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  1. What exactly is the downside of calling a timeout there and throwing a Hail Mary? Chances it's going back the other way are minimal.
  2. I might have missed it because I was screaming - did we hear any explanation as to why that flag would have been picked up?
  3. Can anyone explain why, on these types of plays, the play isn't just ruled dead at the point where the carrier lost the ball? I mean, it doesn't become a turnover if you lose control of the ball while running out of bounds at the 40 but then regain it afterwards. Even still, forgetting about this game and just looking at the play without bias... it's really counter-inuitive to me that a play like this should result in the offense losing possession. It just doesn't make sense to give the ball to the defense when the defense never recovered it in any way and didn't stop a 4th down conversion.
  4. Did anyone hear the accusations about this on the Kay show yesterday? Kay claims that Manish launched an anti-Marrone campaign because Marrone was close to several writers from the post and so the News would be on the outside looking in.
  5. Nice use of a timeout there, to go along with Bowles wasting a timeout on a challenge early in the 1st.
  6. How many Dolphins fans are there? This is disgusting.
  7. I'm settling for small victories now... like the other team committing 2 straight false starts, not us.
  8. I just wanna see some young players showing positive signs, other than Maye and Adams.
  9. He was one of the top 3 reasons why we were supposed to be 'excited' about this season. Ugh.
  10. We were supposed to be throwing the season in order to develop the young players. What are the name of these young players that we're supposedly developing?
  11. When Wake got that sack, it sounds like the Dolphins were the home team LOLOL
  12. Does anyone know this guy IRL? Please tell me he's not for real
  13. There goes that well-coached defense keeping us in games again.
  14. So much youth and speed at linebacker. So. much. speed.
  15. I thought rebuilds involved building of some kind. 'Build' is in the word, isn't it?
  16. Returner should be cut immediately otherwise what the hell am I watching?
  17. He probably told the returner to fumble because, "I thought my defense could get a stop there." haha
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