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  1. The shows this season is like over done. Idk why just the brittney spears one would make you want to fell bad for Brittney. I love South Park i just dont think its one of there best seasons so far its a opinon lol
  2. Best Ep this season but this season of South Park has been very lame, The mouse with the **** on his back got me rolling when they were all chasing after it haha. I just wonder how these creaters get these ideas from haah. These guys are huge Denver fans so im glad they show this one. I cant wait for the Call Of Duty Ep on South Park
  3. You prefer Sanders over Kerry? =O thats almost the crazyest post i will ever read
  4. Anyone else thinks we should of drafted Matt Lienart over Brick now? Lienart grow up, before you know it you'll be cut and your ass will be home. Get it together Lienart
  5. TNA is a better fast pace company. For everyone one move that a WWE wreslter does A TNA joe can do 5 of them
  6. I won every bet i made with friends 4-4 on Orton,Taker,Mayweather and HBK
  7. Well things take time. You need to find a team selling there club and contracts and everything has to be done it does not take 2 weeks to day that...
  8. Mangini in 06 we were supose to be 4-12 that season and were 10-6.
  9. Hm last time i remember were the team that gave up a 2nd rounder to get Jones......
  10. Groves is a beast. Stats is **** when it comes to this player. He can get after the QB thats all i need to know he'll be a force in the NFL. I like him. but not with the #6 pick
  11. Because he protects the QB and he is good for 1000 yards a season. He can pound the rock. Someone would throw a 3rd round for Jones. Lions need a RB since Kevin Jones been released so why not them
  12. I would think he is in the trading block. I dont think the Jets woul have two starters in there team. But i think Mcfaddna and TJ would make for a black and blue type offense meaning punishing defenses.
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