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  1. @TonyPauline says a league executive told him “Jets will get Deebo Samuel, that number 10 pick belongs to San Francisco.” He goes on to say there are rumors tonight they have told Deebo he can seek a trade…thought around league is #Jets will make an “offer they can’t refuse”
  2. They’re even saying extension isn’t even an issue. Jets probably have a 3/4 on the table and won’t budge outside that
  3. 10/35 is a lot. I mean I’d be fine doing it but keeping the 2s is huge IMO
  4. I just can’t see JD moving a first and a second. Granted we’d still have 4/38/69 and could trade down. I can’t see him doing it
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if Joe got a 2023 pick back
  6. Bingo. I was wondering this. Would this make the Seahawks or Titans make a move knowing their top team may be out soon.
  7. Obviously GB but I doubt SF gives him that option. Why significantly improve a rival when you can send em out of conference.
  8. Lions packers and Jets being reported. They won’t trade him to a rival. Lions do have 32/34 so they would concern me a bit but like Hill, Deebo can say no to them to sign long term.
  9. Take a WR still at 10 or 35. Have Davis Moore Cooks and a rookie lining up. Berrios subbing in as well.
  10. Per Jordan Schultz Sources: #Cowboys, #Packers and #Jets have all called #Texans about WR Brandin Cooks -- while #Rams and #Raiders previously called before Allen Robinson/Davante Adams moves. • Cooks only 28 yrs old! • SIX 1k seasons w/4 DIFF QBs! • 205 catches of 15+ yards (5th) since 2014!
  11. "Russell Wilson's camp has talked trade. #Dolphins, #Saints, #Raiders, & THE #Jets have been linked as potential landing spots & some around the league think a trade COULD HAPPEN", per @TheAthletic.
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