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  1. Kelly Slater, absolutely. Close second would be Andy Irons, but without the bipolar disorder. Third would be Shane McConkey, never saw anyone enjoy skiing, or anything really, more than he did. Fourth: Jimmy Chin. Dude is just f*cking awesome at everything.
  2. Unquestionably, talent. If we're assuming a baseline level of talent to get you drafted in the first place, then I would go with drive. I think the NBA is the best example of this.
  3. The biggest difference seems to with regards to an actual plan. Regardless of outcome, there was clearly a ?well-thought out design, which was linearly executed over the better part of a year. They had a specific situation in mind, they went out and achieved it. That in and of itself is a shift in how this franchise has conducted themselves over the couple decades. It could still go t!ts up, but there is a feeling of competence for the time being.
  4. ...And, of course, when these incidents happen, we all ask ourselves the same question: “Was it a white girl?”
  5. If you weren't late to the last meeting, you would know that we don't allow this type of flippant discussion. I DON'T READ THE WEEKLY MINUTES JUST FOR FUN, DOUG
  6. Clandestine. Secret rendezvous. Stealth. Stabbed in the back. It's like he was filling in a Tom Clancy edition of Mad Libs and just replaced "Russia" with "The Jets."
  7. I see what you did here, but I still stand by my usage. The place is trash. I'm surprised they don't have a "next" button just to scroll through each individual player in the box score.
  8. Literally every single thing on ESPN is click bait. Not figuratively. Literally. It's been trash for over a decade. But ya know, I'm sure this time the grades will be meaningful.
  9. True. But there aren't too many dead-end jobs that pay $1-3m per year, where on your next interview you can always say "yea, the results weren't what I would have liked, but it was with the Jets..."
  10. Best press conference in a while, from the media and HC standpoint. The reporters are supposed to ask the tough questions, albeit annoying and repetitive. Far too long have things happened in this organization and gone completely unchecked or unanswered. Questions were appropriate. Answers were appropriate. Gase might be a sociopath, but he's obviously an intelligent guy, which is certainly a change. He clearly realizes that this will 100% be an afterthought in a matter of weeks.
  11. Yes, yes I think he does. Coming for the fans next. Ya'll better watch out. Keep up the dogsh*t posts and you'l be cheering on Karen and Janice in the South Florida's Masters division of lawn bowling.
  12. Says the guy who disappeared for half a year and somehow managed to improve his well-established, shaky-at-best reputation. Le'veon Bell is on the verge of pulling a Tomshane and returning with a dominating vigor. JUST YOU WAIT
  13. I, for one, am outraged at each individual occurrence. Outraged.

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