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  1. You sound like you're well-read on the matter, which is great, but we still do not yet know the degree to which vaccines reduce transmission of the virus from a vaccinated person to others. Recent studies certainly suggest as much, be we can not be so definitive in our answers, as of yet. The rest I 100% agree with.
  2. That Hansel's so hot right now. Don't sleep on him.
  3. You know, Kevin, you're what the French call les incompetents.
  4. I do love me a salty Tomas. Perhaps my favorite Tomas, next to the survivor-of-the-Indianapolis Tomas.
  5. Just so we’re clear, even if the Jets do win a super bowl, we actually don’t win anything.
  6. Probably not, but there's little data in football to support your musings one way or the other. Best we can do is extrapolate from baseball and we know that the overhead throw is the most non-shoulder-friendly motion, whereas more "unnatural" arm slots actually are more shoulder-friendly (e.g. 3/4, sidearm, underhand etc...).
  7. As priceless as passing on Watson because his weak arm causes his passes to arrive .00045 seconds late, only to then want to acquire him in the midst of a sexual assault scandal? As priceless as that, my dear Tomas!?
  8. Finally figured it out. Dude looks just like Sloth, from The Goonies. Been bothering me for a while.
  9. Just kidding. I have no money.
  10. 5’6”, but I’m 6’5” when I’m standing on all of my money.
  12. 5’10”. But 6’4” on his tinder profile, amirite fellas???
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