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  1. Agree here. If this was going south I think you’d here something on their end
  2. Connor Hughes saying deal is basically agreed to. Waiting on rodgers for the green light
  3. He deleted the first tweet. He meant Uzomah not Mosley
  4. This tweet was deleted. Nothing’s been reported with Mosley’s contract, it was Uzomah who’s been restructured.
  5. Jeremy Fowler here. While the #Panthers and #Saints remain in the conversation for Derek Carr, the former Pro Bowl quarterback has a slight lean toward the #Jets as his next home as of now, per source. Nothing is final, but Jets -- who are linked to Aaron Rodgers -- have made an impression.
  6. Maybe they go for Carr after all with that news. Rodgers is no sure thing. Signing Carr is free and we keep our picks.
  7. Say it’s 2 years. We sign Zach for a one year deal and draft a rookie and let them battle it out. Would have to hope Zach matures and develops for a couple seasons. By then we need the rookie contract because we’ll have to pay sauce and Garrett
  8. He’s going into his dark cave now knowing the Jets reached out. Smart move JD
  9. The New York #Jets have inquired about Aaron Rodgers’ availability with the Green Bay #Packers, per sources. A move that was expected as New York explores veteran options. jeremy Fowler
  10. It really seems like his time in Baltimore is up in the air. Assuming they tag him. What would you be willing to trade? Have to think a 23/24 first is the starting point.
  11. Cuts Carl Lawson (more playing time for Johnson Huff and Clemons) Corey Davis and Braxton Berrios That is 31 million right there also try and work with Mosley to get that cap number down there’s ways to get the cap over 60. Don’t see any big splashes outside QB Need to resign Quinnen and Huff just doing offense here Right away we get AVT and Breece back. Hopefully Becton stays healthy. Also get Mitchell. O line LT Becton?? Brown?? (He is playing hurt) RG Tomlinson C ??? RG AVT RT Mitchel RBs Breece and Bam (Carter also) WR Garret and Elijah QB please please upgrade
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