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  1. I think his disastrous combine numbers and hamstring injury are pretty indicative that he cannot.
  2. He has to play at his college weight to be successful, which is too light to be an every down type of guy in the NFL. Unless you possess Von Miller type athleticism and talent, which he does not. Better than some of the other dumpster-fire picks he’s made over the years, but not a huge fan.
  3. Big Mac's Draft Guide 101 Step 1: feign interest in trading. stay put. draft chalk. Step 2: pick names that you know, from schools that you've heard of, possibly. Step 3. tout chalk pick. replace upwards of 70% of roster with FAs every 5 years because no drafted players remain. Step 4. repeat
  4. ^Pretty much. For the better part of the decade, maybe more, we've had guys on rookie contracts solely because they were ambulatory and on a rookie contract. It would be nice to roster some players who were actually worthy of playing time.
  5. Seven of eight and nine of eleven with 13 players on the DL. I was critical of Boone's handling of the lineup and bullpen - which is par for course dating back to Torre - but he's done a tremendous job of winning with our young guys. Perhaps makes the decision of trading Stanton and getting whatever you can for Bird a bit easier.
  6. Jets' fans: 20 year old kid doesn't speak proper English, f*ck him stay off our team... Also Jets' fans: lets sign the guy who beat his fiance and trade for the other guy who beat his gf almost unconscious
  7. TIL: Sacks are not important. But preventing sacks, are in fact important. Pass-rusher is no longer a premium position in the NFL. But the positions tasked at countering those players are in fact, important. A truly elite offensive tackle can make his entire offensive line better, while at the same time negating the players we've already chalked up as not important. Even an elite pass-rusher, cannot make his defensive line better either.....
  8. Would be a very Jetsy move to trade away the chance of drafting the one player worth drafting at that spot.
  9. Who’s this words guys you speak of!? Possession burner!? SIGN THIS BEAST FAM. JETUP.
  10. Totally. It's totally because we didn't have enough Boar Hunters on our team that we haven't made it over that championship edge.
  11. I'll make sure to add that to the queue, right behind rewatching the grudge and anything new with adam sandler. Not for nothing, but how did that movie nab Pine and Hardy? Studio had prime Reese doling out hand jibbers for better casting.
  12. Absolutely. Another guy absolutely killing it, who has gotten the Brad Pitt treatment for being too good looking, but Chris Pine. Was good in that Denzel train movie. Great in Hell or High Water. And flat out phenomenal in I am the Night. The latter was an okay series, but he was worth watching alone. Dude was great.
  14. To this day I will never understand why people need fans from other teams to validate their feelings / opinions. Years and decades of experience have shown us that you will never know how a move(s) should be rated in the preseason.
  15. Not what I meant, if that’s how it sounded. Moreso that hopefully we no longer will have to compensate for lacking a starting quality QB by overpaying the players the elite franchises don’t resign.
  16. We have the luxury currently of signing players to higher contracts, because Sam is on a rookie contract. This worked during the early Rex years. The failure was Mark never took the next step, or half step. These contracts can all come off right around the time Sam finishes his rookie deal. If he develops then we can start avoiding overpaying for players bc after forty years we’ve found the only position that truly matters. Sure, we need to draft better, much better, but we won’t need to overcompensate for not having a QB.
  17. It's like a bizzaro world where everyone has some quasi borderline personality disorder and things are dichotomized to either best ever or abysmal.
  18. Because you get jostled around in the dark and the majority of the time end up nauseated at its completion?

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