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  1. Hopefully someone told him if he gets them above .500, he can take home two of whatever he was hooking up with instead of just the one like a some f*%ing special team gunner.
  2. Firstly, I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's not a good look though. Secondly, you want to be considered a great like Tom Brady and Aaron Donald? The hell was the last time you saw them doing this? Not saying either are choir boys, they're just smart enough to not do this publicly. Hell, Jeter was a notorious douche (diehard yankee fan), but outside of the Mariah Carey nonsense, you barely heard his name in a negative light. Jamal needs to grow up fast or his mouth is going to lose his considerable play a lot of money.
  3. Beachum: did not realize what a stabilizing force a barely league-average LT can make. Makes you excited for what a good offensive line will do to this team Griffen: does his job, has solid hands, reliable blocker Austin: has all the physical tools and technique to be a solid starting CB Hewitt: reliable ILB. Can either play alongside Mosely next year if Williamson doesn't return healthy, or a solid backup. Sam: I gotta say, he had a stretch of games where even when he played well, he just made some absolutely inane decisions that made you think he would never overcome that. I'm the first to admit the defenses we've played since Miami have been horrendous, but it's been night and day his decision making for the most part. He's thrown the ball away when there were no open receivers, dirted the ball on busted plays. I'll keep saying it, but his decision to throw the ball away on third down after our first TD was overturned was eye-opening. Early season Sam tries to force that ball in somewhere and "get that touchdown back."
  4. The NY Times has a pretty in-depth calculator to look at this. If they run the table they still lose out on pretty much every tie-breaker, at least how it stands today.
  5. Saying how we'll win five out of six and ultimately eight out of our last nine is now deemed as a negative? Sheesh
  6. It’s almost as if it’s directly related to the caliber of defense he’s playing. All kidding aside, Beachum returning and stabilizing a shoddy line shows the kind of play Sam can deliver. Most impressive has been his decisions to throw the ball away. Best play today was throwing it away after having his touchdown overturned, instead of trying to get it back.
  7. Of the remaining five games, I just don't seen losing to the Bengals or Steelers. Most of that has to do with their QBs against Williams' defense. The Jets should beat the dolphins. Have a good chance against the Bills. And will have to play a perfect game to be the Ravens. 8-8 isn't bad considering how the season started, but makes those losses to the Bills, Browns and Dolphins that much more unforgivable. Again, we've played the 27th, 28th and 29th ranked DVOA in defenses. But next week with the next two weeks bringing the 31st and 32nd, I don't expect the outcomes to be much different.
  8. Jenkins. Poole. Anderson. Lachlan. Hewitt. That order, for me.
  9. Maulett and Austen are having a really welcomed nice stretch of play.
  10. Glad he didn't try to get the touchdown back by forcing that. Like the decision. Still, WTF with that being overturned.
  11. As it turns out, hall of fame, generational-type players do indeed help win games.
  12. It's not a good look, but taken in context it's pretty benign. Contractually, he is paid to perform. If he is injured, he is paid to rehabilitate so that he can perform in the future. He is also contractually obligated to be there to rehabilitate. If he misses treatment, he will be fined, which I would bet good money is written in very plain English in his contract. The only reason this has traction is he's injured and $28,000 looks like a lot of money to the outside world who wasn't guaranteed $20m over four years Not for nothing, but "an emergency," is the excuse a child makes when he doesn't have a legitimate reason for his absence.
  13. Can't wait to see how Goodell porks this one. - Garrett should be suspended for the remainder of the season, as has been done. Eight games seems reasonable, given the context. For reference, Haynesworth, a repeat offender, got 5 games for curb-stomping that cowboys' center. Equally as bush-league and dangerous. - Everyone who threw a punch or kick should be suspended one game. - Everyone who came off the sidelines should face a minimum fine. - Don't like the idea of pressing legal matters, it's too murky of a situation and sets a bad precedent for a game that in and of itself would get you thrown in jail. - Punish appropriately. Some will be satisfied, some will be enraged. People will move on. Only way it sticks around longer is if Goodell and the league do something drastic and precedent-setting.
  15. Thomas living to 100+ would be the exact type of dick-punch of a joke that the universe would play on him.
  16. But to @Matt39 point, we have no idea of the real power-structure. We can assume Douglas has the final say and that Johnson is a boob, but it's all conjecture. Not that there needs to be total transparency, but it would be nice to know that there is at least some sort of hierarchy when it comes to football decisions. And one that doesn't involve the Johnsons or whatever the president / VP of football operations is.
  17. Pretty much. Johnson may be a boob, but I don't see him overriding Douglas on this or most decisions really. You can tell who amongst the beat-writers likes Gase depending on how they spin the news. Pro-Gase: "Gase staying. Johnson finally being decisive. Everyone on the same page." Not Pro-Gase: "Johnson trumping Douglas. Franchise will continue to flounder as long as CEO is making final personnel decisions."
  18. Chase Young is the most talented player in the draft. Which is exactly why we won't be drafting him. Not because we won't have the opportunity to either.
  19. What's more likely: he becomes Melo part deux and we sign him to a max deal orrr he becomes a star and we package him for an aging superstar like Harden when the rockets fail to win the west? And Harden plays 50% of the games on his contract and Barrett becomes a perennial all-star.
  20. Barrett can play. If Zion turns out to be too athletic / explosive for his frame, Barrett could contend with Morant to be the best player from this draft. DSJ is a nightmare. It's like the Knicks trying to make me like Stevie Franchise all over again.
  21. Almost positive the Jets’ orthopedist isn’t employed by the Jets. Usually these universities or private groups pay for the rights to represent these teams. They get benefits I’m sure, but I just have a hard time believing this dude is risking his license and career for what would be minimal compensation from these teams, comparatively. At least that’s how most organizations do it.
  22. Is he out out? Or is he out like it was supposed to rain tomorrow?
  23. Age is on our side. Production not so much. Need Williams to keep pumping that doing-the-dirty-work angle and maybe we can see a 2nd, or 3rd and late-rounder.

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