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  1. Sadly, this has better lyrics than most rap songs.
  2. Eh I don't think he's too bad...we probably could improve the position but I am fine with Tynes.
  3. This is pretty much Dallas vs. the AFC Tony Romo drops back with three Dallas O-Linemen blocking for him, and after faking a hand off to Barber he throws to Witten. Then on the next play he throws to T.O NFC fakes the punt and converts!
  4. I definitely wouldn't mind;) Devin Hester returns to the kickoff to midfield without even breaking a sweat:shock:
  5. 7-0 AFC. This is shaping up like a typical Pro Bowl shootout.
  6. Mine is pretty simple...I am a huge New York Rangers fan.
  7. Just had a bowl of Spaghettio's and meatballs
  8. I voted for the original Star Wars, but I also love LOTR and the Bourne series as well.
  9. You have a good point, but I would still have to go with Guerrero. He is just too good (injury-risk or not) to pass up, although it is very close. It would have to depend on who else is being kept by the rest of the league.
  10. Wow no pregame show for Fox...I guess the fans aren't the only people who don't care for this game#-o
  11. Seeing Green DNA's thread about his trip I was wondering where everyone here would like to live. Here is my Top 10 (I am definitely a city boy, so that really affects it). 1. New York City (no need to explain) 2. Toronto (where most of my family lives and where I was born). 3. Seattle (where I have grown up, one of the most beautiful big cities in the world in my opinion). 4. London (keeping with the big city theme, and where my father's parents reside). Big drop off from the first 4 to the next 4 5. Douglas, Isle of Man (where my father's family i
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