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  1. First show I’ve watched since GOTs. Legit only watched it bc the review you both gave. Has been amazing thus far, only four episodes in. Gives me a True Detective season 1 vibe. Funny story, told the gf that we had a show we needed to watch, basically off the recommendation of essentially a stranger. Apparently she tried to get me to watch it when it first came out and I wasn’t interested. Told her she probably didn’t sell it properly
  2. My comment wasn’t a criticism of our free agency approach, just lamenting over our franchise’s perennial lack of talent at the PG position.
  3. Not at all, and cannot believe Phoenix gave Paul 4 years. More just excited to name drop Prigs and Shved in a convo, don't get that chance often. Be a fun little game to see how many PGs we've had over the years. Including the cup of coffee from the Baron Davis' and Jason Kidds.
  4. Feel like we've been coming up short for over a decade now. Christ, I remember convincing myself to get excited for Pablo Prigioni and Alexey Shved.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys, appreciate it. After reading as much as I could, I ended up meeting with an attorney in elder law / estate planning lawyer and she explained things pretty much how some law forums did. Essentially, Medicaid has a 5-year lookback period and can liquidate any assets (houses, cars, bank accounts, savings etc.) to pay the monthly nursing home / long-term care facility cost ($15K/month in NY) and then when you reach ~$15,900, you can apply for Medicaid. What you can do, is something called a "gift and loan" where you get to protect half of someone's assets (by giftin
  6. Quentin Grimes, or Grimey as he liked to be called, taught us that a man can triumph over adversity.
  7. I’d follow an Obadiah onto the beaches of Normandy.
  8. True. Fairly underwhelming. But at least they’re filling out their collection of old man names. Julius. Rowan. Frank. Theophilus. Reginald. Obadiah. Quentin.
  9. They're trying to Bronx hit-below-the-Mendoza-line their way into the postseason apparently.
  10. Not too long ago, we would have been lucky for that to have been our starting unit.
  11. Healthiest you can do is plant-based; only proven diet to actually show angiographic reversal of atherosclerosis (aka hardening of the arteries), but it's not for everyone. Certainly not for me. But if you're a young guy and had your first MI, I would strongly consider it.
  12. Shoulders? Congratulations on the third leg Jdub
  13. Would give up my first born for a properly cleaned up version of this masterpiece.
  14. Few years back during my third year of residency I got close to burnout stage and made it a goal to find a few hours a month to relax and started to read the American Mystery Writers 100 greatest mystery novels of all time. Every single book that I've read so far is a must-read. - Hound of the Baskervilles (Sir Arthur Conan Doyal) - And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie) - Spy Who Came in From the Cold (John le Carre) - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (John le Carre) -->also a phenomenal movie, one of Gary Oldman's best performances. - Up next: Smiley's People
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