, he's made no improvement in that regard.
  13. Don't be ridiculous. There's never a right time to go for it.
  14. Petty looks like he's gotten worse. Bad sign for Bowles.
  15. The Saints are trying to hand us this game, wow.
  16. Fact of the matter is, Sheldon, Mo and Snacks were all beastly with Rex. Snacks leaves and keeps on crushing it, Sheldon and Mo stay after Rex leaves and they fall apart.
  17. Joe yelled at him and mocked him. I found it cathartic, personally.
  18. Hilarious https://player.fm/series/joe-benigno-and-evan-roberts-1511253/12-15-17-manish-mehta-with-joe-and-evan
  19. Can we show any sense of urgency here at all?
  20. I know they've gotten more wins than expected but you can't bring this coach back, he's awful. Thanks Manish.
  21. You're all not wrong about McCown but also no excuse for this defensive guru to get rolled over by the Broncos offense.
  22. This is embarrassing. How bad would Petty have to be to not get into this game? And why shouldn't Bowles catch heat for not having his backup QB up to speed in year 3?
  23. Bowles really is terrible. This should end the debate. No way you come out this flat, make this many mistakes against a crap team like this.
  24. Let's say that your gameplan involved intentionally leaving receivers wide open. Would it look any different than Todd Bowles' gameplan?
  25. So, I get the criticism about not firing a coach every 2 years... I totally get that... but what do you accomplish by keeping a coach that you know is this bad?
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