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  1. Little piss head Michael Smith is reporting no go for the Jets and Farve, what the hell does he know I can't stand him he SUCKS!!!
  2. TE WR H BACK does it really matter the kid is a football player end of story, if he was listed as a WR we would be all talking about a freak of nature but he got tagged as a TE; so what the kid will make plays and thats what this O needed, blocking would be nice but i'd rather see 30 yards seem routes eat up backers and safties! He will be a matchup nightmare and that will offset his abilility to block here and there.
  3. Your right but truth be known cowards always run from a fight, stay away from me next time and I won't have beat you all over this forum, lesson learned for ya you little bitch catch u on the flip side if you dare run with me again, but i will understand if you won't cause you seem a little yella, sweet dreams tool tell Richie Anderson I said hi and your a wanna be fan who didn't know he even went to the pro bowl.
  4. I just did you meathead, and made the point that should shut you up but I'm ready to keep going just to teach you a lesson on thinking first posting second.
  5. I am sure that picture is clear on the way that fool is feeling right now
  6. I tried to let him off the hook but he is a glutten for punishment i guess
  7. Listen here tool, I'll mention TJ ok u feel better now, but truth is TJ will not go to the the pro bowl and there is a good chance Richardson will just on merit alone or do you not know thats how the pro bowl works if not i'll help you out Lynch in Rhodes out. Need any more simple stuff figured out I'm right here. I don't care if TJ runs for 1200 yards he is not going to the pro bowl and thats what my thread was about retard. I feel bad for u because you know none of this but I can olnly teach you so much, good luck tying your shoes.
  8. Dude your answering your own questions and looking like a fool doing it have a party, I not helping you out you said now live with it "NO FB WITHOUT RB" not my fault. I'm right your wrong and I've proved my case with one of the Jet greats and you feel stupid, oh well
  9. Your the one that dug your hole i'm not helping you get out of it you said it not me, use more caution when posting cause you are really acting stupid about your own comments
  10. Well of course those are pro bowl numbers DAH, I'm just going by what you said "if the FB is mentioned then the RB should be metioned. News flash Martin was mentioned but Anderson went to the pro bowl, opps you forgot about good ole Richie just think it through before you respond to this so you dont look more and more like a idiot.
  11. Your the one who made a stupid reply to my post and now your trying to back out of it with this crap, won't work GAME OVER and you call yourself a jet fan Richie Anderson would love you
  12. No you'll dismiss yourself because I just smoked your ass and you look like a fool, sucks being you
  13. Talk about being funny besides these stupid comments you just made, of course situations are true but the way you put it souds retarded so by reading this I will assume if a TE or a WR goes to the pro bowl the QB goes too? or the whole O line? Please dude your a tool stupid reply try better next time or THINK IT THROUGH!!!!
  14. Not true at all, the truth is TJ or LW are not good enough to make it to the pro bowl, just because a FB goes to the pro bowl doesn't mean the RB goes with him. Richie Anderson ring a bell piss head?
  15. Well I assume the thread was started just for the point of a topic to talk about, I did'nt think it asked you to go jump off a bridge, now that would be silly ease up have a little fun we won't hold it to ya GEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZEEEEE
  16. More talented RB's in the AFC, and we have RB's that split time thats how
  17. I agree thats the bulls*** about the pro bowl if your team wins you go if not you have no chance, for this to even come close we need to win atleast 11 or 12 games might be done who knows? I did forget Faneca, but with the roster we have these are the players that have the best shot.
  18. I think the same could be said about Woodson, my point in case you missed it was IT'S A 5TH ROUND PICK OR SHOULD I POST IT IN FRENCH
  19. I know but these players I think will play at that level, and who knows stranger things have happened
  20. I give it a B (or a B+ if u include Kenkins) could be a little higher or a little lower I think most of this draft will depend on how well DK plays for us. VG will be boom of bust, needed CB depth, took a slight gamble on EA but we do and will always need a backup QB, Big WR has been missing for a while, can't go wrong with O line depth. Not Bad
  21. NICE off to a good start in UDFAS as well
  22. My point as well, a 5th wow if he sucks no big deal, if he can play great, lets just see how he does first it's not like the entire Jets fanchise hangs on this pick RELAX!
  23. My first thought on who should go to the pro bowl 1.D Harris 2.D Revis 3.T Richardson 4.N Mangold 5.C Jenkins 6.K Rhodes 7.C Pace (long shot but maybe) And VG for d rookie of the year 12 sacks Whats the rest of the nation think?
  24. 15th time has to be a charm, Brohm may not be anything to write home about either( talk about Chad junior the kids got a list of injuries a mile long) time will tell. The te was needed in this offense more so than a young QB who we would have to groom for 3 years, lets try to win now.
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