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  1. Have you been there recently? Still think he overpaid by a full sandwich. Half a sammie at the very least.
  2. Ignoring all the narratives, that’s too damned quick for someone that size to be moving.
  3. Voluntary workout. He can perform all responsibilities at home. As for his wife’s pregnancy, pretty shameful judging another family’s medical conditions base on your own anecdotal experiences. What if she had a previous miscarriage? Or two? What if she’s preeclamptic and afraid for him to leave? Nobody knows, but ridiculous to assume you know, especially when he can perform all of his responsibilities and be with his partner. Plenty of other reasons to judge him, but this one just shows what narrative you’re pushing.
  4. That’s unfair, we have paid plenty of people, every season, who are either on IR or are no longer in the league. Smart guy.
  5. This has to qualify for domestic abuse of some sorts, hope the proper authorities look into this matter. For shame on his father. For shame.
  6. Real cerebral player.
  7. At least you can grow a beard. Think about all those no-jawlined, beardless freaks walking around out there like Sloth from Goonies.
  8. He’s a good looking, 22yo white kid from a wealthy family who’s got a smoke show girlfriend. He’s everything a lot of these guys grew up hating. Guarantee if he were overweight, with a beard and looked like his face got downsized by a shovel no one would care. But because he looks like millennial Zach Morris, everyone wants him to fail.
  9. Late to the game, I know, but Peaky Blinders, holy hell. Caught a few episodes that the girlfriend was watching and there's only a few times when I've seen a show from the get-go and knew that I was watching something special. Sopranos, The Wire, GOTs, now this.
  10. Tough loss, but nice to see Zach continue to make strides. Certainly more calm and his accuracy was on display. Love the call to go for it on fourth down, but the play call is going to need to be explained. Especially after the success the ground game had all day.
  11. Preposterous. Everyone knows Moose prefer straight up missionary.
  12. Meh. I've seen meaningless wins lose us Dion Jordan / Ezekial Ansah, Jameis Winston / Marcus Mariota etc... Maybe we could try winning games and finding talent wherever we end up selecting.
  13. Humthereum flombobotomis uranus is nothing to joke about. There’s the itching. You’ve gotta sit on a pillow. And that’s not evening mentioning the ant-like creatures scurrying about.
  14. It's possible, but looks more like an ulnar nerve injury than UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) tear, although distribution would be similar. For his sake, hopefully he's just numb for a day or so.
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