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  1. Attention to Quinnen is what has allowed the success of others on that line. The defense was not the problem today. Competent QB play wins us this game going away. For a young and fairly talentless team, they won at both lines of scrimmage until they were gassed.
  2. No, he needed to be traded. It just shows that unless your name is Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Rodgers, Roethlisberger etc… you cannot win while fielding a team completely devoid of talent. It certainly doesn’t help when your last half decade of draft picks aren’t on the team, or borderline replacement level. Zach has the talent, but will fail and fail miserably if they don’t surround him with an actual team.
  3. Mrs. Cookie Monster bought the gluten free cookies again, didn’t she? Damned bi*ches.
  4. Some people will be happy, others sad. And when they lose, the happy people will be sad, and the others will be happy. Tis unfortunate.
  5. Part of coaching is finding ways to reach out to your players: the kid is obviously talented, if he’s willing to learn but has a difficulty, that’s on the coaches. If he’s just lazy and won’t, that’s on him. You can’t have him in the wrong places for a young QB, but it’s hard to believe that can’t find a way to get this kid on the field.
  6. I too would have enjoyed trading nothing for the best non-quarterback football player in the NFL.
  7. And how many weeks later did you return to participating in professional sports?
  8. Brandon Aiyuk had zero targets and is talented as all hell. Just like him, Mims will work his way back up the depth chart. If he doesn’t by the end of this year, he’s toast, which I find unlikely. It would unfortunate for his talent level of he doesn’t.
  9. Losing Becton was a negative. Anything to the contrary is agenda-driven. He’s not Pace, Jones or Ogden, but he’s played well. Needs to stay on the field, however, but he’s a positive when he’s on the field.
  10. It’s week 1 of 17, with truncated live reps. The zone scheme takes time. Not a terribly promising start, but it is just the first week.
  11. Seems par for course. Everybody knows that all problems are the result of a singular entity.
  12. Actually, a fairly impressive performance. That could have been a disaster. Good on that kid for showing out.
  13. Personally, I thought it was our inability to score points.
  14. My condolences for having to move so soon after the construction of your house. Damned shame.
  15. Already rounded and have informed the ED that my services are not needed between the hours of 1 and 4 EST. With an hour of wiggle room built in, of course, for possible post-game weeping.
  16. I don’t remember Cookie Monster being this much of a buzzkill since they tried to make him eat raw veggies back in the 2000s.
  17. Exactly why you don’t trade him / WR talent. A 17 week season, would bet the farm that we’ll be happy he’s suiting up when one (or two… or three) of our guys cannot.
  18. Not so sure how we’re going to be competitive without the venerable Harvey Langi or Wyatt Ray. Hope Saleh’s got some magic up those sleeves.
  19. This is not where I parked my car...
  20. Weird. Didn’t know they held tryouts for assistant position coaches.
  21. Because we're not allowed to have nice things.
  22. Make that 12 in a row. Let’s go for that baker’s dozen, Bob.
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