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  1. 100%. Why the rest of the league isn't in the market for a 1st ballot HOF and greatest-of all-time Quarterback and Head Coach tandem is beyond me. You'd think the other 31 franchises would have realized this by now. Can't believe they keep letting them go undrafted and unsigned.
  2. Gotta get by my Tigers tonight first fella. Should be a heck of a game.
  3. The last time an orthopedic surgeon saw any visceral organ, was either in medical school or by accident.
  4. That's all-comers, not those who play contact sports. And certainly not those in the NFL. There's just too little data to support any of these statements. But considering 90% of the world have serologic evidence of EBV, I'm sure plenty of NFL athletes have played through it. He'll most likely be fine, but there's no exact answer either way.
  5. Never once have I called Sam a franchise QB. I was merely poking fun at your comical attempt at explaining how people should avoid communicable diseases. You leave the doctoring to us, and we'll leave the evaluation of offensive lineman pancakes to you.
  6. I’ll be sure to bring that up with the viruses and bacteria at our semi-annual Doctor’s and Pathogens for the protection of franchises QBs retreat in Malibu this year. Must have been an oversight. The viruses are busy, what with flu season ramping up. Easy mistake.
  7. I yearn for the day we start complaining about our draft pick before we even know our draft slot.
  8. False. The perfect WR is 7’ 300lb. Acceleration of a cheetah. Agility of a jack rabbit. Leaping ability of a white tailed deer. And hands like Spider-Man. Good ole possession burner.
  9. No precedent = I get to say whatever I want for publicity, because it's impossible to refute.
  10. Meh, there's no blessing when your potential franchise QB becomes ill and misses a quarter of the season. However, it's not the deathknell that many are making it out to be, considering if he is the guy, we have a decade plus of putting a team around him. Still stings, but not as bad as going into the season with Fitzy as your starting QB and no future behind him. We've been through worse.
  11. But are there any overweight, nonathletic tight ends w/suspect hands ala Jace Amaro that we could draft instead? Because if so, put me down for a hard yes.
  12. There's no great guidelines given the disease and type of sport each athlete plays. Given that Darnold plays the highest of impact sports, making his risk for rupture on the far end of the spectrum, he'll be held out longer than someone playing tennis (the Federer story)... Most reports of rupture happen within 21 days and rarely after 28 days, but why risk it? My guess, two weeks where he's doing pretty much nothing, then light activity for two weeks then then gradually work him back in. I wouldn't expect to see him before week 6, but that's legit a total guess. That's also not to mention the weight he'll have lost, the fatigue he could still carry throughout the season etc. It's a sh*tty illness, but he also has the best trainers and dietitians in the world to get him right once he's cleared for activity.
  13. Then either they never had mono or it went undiagnosed. You don't risk rupturing your spleen for a couple of games. That is 100% life-threatening.
  14. I too am eager for something else to complain about. Monday cannot come soon enough. Hoosah
  15. Meeting age qualification or not, the millennial is strong in this one.
  16. +1. Someone's gotta take Shepherd's spot of not dressing now that he has the PED ban.
  17. Frank looks like a different player, has played some good ball overseas. My Knicksy sense tells me it won't translate to NBA success, but he's definitely played well. Also, Gobert is a monster.
  18. Don't let Thomas get to you, Mr. Frog. Because when Thomas wins, the terrorists win. And I'll be damned if we start supporting terrorists here on this fine site.
  19. Not any more worried than Favre, Rodgers, Mahomes etc. if these guys hurt their shoulder it’s probably from a fall / hit than repeated throws.
  20. Lol yes, although I’ve questioned the former’s desire for the game as well
  21. Thomas being one of the lone survivors of the USS Indianapolis. Still gets me.

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