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    I'm new to the Jet's Nation. My boyfriend got me watching the Green and White.
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    I love to watch football and basketball. I'm a big sports fan to be a girl. :)
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    I'm a Collection Agent

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  1. GO VOLS!!!!!! Enough said......
  2. Sure did....But they'll still go to the Elite 8 AND the Final 4. Mark my words.
  3. It can't really be THAT bad.....right? You are, in fact, a New York Jets Fan. That's something to smile really big about. GO JETS! :D:D
  4. Vols not make it to the Elite 8? Someone's been watching the wrong team. They BEAT the NUMEBR ONE team in the NATION. Granted Memphis should not have been there to begin with, but we are the only team to beat them, as of now. Like it or not....That's something to be proud of. Vols will make it to the final FOUR, I'm calling THAT now. GO VOLS!
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