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  1. Not that it matters but that’s not a penalty? If one of our guys smiles it’s taunting
  2. I see we’ve added shotgun sweep today..and predictably it’s the first play run every series
  3. Started out as Penny2Coles on Jets Insider..got banned for calling out Jay Mohr. Been here ever since and it’s been awesome! At the time..JN did not have the numbers JI did..but quality over quantity was the winning formula.
  4. I think our organization made up their mind a long time ago this is a throwaway year..so that’s probably why they start him week 1 for NFL reps.
  5. Flew in for the game..my take watching this game live? The offense lacks any sort of creativity. In fact..I’m pretty sure we ran the same 5 plays over and over. Stretch right Stretch left Bootleg left Bootleg right Throw down sideline and pray No slants. No getting Eli in the slot. No runs up the middle. No regular play action. This offense is extremely predictable and put Zach in a bad spot. His last 2 INT’s were awful throws by him..those I put on him. This scheme needs to improve if we are going to turn this thing around. Let’s start by runn
  6. Maybe you have to be a STH? If you’re able to secure another I’d happily send $ over
  7. It’s insane..I’m already getting killed on airfare I figured I’d ask here!
  8. Does anyone have an extra available for purchase?
  9. Is there a way to trick my Apple TV into thinking I’m in the NY area?
  10. Sorry to bother guys..anyone have a link? Sportsurge isn’t working for me today
  11. Can someone start a Go Fund Me for this so I can donate and then request my money back??
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