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  1. So a bit off topic..but I had been searching for tickets to see Lebron play the Magic in Orlando..and with tickets being high for a higher profile game I figured I’d do what I always do and wait last minute to grab some seats from someone who couldn’t make the game. I scoured TM resale, stubhub, and for some reason craigslist. I already knew that was a bad idea..but you do stupid things when trying to save a buck or two. So anyway, someone posts tickets..I reach out via text (I felt a little more at ease since they have their number, turns out it’s probably a dead line or some google number or something). I ask if they take PayPal, he says no, takes too long for the money to post, and asks about Zelle. I’m new to zelle..used it a few times, never had any issues. I know zelle is linked to bank accounts, so I didn’t see the fraud coming. Again, all my fault here. i send money, he tells me let me know when you get tickets..they never come..i then call the number and get a weird message like the number is rejected or something to that effect. So basically, sent $200 to someone who now vanished. They provided email to send zelle, and on my bank statement has a name of who the money went to. Could that name be fake? I’m assuming they have to be linking to a real bank account? Should I file a police report? Do I reach out to craigslist? I just don’t know what to do..and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and could post me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  2. InstantClassic

    ok fist things first

    I Papa, freaks all the hunnies
  3. He has no reason to talk..he was dogging it out there today.
  4. InstantClassic

    Rams acquire Donte Fowler

    So there’s an article up on espn that we offered the same picks for Fowler the rams did..but we wouldn’t budge on getting a 4th back so they took their deal.
  5. InstantClassic

    Bowles getting crushed by Bart.

    Is there anywhere to watch/hear this those of us out of town?
  6. InstantClassic

    They have quit

    True. Even the announcers said if he actually flashed his 4.3 speed on a catch early in the game he’d have a first down but he was just jogging.
  7. InstantClassic

    They have quit

    Robbie definitely checked out.
  8. InstantClassic

    Canes Game(Jets related)

    Field is atrocious here.
  9. Declining the penalty late in the game was just as bad. Instead of 2nd and 20 it’s 3rd and 10 and they convert.
  10. InstantClassic

    Buyer or Seller before trade dead line

    We have nothing to sell.
  11. InstantClassic


    Why wasn’t that penalty accepted?!
  12. InstantClassic


    Yay..Sam won’t be lost for the season today!
  13. InstantClassic

    Sam was really bad

    The D gave up 37 due to what 4, 5 turnovers? Offense was atrocious today..all the way around. D held their own for majority of the game..fell apart a bit in the 3rd then unraveled in the 4th.
  14. InstantClassic


    Good stop there..still in this one
  15. InstantClassic


    Give Daryl Roberts Trumaine money 😂😂

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