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  1. Our time is near

  2. First things first fellas, gotta lock up McCown before he's snagged away and can't ruin another one of our seasons.
  3. The only scenario in which I see the best player miraculously ending up on the Jets, is the scenario in which he is not the best player in the draft. In fact, he's actually a bad player. A really bad player.
  4. The Mount. Rushmore of Jets Worst Mistakes

    Doesn't seem appropriate until April 26-28th of 2018 passes.
  5. Jet up!

    Guess we didn't Jet up enough. No worries though, the future is bright fam.
  6. Breer's Draft Column

  7. Breer's Draft Column

    ^Disclaimer. Not regarding KRL.
  8. Breer's Draft Column

    - Has thought - Looks up various online draft-bloggers' opinions on players they've scouted via hours of youtube "tape" - Posts thoughts on football site - Sits back and waits for disagreement - Vehemently lashes out at anyone who should dare disagree with his completely and totally original thoughts. ~ The NFL Draft Hardo's Guide to Posting
  9. So what you're saying is, the future is not bright? I. Don't. Understand.
  10. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    I think he's represented by the same guy who represents the octopus who picks all the soccer games. I'll put some feelers out.
  11. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    Things that I've learned: 1. Higher, more valuable draft picks aren't good 2. All of the QB talent entering the draft is 100% an unknown commodity. With zero tools for evaluation. 3. Having a lower, less valuable draft pick is actually a good thing 4. Money isn't relevant in the salary cap era. Because if beer or ticket prices won't be altered, it makes no sense to spend wisely.
  12. Analytics In Football

    Never. If history has taught us anything, it's that technology and information stagnate at best and implode at worst. This is football. Get out of here you damned nerdgoblins.
  13. Not one, but TWO decoder rings!? Yahtzee!
  14. Movies We've Seen Thread

    100% agree. Dragged one of my buddies to see it, becuase I finally had a free night. The acting and screenplay could have been absolute dogsh*t and it would still have been worth seeing. It was such a beautifully shot movie. When you add onto it that the acting and screenplay was awesome, it was definitely one of my favorite movies of the year. I forget what I saw this year, but I remember Hell or High Water being my favorite. Arrival and Wind River were solid as well. When most people coming in already know the ending, you have to do something to make it great nevertheless. They did that. And some. Movie is great for everyone. Best would be for those who've never seen or read it prior.