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  1. The positive outlook

    I'm underestimating the cap. I assumed maybe with some re signs but 70 million is accurate. That plus a top 3 pick means QB and a lot of protection. It's crucial either Hack works or we get a top pick. It's almost like a win win. One of the 2 will happen and I heavily lean 4 wins tops
  2. The positive outlook

    I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews on our draft. DBs usually take a year or 2 to fully break out(and this is the tank year to do it). We have a potential home run at safety now, we get to see if Hack is for real, if not we are in line to get a top QB next draft trading up if needed or just flat out tank. We are going to have 50+ million in cap space. That money can be used to address OL CB and maybe pass rush. Draft wise if Hack sucks like he probably will then we go QB. Hopefully Leggett turns out decent and will be a good safety blanket. But with the young WR core we have and DBs this team can grow this season. Lot of competition and guys who want to play. If McCown starts over Hack or Petty ill flip out. That should not happen. But with the money we will have and potential top pick for a QB there is a bright side. Yes I wanted Cook round 2 and was not happy with a safety but the kid reviews well as well as King mid rounds as well. Just my optimistic 2 cents
  3. 2018 Cap Space

    As of right now we are currently projected to have somewhere close to 76 million in cap space next year. If that's the case then we could very well be sitting nice especially if they're in tank mode this season http://overthecap.com/calculator/new-york-jets/
  4. Yeah.....no discount there
  5. 8 Million a year they're saying
  6. Great move! Had to happen....could try Shell at RT and have that side good to go
  7. Osi visiting the Jets?!

    @MikeGarafolo: Osi Umenyiora back to the New York market? Maybe. Source says the free-agent DE was in NJ today to meet with the ... Jets. Interesting.
  8. @dpbrugler: I'm told the #Chargers and #Jets showed "a ton" of interest in RB Melvin Gordon during and after Wisconsin's pro day this morning Too early. Wouldn't want him. Give me Duke Johnson round 3.
  9. @AroundTheNFL: From @AlbertBreer and @KimJonesSports, the Jets are poised to trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick, could move quickly http://t.co/mpoDxlvN2O He would have a low base salary but just wait it out.
  10. Cobb stays in Green Bay

    @AdamSchefter: Randall Cobb back to Green Bay on a 4-year, $40 million deal, per source. Good for us. Likely Oakland does not trade out and takes White or Cooper
  11. Training Camp Schedule

    Anyone know when they usually announce their training dates in Cortland?

    Drc took a physical with us
  13. Glad Jets didn't sign Jackson

    Now if he signed with the jets that vacation would be blown out of proportion and how much of a circus we are.