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  1. I was under the impression that the only reason Sanchez played well was because the Bills were in fear of what Tebow was going to do when he came in the game....Wasn't that the plan the whole time?????
  2. 2 season tickets SECTION 318 ROW 22 SEATS 9-10 Face Value is $105 per ticket so it would be $2,100 for the pair for 10 games (2 preseason & 8 regular season) Email if interested alugara@gmail.com
  3. They say its for season ticket holders only, but I am sure they would give that offer to anyone who called and was interested
  4. Rich Cimini ‏ @RichCimini Trent Richardson is the No. 1 player on the Jets' draft board, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reported today. #Jets reported by Paolantonio, tweeted by all of the Jets beat writers...If he is there at 16, which isnt going to happen, then ok, but no need to trade up and get rid of much needed picks to help with our depth.
  5. So what you are saying is the Patriots are better at cheating... Seriously though, I don't think any of this matters, I have a feeling none of this is true.
  6. That is pretty funny. With that said.......
  7. After all he has done for your team and to protect Tommy???? At least we agree that Goodell is a self-centered a$$ only looking to show he has the biggest pair of you know whats everytime he makes a disciplinary ruling....
  8. I am a Jets fan, and I will never forget how the NFL allowed the Pats and Bellicheat to steal 3 SuperBowl Championships with very little punishment. How is the Saints' situation worse than what your team did? If Gregg Williams tripped a player running down to cover a kick, I would admit he was as stupid as Sal Alosi
  9. curious to see how the NFL handles this...if it is more of a punishment than the slap on the wrist now lets forget this ever happened that the Patriots got for Spygate then thats BS
  10. Gave up way too much, but the same blogger was acting as "GM" for both teams, so this will never happen Thursday night...
  11. 2 pieces that I took away from it: 1) Tanny admits Vernon was a mistake and he says they have learned from it (we will see) 2) There is no interest in drafting a tackle. Once again he is ok with the guys that we have and looks like we will be going into another season with sub-par line depth.
  12. Clinckscales "1st quality needed at every position is toughness" I guess they let that slide when they traded for Cro
  13. if its as insighful as the call with the media that just ended i dont think there is much to report, other than we do not planning on addressing the Tackle position...
  14. yes it was done on the NYSE floor, someone on twitter said it was a joke by rex, trying to find the tweet
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