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  1. This is the worst Jets roster I've ever seen. I'm guessing they finish between 1-15 and 4-12.
  2. I'm fine with going 0-16/1-15/2-14 every season until we finally get a chance at a can't miss QB. It's never happened for us.
  3. Well the whole thing is just so weird to begin with, not trying to call out Woody but what exactly is going on? How do you begin a complete rebuild in year 3 of a regime? It's not like we had Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, etc. and oh, now those guys are gone and retired, let's start from scratch.
  4. The defense has regressed since he's been here. He knows nothing about offense. He doesn't manage the clock well or know when to take a timeout. He's not a motivator like Rex was. He's not a disciplinarian either, apparently. So why is he here? What is the benefit of having him coach your team?
  5. If the plan is to tank for Sam, then there better be a #2 or #3 option as well because relying on your team to have the worst record in the league is difficult to do. We could pick up 2 wins along the way and there might be one team who just gets all the wrong luck and finishes 1-15 or 0-16. How many teams have less young talent? How many teams have less veteran talent? How many teams have a demonstrably worse quarterback situation? How many teams have a demonstrably worse coaching situation? When I'm asking myself any of those questions, I can't think of more than 2 or 3 teams as answers to any of them. The only thing I can think of that we have going for us is that we don't have much in the way of long term obligations. The cap will be almost completely cleared for 2018.
  6. Anyone but Fitz, Geno or Cutler. Honestly what is the harm in just starting Petty all season?
  7. The same thing this dude says when down by 17 and kneeling out the clock before halftime with 1:30 and 2 timeouts.
  8. I support the complete rebuild. It's going to suck, but it's the right move. That said, a full rebuild in year 3 of a coaching staff is really weird and I don't get that part of it at all. Also, why is the GM just now, in year 3, starting to restock the roster?
  9. What evidence is there to suggest that he's a good coach? I think he has major timeout/clock management issues - like kneeling out each half, calling a timeout to decide whether or not to challenge, almost never having more than 1 timeout at the end of close games, etc. The locker room fell apart on him in year 2. During one of the late year pressers, he explained what went wrong with the season by explaining that they lost a couple early games and then it spiraled out of control. Well where was he to stop that? That's not encouraging. He hasn't been able to do much with this defense, even though that's his specialty. Yeah, our secondary was awful last season... but if you gave Bill B. a d-line with Sheldon Richardson, Mo Wilkerson, Leonard Williams and Steve McClendon, he'd find a way to cover would he not? Oh and why the heck was Sheldon playing OLB? And why did he keep running Revis out there in man to man with 10 yard cushions on receivers? As far as the roster goes, we don't have a quarterback, a left tackle, a pass rusher or a #1 corner. Maybe not even a #2 corner. Those are basically the 5 most important positions and we're 0 for 5. We have one player under 25 with star potential. Our best vets (Mangold, Marshall, Forte, Harris, Revis, etc.) are almost all on the verge of retirement with the exception of guys like Mo Wilkerson, who apparently has his own major issue with motivation/dedication. Rounding out our most talented players, there's Sheldon Richardson, who most of us would be happy to get a 4th round pick for. We drafted a 1st round LB who we hoped would beat out Erin Henderson in training camp. Then we took a 2nd round QB who needed major development --- and buried him on the roster so he couldn't develop. People point to guys like Robby Anderson, Deon Simon and Quincy Enunwa but every team has those. Cleveland has those guys, too. This is about as barren as an NFL roster can get.
  10. It's hard to imagine them making this team more difficult to watch in 2017. But this would be a good start if that's what they want.
  11. Yeah, this is on my list of things I don't get about Jets fans. Right along with thinking Geno Smith can be a quality starting QB or complaining that Rex got Sanchez injured in a meaningless pre-season game.
  12. As others have stated, the cap issue is really no issue at all. I'm not concerned about that. I am concerned about the draft, though. For someone claiming to be building a team through the draft, we have little to show for it. You don't get a free pass just because you keep repeating that you are building through the draft. Idzik said he was building through the draft, too and look how that turned out. Mac's drafts haven't impressed me in the least. Williams fell in his lap and yes, you give him credit for pulling the trigger. But other than him, who have we really added in the draft in these past 2 years? From the 2015 draft, the only other player who has proven to be somewhat valuable is Deon Simon. Devin Smith doesn't see the field, Petty looks like a mediocre backup QB thusfar, Mauldin is just a guy. As far as the 2016 draft goes, you spent your 1st round pick on a part-time linebacker, your 2nd round pick on a project QB that you didn't develop at all last season and a couple decent but hardly exciting prospects in Burris, Shell, Peake, etc. I'm not saying you don't need guys like that - they're good to have. But you can't have a winner without frontend talent as well and we are sorely lacking there. This is the worst position that I can remember the franchise being in, ever. The coach is about as clueless as it gets and doesn't seem to do anything well in particular. He doesn't scheme up defense as he was supposed to do, he works less with the offense than Rex did (are you kidding me?) and he all but admitted to losing his locker room in year 2. We have no offensive coordinator, and with a coach on the hot seat who may lose his job next year, who really wants that role? The young talent is mostly backend of the roster talent, the older talent is all over the hill or on their way out of the league. In his postseason interviews, I hear Mac talking about the young players like Robby Anderson and the like. Once again, I'm glad we have guys like that but that's not the point. Every team in the NFL has guys like that. If you don't even have that then you don't even have an NFL team. So both the roster and the coaching staff is a mess and you have barely anything to build around.
  13. That's what I'm saying. Everyone always wants to trade down and so many people say it to look smart, but you rarely have that option. Forget all the podcasters (not you, Joe and Glen) that harp on this week in and week out - you can't just will it to be done. So forget about stockpiling picks. Just get some damn picks right for once.
  14. But most of Idzik's guys stuck around for at least 1 year, too and these guys are indeed playing but they're playing on a 4-11 team.
  15. He has 79 tackles this season. That's 20 more than anyone else on the team.
  16. Apparently it's what happens when you play the veterans too. But did you know this true fact: it's possible to play young players and not be completely laughed out of your own stadium at the same time.
  17. How can you keep Bowles after this game? After you combine what's happened this season with the performance in this game and games like the one against Indy? It's not about requiring him to be the perfect coach on day 1, it's about requiring him to not run the team completely into the ground.
  18. ...as opposed to a full rebuild which includes playing a bunch of underperforming old players and a handful of scrubs? I think we have a philosophical defense on the meaning of the phrase rebuild. I think rebuild means selling off older assets, drafting well and playing young talent - with the intention of getting somewhere, some day. You think rebuild means... whatever the heck this crap is.
  19. A full rebuild looks like a ton of older, underperforming players, a young defensive lineman just signed to a mega contract who then quits on the field and several mediocre young players who are only in the game because the older players in front of them are hurt? I don't want a full rebuild, then.
  20. "We got our asses kicked. For only the 2nd time this season, we got our asses kicked. I thought I saw some quitting out there, so we'll address that in the locker room."-Bowles about an hour from now. "After looking at the tape, we decided that everyone played hard. Just mistakes, we didn't get our asses kicked."-Bowles the day after.
  21. When we go 2-14 next season? Can't be angry about that because we won't have been favored in most of those games, right?
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