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  1. Teh Falcon era, remember it fondly. The USS Indianapolis really sank him.
  2. Should have been canned immediately after dropping that pass in Minnesota.
  3. A man, I’d suppose. I’ve had long hair for over half my life now, shocked how much someone else’s hair can anger another so easily.
  4. I’ve been to Russia. sh*t pizza. NYC > New Haven >>>>NJ
  5. It was good, thought they overdid the clams honestly, felt a little rubbery. Maybe an off-day. Bar has still been my favorite. They’re regular white and they’re mash potato and bacon. But that’s the rub, everywhere here has their specialty slice and it’s never just mozzarella. Whereas in the city, my favorite places were always just a regular slice. I suppose that’s the difference for me. Agree on NJ though. I’ve had a good slice, but nothing that that would be in my top 10.
  6. Moved to New Haven last year from NYC. Took me a couple months, but I’ve definitely come around to their pizza. It’s different than NYC, so I don’t care about the comparison between here vs NY vs NJ. We’ve been to all the famous places Sals, Franks, Modern etc. gotta tell ya, Bar has been our favorite. Where’s everyone’s New Haven favorite? Will try to get there before we move back to the city.
  7. Exactly. After the 100th or so time, it gets rather emasculating.
  8. I mean, probably. You show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of fu*#in her.
  9. Meg Ryan now or Meg Ryan in 1974?
  10. I too like to drink Caymus with my Mac n Cheese.
  11. He’s jumped Jimmy Clausen for the top spot in “the players I wanted to see fail spectacularly in the NFL.”
  12. I mean, it’s worked out well for Oakland thus far. Hard to argue with the results.
  13. Be a real bonus if Lockett were to miss the game. They become a hell of a lot easier to defend without him in there.
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