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  1. Born in Pompano..went to high school in Boynton.
  2. They are both from Broward county..they’re probably real cool with each other
  3. YES! However many years ago that was and I came right over to JN which I believe was in its infancy..immediately felt the difference here.
  4. You mean the former place that banned me for talking sh*t to Jay Mohr??
  5. I kept thinking to myself during the game..”this kid looks so much better than Tru” and it’s not even close. That guy still irks me and he’s not on the field.
  6. What do the videos consist of? Was trying to locate one on the site
  7. Can’t gift a team like this 3 points..we need to play a near perfect game
  8. So it’s realistic to have to stop the opposing team every time they have the ball? I don’t understand the logic. Teams put up points in this league..the Jets got the job done. What parade? We haven’t won a game since last season..I think it’s perfectly fine for us to be happy. All the complainers are the only miserable ones today.
  9. I like how the anti-Jamal crowd puts it all on his shoulders like he’s supposed to score points. The same crowd that doesn’t take into consideration how putrid the offense was without Sam..consistently putting the defense on the field and in bad spots I’m not sure we all watch the same games..every game the Jets play whether a win or they’re getting blown out Jamal is flying around the field making tackles, batting down passes or making a hit that negates a completion. What’s the expectation? He needs to have a pick 6 every game to justify being drafted at 6? He’s a baller..he wants to win..he leads by example and brings his A game every week. I’m thankful we have someone like that on our team..despite where he was drafted.
  10. How bad is Trumaine? He’s making Roberts look like and All-Pro
  11. And seriously **** all the Adams haters..dude is our best player and plays his damn heart out.

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