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  1. His drafting has been horrendous. He was going to give Cousins $30 a year. With this roster.. Jesus H. I wish I had that type of job security.
  2. I had the same problem with Hemingway, when he was sober, for a while, but then I was like bro, quit coppin my steeze. He apologized and explained he couldn't write sober. Problem solved. Two birds. One stone.
  3. Pretty much. If the kid sucks, he's going to suck, despite us "ruining" him. If he's the goods, then he's going to figure it out. Having been around collegiate and professional coaches, the vast majority are can't-play-anymore favors who just stick around long enough that people think they deserve subsequently better jobs. There are very few legitimately intelligent and ingenious individuals in the coaching sphere who would succeed in other venues, because they have translatable skills. There's no doubt in my mind Belichik would have been successful in whatever field he chose. It's also not surprising there's guys bouncing around the league who fail wherever they go.
  4. I think you need to take a lap. Get some fresh air. He can’t hurt you anymore.
  5. BroadwayJoe12

    F the D

    To clarify, you just wanted to point out that our defense, as well as our offense is not good at football? Frankly after half a season of football I’m surprised this is still, well, surprise. This team was abysmal last year, no great pieces really added. Just like the Giants and all the other truly horrible teams that were terrible bc of lack of overall talent and not losing a Rodgers or a Brady, they stay horrible barring a rookie elevating the team. This is on the franchise mishandling the draft and talent procurement for the better part of a decade.
  6. BroadwayJoe12

    I’m pissed

    Glad to see Nico002 is pissed, consider the ship rightened.
  7. LOL that was a baaaaaadddd interception. There's no gradation on interceptions, but if there were, that was baaadddddd.
  8. BroadwayJoe12

    George Carlin: Guys Named Todd

    Love Carlin, but not so sure anyone named Nicky is striking that much fear anymore.
  9. The Bills signed WR Terrelle Pryor. The Jets, did not.
  10. BroadwayJoe12


    Dude sounds like Kermit. Only thing legitimately holding him back from being a superstar. Hard to market a grown ass man who sounds like Kermit.
  11. BroadwayJoe12


    Bryce. Petty. LOLZ.
  12. BroadwayJoe12

    Jeremy Bates

    Bottom 5 offensive personnel, terrible starting field position, terrible pre-snap penalties and a rookie QB. Let's not act like he's helming the Patriots' offense here.
  13. BroadwayJoe12

    Lazy bad routes

    It’s not lazy routes, they’re just not elite athletes. They’re just not getting separation because they’re slow, average (NFL standards) athletes. Darnold threw the ball away at least six times because literally, not figuratively, nobody had a foot of separation. Darnold doesn’t need teh weapons, he needs NFL-caliber starters
  14. Fake news. Weak arm. Poor decisions.

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