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  1. As Garb pointed out, stealing signals is not illegal, recording them with a camera from the field is. Then you have to figure how you get from the tape to practical application of helping you in that game.

    Again, Roger said stealing signals is not the issue, but recording them is. The Phins got a tape of Patriots signals from their local TV station and used them in a game and were not punished. The Patriots recorded, broke the rule and were punished.

    The Saints were, or at the very least Loomis, was listening to conversations between the coaches conversations. That intel can be passed onto the coordinators almost immediately. It can impact the game in almost real time.. Plus, it breaks federal laws.

    So what you are saying is the Patriots are better at cheating... :winking0001:

    Seriously though, I don't think any of this matters, I have a feeling none of this is true.

  2. Because filming hand signals in-game from an illegal area, where everyone in the stands and sidleines could see and do the same is not the same as taping audio of coaches where everyone on the sidelines and stands could not do the same.

    By the way, where is this audio? Anyone hear this audio? I haven't heard any audio. This could be asolute crappola driven by Goodell because he is still pissed at the Sainst for lying to his face. I would not put it past Goodell to be a vengeful, spiteful, petulant child.

    After all he has done for your team and to protect Tommy????

    At least we agree that Goodell is a self-centered a$$ only looking to show he has the biggest pair of you know whats everytime he makes a disciplinary ruling....

  3. Are you sure you a Jets' fan? It is not in the Jets fan DNA to forget anything bad about the Patriots. ;)

    If they are punished, it should be more than the Patriots received.

    While Jets' fan took the Patriots' SPygate inch and ran a mile with it, the Saints' transgression is a lot worse.

    I am a Jets fan, and I will never forget how the NFL allowed the Pats and Bellicheat to steal 3 SuperBowl Championships with very little punishment.

    How is the Saints' situation worse than what your team did?

    If Gregg Williams tripped a player running down to cover a kick, I would admit he was as stupid as Sal Alosi :winking0001:

  4. You all see new jerseys.

    I see that every team sent a stud because they have at least one, and we sent Shonn Greene. Seriously, I see Rice, Suh, Bailey, Wilson, BigBen, Vick, Welker, Red Rocket, Joe Haden... and... oh wait, there's Nate Washington. Whew. Thanks for that Tennessee.

    I think SF sent David Akers...odd choice

  5. Something tells me the Jets might target a WR early in the draft and a first round WR is not out of the question. If they do want to target a WR in round 1 and Floyd and Wriight are gone I think they should trade out of the pick and grab a WR late in the first and a RB in the second. Then use the rest of the draft on LB's and OL. I still think they may sign a training Camp casualty for the O-line but we had a few of them come available last year and the Jets went into the season with depth that was a joke so who knows

    Michale Floyd would be a great weapon for Sanchez, I was more worried about the fact that everytime he builds chemistry with a WR he gets cut, traded, or they let him walk (Braylon, Cotch, etc.)

  6. I really wanted Schottenheimer fired. I thought his pass plays were slow to develop, and that they didn't work well to get receivers open. I thought his play calling was effective maybe once every five or six games. Most of all, I feel he did a terrible job bringing Sanchez along.

    Problem is, Sparano wouldn't've even made my extremely long list of potential replacements - never mind the short list.

    On the plus side, Sparano's QB's have pretty consistently had better comp % and YPA numbers than Sanchez. Interceptions were a big problem with Henne (who Sparano and the Jets saw fit to pass on), but Matt Moore stepped in and had close to a 2:1 TD:int ratio. Good news.

    The bad news, for me, is that Sparano seems to be heralded as the Godfather of the Wildcat. With the Tebow acquisition, and now this giant raw Aussie TE, I'm wondering what the Jets have in mind. They've beefed up the skill positions without beefing up the OL. Like a lot of things the Jets do, the approach to the offense seems scattershot at best.

    If Sparano can improve Sanchez's efficiency while limiting his mistakes, I think this will be a good move overall. But if the whole Jets offense is based on various kinds of trickery behind a rickety OL, I think things will get ugly fast.

    I am in the same boat, I told everyone who would listen that I did not want to pass judgement on Sanchez until I saw him with a new OC becuase I though Schotty was that bad. Now with Tebow here and no improvement to the WR corps I am thinking another bad year for Sanchez with no real opportunity to prove himself.

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  7. I have just purchased season tickets after 40 years of being a Jets fan. I had made inquiries in years past, but I have 3 boys, and never felt comfortable about bringing them to the game with all of the craziness. I brought my boys to their first game last year and we sat in the family section. I received a call on Friday from the Jets, saying they had 4 openings in the family section, (224B) and worked out a payment plan that I could deal with. Very excited. I heard many are giving up their season tickets this year due to the Tim Tebow signing. That makes no sense to me, but what do I know. Maybe I am a sucker, but I have always dreamed of being able to afford season tickets, and this year, it finally worked out. Any suggestions from season ticket holders out there, other than sarcastic remarks?

    Welcome! I am in 227B, great view, but getting out of there is a little bit of a struggle but you learn to deal with it. They didn't think it was a good idea to have an elevator go to the B level of the mezzanine but other than that you should enjoy your seats!

  8. We've got an extra #7 for him. LOL

    I wish we could get him for that little...He is a dynamic player and he proved it when Miami finally started using him correctly at the end of last season...He can fill the void left by LT and basically do the job a lot better.

    Tebow, Wayne Hunter for Reggie.....Sign me up today

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