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  1. Frankly, I’m not sure how CTM can even show his internet-face around here after that sweet, sweet necro burn.
  2. So you admit that you are in fact interested in pictures of men without their shirts on. It appears that only a level of gradation is left to discuss. 👀
  3. Conflicted. Do not think safeties, generational talents excluded e.g. Ed Reed, are worth the investment that they see at the top. However, IF you are going to pay someone, guys who have work ethics to be great, like Jamal, are the ones I have less fear of paying. Only thing worse than paying a safety quarterback money, is paying a safety quarterback money who stops trying.
  4. People with a loose grasp on the English language, but who also think they graduated from Oxford.
  5. Hard to add to this list, but I’ll throw a childhood favorite, Home Alone II. Watched the sh*t out of that movie every holiday season growing up. Hell, still do.
  6. Solid punishment. Draft picks would hurt if they weren’t such a well-drafting team as of recent. But still, a small price to pay for a World Series ring. I bet most teams would give up a few mill and some picks for a ring.
  7. Rookie speedster at RB and the elite possession-burner at WR. The annual Joewilly off-season wish-list.
  8. Steve Marriott and it’s not even close, for me. My top seven (2-7 could change on any given day for me: 1. Steve Marriott 2. Rod Stewart (The Faces days. Could keep up with The Stones on any given night) 3. Greg Allman 4. Paul Rodgers (Free days) 5. Jagger 6. Freddie Mercury 7. Chris Robinson I didn’t include the ladies, but for me, it would be Janis >>>>>
  9. You want $10m? Catch balls that hit your hands. If it hits your hands, you catch it. "Not a great throw," when it hits your hands, is what HS and sh*tty college players say. Not someone who thinks he's the best receiver in the league.
  10. Critics don't seem to care for The Witcher much, but it's entertaining as hell. And frankly, I don't particularly care about the pleasure of the critics.
  11. Probably should let him out of the basement now. The internet knows.
  12. At least they would then be on par with 18 of our starting 22 comprised of 3rd stringers
  13. I too agree that their 3rd string is just about full strength.
  14. As big an LSU fan as you'll find on here, but good lord, Jamal Adams is a god damned child. Kid really needs to grow up.
  15. Can someone explain to me how that was not face-guarding? Didn't even hint at turning his head around
  16. Hard to disagree with the above, although I could flip-flop 1-3 depending on what game I remember most. Sidenote: Michael Thomas is proving he is just uncoverable. Will probably break Marvin Harrison's single-season record for receptions. His catch-rate is what, 85%?
  17. 1a. Darnold 1b. Beachum. Without the former, the offense legitimately looked like they were fill-ins in the beginning of the Gene Hackman / Keanu Reeves movie, only they never get better. They just remain being terrible. Because they are terrible. Without the later, the offensive line was a dumpster fire.
  18. Well I got her numbah, how do you like them apples.
  19. We’re winning games that we would have lost the last ten seasons. When Brady gets bailed out by the refs it’s just another notch in his W column. I’m just gonna take it as a W and hope they improve and still win games.
  20. I wouldn’t mind it. It would be more efficient for me. I could consolidate my hatred to just the one person, instead of two.
  21. Money got Mosley here, not Jamal Adams. Same like every other free agent. The only player who will attract other free agents, is a franchise QB.
  22. I tend to agree. I don’t think Cooper is on Julio’s level, but how often can you get an elite WR in their prime for their entire contract? Allows us to go Oline early and not come out of the draft and go into the season with one or the other.
  23. Ehh, it's a pretty flimsy lawsuit. Toradol is just a high-strength NSAID, it's not some wonder drug that doesn't allow you to feel pain. It's great for musculoskeletal stuff, but I think these guys are overblowing it. I'd be more concerned with their kidneys than them running through a brick wall because of it.
  24. 1a. Offensive line injuries / regression 1b. Gurley hurt / whatever they're hiding 2. Goff not being able to carry a team. That's essentially it. Everything was predicated on the offensive line and Gurley. Goff looked good because of them. Once 1a and b regressed, their whole team regressed. If Goff was the goods, they could have weathered it, but he isn't and never was. It's the same damned reason that the Pats, Steelers, Saints, Packers, Manning-era Colts etc. can weather pretty much every storm. They have a QB who is the goods and can mask pretty much most positional regression.
  25. These seem like exquisitely contradictory statements. I suspect, that you sir, do not in fact, wish this man perfect health.

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