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  1. excuse me, i may be totally off here but couldn't we live with what we already have in our secondary and go after d line in FA? your not confident enough with rhodes and revis, two young promising guys?
  2. i read on Jets confidential that Chris said he isn't big enough for the 3-4, weighing into the combine at 272. Gholston weighed in at even less than that which makes me feel like we may have to go after DMC if hes there (and if hes there were takin him no matter what) or possible sedrick ellis. check out the blog as well. the link is in ths sig. thanks alot.
  3. Announcement

    hey everyone, i know its been a little while since ive posted but thats because i am in the process of getting a writing stint with the jets blog.com. in the coming weeks we will be working out a deal. brian bassett is a very nice guy and i know he has a place for me. in the mean time i just wanted to say that http://jetnation.com was by far the best jets site in existence. also it hurts less when i pee these days. to all those that responded with home remedies, thank you.
  4. Vernon Gholston is my pick at 6.

    some mocks have us getting chris long. would u take him over gholston? i certainly would.
  5. Come On Already

    buddy this is a forum, not tonight's home work. as long as people understand what im actually saying, who cares? and for the record i actually do write normal on my blog.
  6. Come On Already

    ha ha, yeah i would say you did. but don't worry since im a jets blogger i am equally as loyal to them as i am to the rams. but seriously, i think there needs to be more of an off season focus here. yes, we all have reason to hate on belly but u guys dont think the future of the jets is more important?
  7. Come On Already

    if any jet fan is a true jet fan, then we should stop talking about belichick and get on with talking more offseason and more draft.
  8. Is Tangini Sleeping?

    jeez this could be one of the worst mocks ive seen. ellis has a huge lack of size to go in the top 3, maybe he goes top 5 but i doubt it. and mcfadden will NOT fall to us, i repeat he WILL NOT fall to us. and if he does than we take him but i think its pointless to lay out these drafts that have DMC not being picked in at least the top 4. theres no way five teams will pass up on this guy.
  9. New Mock From CBS

    ok first of all your crazy if you think we need to go o-line first round because it hasn't worked in the past. where has dabrick done us any good in the two years that hes been here? only mangold has done well for us. idk maybe we should go o-line first maybe not.
  10. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    actually im not sure ellis is the guy. huge lack of bulk and size. we want a big time pass rusher and he might be a guy that has to be nurtured in his first couple of years. are we ready for a defensive version of dabrick? im certainly not.
  11. 2008 NFL Draft Thread

    how about sedrick ellis people? him or vernon gholston?
  12. We need pass rushers badly

    i think the draft strategy has to be something like this: yeah the talented guy is there but alot of the time when we take the college talent it doesnt equate to nfl talent. u have to be able to spot the diamond in the rough. gmen did have ernie accorsi when they drafted most of the current players on the team so that helped. tannenbaum is good and thats the strategy i would use what to u guys think?
  13. but see i think its different with pacman all his team mates say hes the greatest team mate but he gets into trouble off the field. moss and t.o. (just an example) have caused havoc in the locker room amongst players. i dont want guys like that ruining team chemistry and id rather take a gamble on jones who i think is a good guy at heart and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. its a risk that i would be willing to take. but even though moss causes locker room problems sometimes he is the best reciever in the nfl so im takin him over the guy that is less talented but isnt a wreck in the locker room. see what im sayin?
  14. well i was looking at the football's future list and the only guy that comes to mind as a turd is albert haynesworth. dont know about college.
  15. yeah pacman has been involved in stuff off the field but he isnt a nuisance on the field. moss creates some drama but its never amounted to anything off the field. i think those are the guys we go after. but i might take a chance on pacman b.c hes a good guy at heart, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. as far as how much of those guys we should look for, i dont think there are a whole lot of them anyway. look, if the talent is there i say take a gamble on it because this franchise has nothing to lose. hey if we dont get asante, the titans say they will trade pacman. any ideas?