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  1. "Russell Wilson's camp has talked trade. #Dolphins, #Saints, #Raiders, & THE #Jets have been linked as potential landing spots & some around the league think a trade COULD HAPPEN", per @TheAthletic.
  2. I completely forgot about that pick. Doesn’t it become a 4 if they reach an agreement in season or is it a 5 because of the tag now
  3. Straight out of draft day !! He wanted his pick back
  4. I see what JD is doing in regards to the comp game and I’m a fan I got one have zero clue how the picks are decided or anything. All these one year deals. Drafting guys to replace this one year deals. Granted we may re sign some but I like where his mind is Poole Jenkins Desir Logan Ryan if we sign him Potentially Van Rotten Winters or Williamson Maye Perriman Clowney if he signed here and left 1 year after. It seems JD values more picks and drafts with the present and future in mind. I feel like Maye walks and gets a nice dollar sign elsewhere with Davis stepping in.
  5. I for one do not want to trade Jamal ill play along. Absolutely would love this haul. That’s a team that could compete early and often
  6. Now with Desir in the fold wonder what they do with Williamson, hopefully reconstruct.
  7. Excellent sign!! Assuming it's not a heavy cap hit. Now go get Robby and a Pass rush!
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