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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Finally watched Rogue One. Single best Star Wars movie since Empire, and it’s not even close in my mind.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Finally got around to see Inside Llewyn Davis, not surprisingly, it was brilliant. I forget why it took me this long to finally see it, but glad I did. Not much to say. Oscar Isaac was phenomenal, he was certainly due the subsequent breakout. Coen brothers, goes without saying, two of the best. More straight forward than their usual stuff, but one of their best.
  3. Movies We've Seen Thread

    That's a penis thing, right?
  4. What are u listening to right now?

    The entire re-release of Exile. Mick Taylor, got damn.
  5. If they draft, what becomes our first franchise QB in decades, they could have sacrificed the whole draft and it would remain a steal.
  6. Jdub with the hot takes as per use
  7. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Finally, finally saw star wars. Does anyone else think Mark Hamil looks like a tall, older peter dinklage?
  8. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Or when Crash won over Munich, Capote or Brokeback Mountain. The other one that alwaysss bothered me, was Joaquin Phoenix losing to anyone in Gladiator. Del Toro was and is always awesome, but damn did I think Phoenix deserved that.
  9. The dilemma with OT Orlando Brown

    TIL: people who are taller than me, subsequently have longer wing spans than my height. Today was not only entertaining, but educational.
  10. So when Vikings get Cousins.... what do we do?

    Three pages and not one mention of trout? As in the fish. For shame JN. For shame.
  11. Our time is near

  12. First things first fellas, gotta lock up McCown before he's snagged away and can't ruin another one of our seasons.
  13. The only scenario in which I see the best player miraculously ending up on the Jets, is the scenario in which he is not the best player in the draft. In fact, he's actually a bad player. A really bad player.
  14. The Mount. Rushmore of Jets Worst Mistakes

    Doesn't seem appropriate until April 26-28th of 2018 passes.