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  1. BroadwayJoe12


    Because they have the greatest Head Coach and one of the greatest, if not the greatest QB of all time 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. It’s still the kid’s fourth year playing the quarterback position. It was his third game in eleven days, on the road, against a pretty solid defense and a savage coordinator. I’m not surprised by the JN outrage, but this is silly, even by our standards.
  3. BroadwayJoe12

    This Game Broke Me

    Did anyone watch the game? He couldn’t step into half his throws because our center or guard were practically in his lap. Yes, the interception was a stupid mistake, he double clutches bc Long was basically sitting on him. Half his incompletions he purposely threw out of bounds or at the ground, receivers weren’t getting separation. And when they did, the fumbled. Womp. Womp. This isn’t to say he was good, he wasn’t. But the childish reactionary posts that go from fellatting the kid to already think he’s a bust in the making, over the course of literally, not figuratively, but literally eleven days is crazy. Even for us. Just realize this season is about and always has been about getting Sam his lumps, keeping him healthy and figuring out of there's any players or coaches worth saving.
  4. BroadwayJoe12

    This Game Broke Me

    LOL A rookie QB playing his third game in eleven days, leading an almost identical team that won a handful of games last year. This team is terrible. It was always going to be terrible. The only hope is that Darnold takes his lumps, learns from them and stays healthy enough to lead a hopefully improved team next year. It’s revisionist history to pretend that Manning and Rodgers’ rookie interceptions weren’t terrible decisions but just bad luck. Darnold is playing in juat his fourth season of football as a QB. He still has all the traits that made him a top pick and helped him perform week 1. People need to relax and moderate their expectations.
  5. BroadwayJoe12

    Aaron Rodgers getting carted off the field.

    Looks like the front page article of the Daily Worker.
  6. Gateway drug, amirite!?
  7. BroadwayJoe12

    Jets Release First Depth Chart

    I dunno man, we have a new center...
  8. Well that would certainly be new for this fan base...
  9. Child please. The second he starts throwing touchdowns every single “superfan” will be fighting each other to fellate him first.
  10. I’ve been on this site for over a decade now, consider myself a reasonably intelligent individual, but for the life of me cannot figure this out. For the sweet love of jesus can someone finally, non-jokingly, explain to me who / what the f*ck Kelly is? Thanks in advance.
  11. Dig the pick, kid’s crazy athletic. But that NBA exec definitely should have swapped the ‘really’ and ‘f*cking.’ 😐
  12. BroadwayJoe12

    Calculating Sample Size

    @dbatesman @RutgersJetFan I'm sure this is simple for you guys, but I can't figure out how to calculate the sample size needed to detect a specific difference for a retrospective cohort paper. For example: I wanted to look at the difference between the length of stay for Procedure A done on Monday versus Friday. I can calculate a t-test easy enough, but I don't know how to figure out if my n is large enough to find a significant difference. I know how many roughly are done per year, I know how many are done at our institution per year. I know the average length of stay at our institution as well as nationally. Any advice would be helpful. The link below is helpful, but I'm not entirely sure I know how to provide the proper population size. https://www.qualtrics.com/blog/calculating-sample-size/
  13. Long enough for his Jack Daniels steak to get cold.
  14. To clarify, his injury history off the field concerns you more than on the field? Like carrying groceries up the stairs worries you more than getting pummeled by 300 lb men who run 4.5s?
  15. BroadwayJoe12

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    German with a no-no through 6 and Torres with the walkoff. Last year and this year, most fun since the ‘09 season. Love it. And pretty much everyone but Chapman is a likeable dude, easy to cheer for.

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