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  1. Down 17 at home to a mediocre team with their backup QB. #Progress #TeamBuilding
  2. Another "mistake" in the secondary. Maybe the coach will address the "mistakes" before the end of the season.
  3. Keep? Who looks like a keeper on this team? LOL. My list is about 5 men long.
  4. So not only did they give up another touchdown on special teams, but they actually managed to commit a penalty while doing so. That's a new level, even for Bowles.
  5. I'm glad we saved him until we were 3-9. That's when the games really matter.
  6. Are we finally allowed to run 2 minute drills now that we're about to be 4-10?
  7. Bowles in the postgame: "Mistakes. Just mistakes. Miscommunication. We didn't get our asses kicked. Just mistakes."
  8. I still don't understand how you draft a QB in the 2nd round that you know is a major project then give up on him only a half a season later, without giving him any practice time and without trying to fix the mechanics that you knew were broken when you drafted him.
  9. 13 games in, we finally try a 2 minute drive at the end of the half LOL
  10. I've never cared this little. Bowles is just a complete putz. I couldn't believe how much he made out of it being the "first time" they got kicked around during the last postgame presser. What a ridiculous way to put it - you were 3-8 going into that game...lol. You expect a cookie because you had 6-7 close losses?
  11. Bowles won't start Petty because he's afraid the team will quit on him. So this is what NOT quitting looks like?
  12. Was that the first time Bowles went for it on 4th down all year? LOL
  13. Great coaching tonight. The guys came out fired up and they played whoever gave them "the best chance to win" (~1%)
  14. "They just made plays, we didn't" Yeah... every week. After a while it's not just bad luck.
  15. I hated Idzik so much but at this point I would deal with him just to have Rex back
  16. UGH I really wish the Colts didn't fumble. This game should be 49-10 or something. Blow our damn doors out and send us packing. So sick of inept coaching & management.
  17. I'm repping myself because people are downvoting that post. Seriously wth is wrong with people that are downrepping that post? Come on now.
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