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  1. Days like this I wish I was back home!
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot..will be out of town this weekend and wondering if there are any Jets bars anyone from that area is familiar with? Thanks in advance!
  3. I did..which is what I wrote in the original post.
  4. I think they will know I’m not in an apartment when I provide my address
  5. Hey everyone..I’m done trying the free streams that are spotty at best. I’m trying to sign up for the streaming service but my address isn’t eligible. Any JN college students here that could help out? I’ll pay the subscription..just need an email address. Thanks in advance!
  6. We will lose 45-0 to the Bills this year
  7. I was ok with Sauce to Thibs..but the more I see him in interviews he just seems like a dude that doesn’t love football and is in it for the fame and $..I’m happy with our picks
  8. Not to be that guy..but I think it’s about time this time find themselves a few a-holes! Whatever we’ve been doing as long as we have hasn’t produced results. I don’t care if you’re an a-hole if you’re getting to the QB all year
  9. Not a chance in hell they offered that.
  10. I know it sounds sh*tty..but really encouraged by Zach taking these sacks here and not forcing an INT
  11. Was it fools gold breaking out of two sacks to start the play? Just be happy. It was the longest run by a QB in our history. It put points on the board and helped lead the team to victory. The building exploded. It was…electric.
  12. Ok? So did you sit on your hands that play? Typical SOJ lifer response. It’s ok to get excited about big plays. Lord knows they are few and far between.
  13. I loved it. We don’t see many Jets wins..it feels damn good when they do. Wilson’s run was electric. Fun stuff. i also have faith in this regime that whether they pick 1, 4, 7 or wherever..they are going to pick well. By all accounts..JD’s last draft was knocked out of the park with the playmakers he picked up. Seattle losing was icing on the cake.
  14. He mouthed something that on the sideline about the pro bowl..he felt that snub
  15. Refs gifting 3 points..we aren’t a team that can overcome that with ease
  16. This team has lulled us all to sleep in thinking it’s the 1st Q
  17. Not that it matters but that’s not a penalty? If one of our guys smiles it’s taunting
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