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    Banning people, and acting like an arrogant jerkoff
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  1. @jetswin @murphklecko73 lol
  2. Good afternoon, it’s all good! I’m still counting my $3,500.00 I got for selling all of you fools email addys to scout. I never cared about JI or their posters anyways. And I’m sill A) in denial and B)a condescending douchebag
  3. @munchmemory Please, no calling out other members.
  4. Haha that’s awesome! You should register the guys full name attached to lovesanal.com and threaten to register it like you did with jetsfan16. (Bet you don’t remember that?) he stopped completely after that Disclaimer: yeah yeah, I don’t have like 12 dummy accounts, only two. and they were made over 10 years ago. I forgot the keys to my main account and the email addy attached to it. So it’s retired and I’m on the semi retired poster rehabilitation program now. But I want to be in the fresh start group. You and the mods know who this is, and I’m not starting any provocative threads. I’m just busting your chops have a good weekend Phillip PS: Which one of your kids are screening the site emails?
  5. One of the best times ever here was April fools day 2008. @Maxman setup a fake moderator forum with fake moderators. The real mods were in stealth mode lol sooth signs up and trolls jet Moses and BP. Then @GreenBeans redirected his ip addy to ihop.com also the sooth nation April fools day was hilarious too. We all knew how bitter he was about this place because he was nice enough to inadvertently give a JN mod access to his beloved JI mod forum. Oh my goodness gracious the JN mod forum was buzzing with excitement late late at night after clandestine ventures into the JI mod forum hahahaha
  6. Excuse me kind sir. I can not embed and I am listening to Frank Zappa tittys and beer. Can you throw stool a bone please? Thanks!
  7. The Jets are on Twitter boarding a train to DC with the #takeflight lol who are the idiots running their social media? Maybe legendary #milesocial should show them how it’s done. What an embarrassment. lets go jets...
  8. 2008 was soo long ago. Are you coming over the pond for a game this year? And You still doing your graphic designs in that car port in Ireland?
  9. Lol his name was dick Kotite I wasn’t calling him names
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