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    sports are my life
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    Hudson Valley
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    Rugby,Football,Handball, and cliff jumping
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    idk I can Build you a light or something

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Jets vs packers(brother is packer fan) 2002 last game of season we need to win and need patriots to wins so dolphins wouldnt make playoffs and we will.patriots win and the crowd went crazy and i think we ended up winning 49-7.. Also i was at that game and i dont go to games very much so made it a lot better..
  • Do you have season tickets?
    i cant even afford one ticket
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Doug Brein missed 2 field goals in final minutes
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. Double Down on D, I think we will see alot of 4 down linemen and zones. I hope they can get another corner one better then Lankster but I doubt there will be any. The down fall of this the linebackers will suck in zones or man coverage they all are too slow..
  2. Sanchez threw that ball to early anyway if sanchez waits one second its a first down
  3. Thats why if someone picks eagles online i just leave because its impossible to stop.
  4. 1. Dareus, Marcell 2. Peterson, Patrick 3. Green, A.J. 4. Gabbert, Blaine 5. Miller, Von 6. Quinn, Robert 7. Fairley, Nick 8. Jones, Julio 9. Amukamara, Prince 10. Smith, Tyron 11. Smith, Aldon 12. Newton, Cam 13. Castonzo, Anthony 14. Liuget, Corey 15. Pouncey, Mike 16. Jordan, Cameron 17. Watt, J.J. 18. Kerrigan, Ryan 19. Carimi, Gabe 20. Bowers, Da'Quan 21. Taylor, Phil 22. Sherrod, Derek 23. Smith, Jimmy 24. Houston, Justin 25. Locker, Jake 26. Heyward, Cameron 27. Solder, Nate 28. Ingram, Mark 29. Williams, Aaron 30. Wilkerson, Muhammad 31. Austin, Marvin 32. Ayers, Akeem Thats mine
  5. If it was other way around you would be saying it was a BS call too
  6. Idk if this count buts Deron Williams averaged 15ppg and 12 assist with the nets this year.Only 12 games tho but i kno if he played full season with them it would be close.
  7. I love how nba isnt basketball anymore its all acting
  8. I say take him if black is off the board
  9. Giants get 2 for losing fred robbins and david carr ,we shouldve got one for losing leon
  10. Brady and Manning probably turned it down they always do,
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