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  1. What a joke. You've got this terrible team and you can't even find someone to hold on to the football on a return.
  2. How can you expect an offense to get in field goal position with only 2:00 on the clock? Be realistic.
  3. 2:00 to go and 1 timeout. Do you think Bowles will take a knee here?
  4. "In crucial 3rd & short situations, it's always advisable to draw up a play for the guy that's been here for 10 days."-Todd Bowles' future memoir
  5. "That was a miscommunication." "Miscommunication." "Just a lack of execution." "I'll have to look at the film, execution." "Josh is our quarterback." "Because he gives us the best chance to win." "Probably a miscommunication, I'll have to look at the film." "I thought our defense would stop 'em there." #PredictThePresser
  6. We don't even have a good defensive line. This team has zero strengths, it's preposterous.
  7. My question is how many more 1st round draft picks does Mac need to put together a good defense? Because we've got plenty of them and the defense stinks.
  8. I don't know why anyone cares about this organization anymore other than the people that get paid by it.
  9. The storm is more interesting than this game, trust me.
  10. I just don't understand what the point of having Todd Bowles as a coach is if he can't even coach up a secondary.
  11. He's been doing this every season since he got here. It's inexcusable.
  12. Wow, we're 8.5 point underdogs (5.5 on a neutral field) against a team that's tanking the season. That's incredible. I think we cover that spread pretty easily, but it's terrifying that it's that high.
  13. There is a good defensive line. That's where the strengths of the defense begin and end. At linebacker, we're rolling out guys like DeMario Davis who we couldn't wait to get rid of a couple years back and Darron Lee who is bad both on and off the field. At corner, the #1 is Morris Claiborne who can't play for more than half a season, and he's surrounded by a bunch of guys that are 4's, 5's or 6's on other teams. At safety, two rookies with no talent behind them. Two rookies. Two rookies drafted by a guy who had one great pick in two years. The offense, coaching and special teams are even worse.
  14. Well defensive line for sure. But the point remains that the 2009 team was still better on both sides of the ball and had better coaching, too.
  15. Keep in mind that we have many fans that are upset that Geno Smith wasn't given more of a chance. I mean, wow, that's actually something people say. Geno's best season? 59.7% completion, 13 TD/13 INT, 2525 yards (6.9 avg), 5 fumbles. THAT is acceptable QB play in Jetland. You basically just need a pulse.
  16. If it's a 0.5% chance of franchise QB vs. Darron Lee, I'd take the former.
  17. Enunwa and Anderson are the types of roleplayers that every good team has but you don't hear about them, because there are much more impactful players on the roster.
  18. The thing about rebuilding is that you usually try to have something to rebuild around.
  19. Yeah, I would be annoyed. What is the point of throwing away a season if you don't get a high draft pick?
  20. Everything else aside, McCags was leaning on Robby Anderson as one of the few bright spots in the "up and coming" Jets narrative. So, lol.
  21. I agree with the OP, I can't remember the last time that I was this disinterested in an upcoming Jets season. There have been plenty of seasons where we knew we were going to be bad. This is something more than that - the fact that they'll be bad is part of it, admittedly, but not the whole thing. No one on this team particularly excites me, we don't have any of those guys that you really have to stop and take notice of, the kind that can dominate a game all by themselves. I also couldn't care less about any individual player as a person and a character in the way that I could in the past with guys like Mangold, Bart Scott, etc. Where's the personality? And many of our best players just aren't that into the team or the game (Mo, Sheldon)... if they don't care, why should we?
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