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  1. Yes, yes I think he does. Coming for the fans next. Ya'll better watch out. Keep up the dogsh*t posts and you'l be cheering on Karen and Janice in the South Florida's Masters division of lawn bowling.
  2. Says the guy who disappeared for half a year and somehow managed to improve his well-established, shaky-at-best reputation. Le'veon Bell is on the verge of pulling a Tomshane and returning with a dominating vigor. JUST YOU WAIT
  3. I, for one, am outraged at each individual occurrence. Outraged.
  4. About 17 months ago. Give or take.
  5. BroadwayJoe12

    2019 Yankees

    It did. And part of me wonders is if it was the same thing that plagued Robbie Cano when he was struggling. He made things look so effortless that when he didn’t produce, which wasn’t often, people assumed he was dogging it. Don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.
  6. BroadwayJoe12

    2019 Yankees

    Fun Sanchez fact, his slugging % on fastballs is something otherwordly like 1.095, which is ~260 points better than the next guy, JD Martinez. I think the key is this, last year, he was injured and swinging at terrible pitches. This year, he's controlling the strike zone and getting into fastball counts and just f*cking demolishing pitchers. And while his defense has been suspect, his pop time is 1.95 and one of this throws was 1.87 the other day which essentially shut down the Rays run game. For baseline, anything under 2.0 is fantastic.
  7. BroadwayJoe12

    2019 Yankees

    The way he's raking, I'd let him catch with his feet.
  8. BroadwayJoe12

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    Same. Saw a drop when moms bought me that watch for my birthday. Picked right back up once I got used to the added weight.
  9. BroadwayJoe12

    So Who is Our Backup Center?

    "Trash begets trash" ~ Sir Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. BroadwayJoe12

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    Pretty well-documented that long-term anabolic steroid use leads to significantly increased incidence in tendon rupture. You can argue the definition of long-term, but there is a very real link between anabolic steroid use and tendon rupture.
  11. BroadwayJoe12

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    Pot-stirring hater. He's clean, Just like Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing were.
  12. BroadwayJoe12

    Gase Speaks

    Marginally. I like my coach to have some lunatic pathological liar in him. But that’s more of a me thing.
  13. BroadwayJoe12

    2019 Yankees

    The Kraken keeps on raking. Said it before, this team reminds me a lot of 2009.
  14. BroadwayJoe12

    Gase Speaks

    Don’t be a brat. No one said that. Simply, his likeability is 28th on the list of important attributes. As always, we win, everyone looks great. It’s all tied to Sam. You know this. No good waves this week or something?
  15. BroadwayJoe12

    Gase Speaks

    Ehh who cares if he’s likeable or has any redeeming qualities other than helping us win. Brady left his pregnant gf for another broad. Ray Lewis killed a dude. Both faces of the NFL. So long as Gase helps win games I’m fine. If he does, he’s labeled a curmudgeon like Belichik, if he loses games he’s just another failure 🤷🏼‍♂️

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