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  1. hahaha too funny "its never cheating if ur in a different area code, let alone a different state"
  2. anal perhaps? always a fun time if ur into that
  3. well said...its sort of like when a chick has her period. she should still blow u, or at least give u a little tug because of the suffering she is putting u through
  4. oh and also...because of ur wifes problem (This is mostly her fault ) she should be blowing u daily
  5. like Michael Jackson said...just BEAT IT
  6. or we cud move woody to guard and start olivea if healthy to tackle?
  7. ill go with u....if thats not her, sweden has loads of blazin chicks
  8. one of the best nights of my life being at that game...
  9. I am in agreement with the hatred for Kiper, but he does own one of my favorite lines on draft day EVER. It goes a little something like this... "It's very obvious to me right now that the New York Jets just don't know what the draft is about"
  10. yeah change th enumber or cut barton
  11. look drago, there is nothing wrong with being hammered right now
  12. I am on board with you Toon. Great first day of drafting. picked up 2 big needs and dont be surprised if we trade up again to get another player who can contribute from day 1
  13. actually check that. Rachel Nichols can def blow me
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