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  1. Not many people factoring in we would be on the hook for $25 million next year. I’m sorry..I like Sam a lot. But he’s not good enough to warrant that price tag when we have so many holes to fill.
  2. Max wants more lounge posts! Anyone out there watching pro-wrestling these days?
  3. If only our play on the field was this on point!
  4. I thought for sure that Sherman would’ve been a Jet by now.
  5. Great 2019..pedestrian 2020. Good move to save some cap money.
  6. Trade down with Atlanta: Take TE Pitts at 4 Paye DE at 23 If we take a TE in the top 10 this board would implode.
  7. Idk if this should be in the draft forum or not..but I’ve been thinking about 23. I know a lot depends on what we do at 2..but ideally..who do you want at 23? I think a guy that is getting overlooked a little bit is Jaelen Phillips from Miami. As a Canes fan..I’ve watched him a lot this past year and this dude can dominate stretches of a game. A lot of people have Rousseau ranked a lot higher than him..but I don’t know how the 1 year layoff will effect some of these guys. I really think people are sleeping on JP..and if he’s there at 23 I really hope JD considers him. He co
  8. I don’t even remember what I said..I think he posted something about his girlfriend or something. it’s funny because I recently saw he was coming to Florida at the improv I believe..and I thought “I should go to this show and heckle the sh*t out of him and tell him he got me banned
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