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  1. Adam Schefter ‏ @AdarnSchefter The Miami #Dolphins are reportedly seaking a trade for Reggie Bush. Watch for the #Patriots, #Packers, or #Seahawks to make a move. and all is right with the world again....GET HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am not able to post the pic, but look at what Rex saw at that bar in Louisiana..its starting already.... http://lastangryfan.com/2012/03/video-rex-ryan-gets-his-first-taste-of-post-trade-tebowing-in-louisiana-bar/
  3. Good thing we got Tebow, Mark Anderson & Mario Williams are going to send Sanchez off on a gurney the first week we play Buffalo
  4. According to Tanny who was just on Boomer & Carton, they are "hitting pause on free agency and focusing on the draft" So I guess he thinks we can fill the rest of our needs through the draft....???
  5. Tanny about more free agent moves - "we are going to hit pause and focus on the draft" Why fill other areas of need, Tebow will just fill the rest of them....what a joke...
  6. Carton - "If you put so much emphasis in the Wildcat, why let Brad Smith walk last year?" - GREAT QUESTION! Tanny basically tip-toed around it speaking to the cap, and allocating money in different places - so you won't pay a WR/KR/Wildcat Player but you will pay an extra $2.5million just to get a chance to pay Tebow's salary????
  7. I would not have agreed with this a few months ago, but it is becoming more and more obvious that he really is just the "glorified accountant" that many people here have called him....
  8. I am very close to doing the same, mainly because I know that the motive behind this is not football related, but driven by $$$$$
  9. Tony Dungy ‏ @TonyDungy We'll see if Tim Tebow can help Rex Ryan with his language? I know he welcomes the challenge! Really???? This guy is unbelievable....
  10. @JayGlazer: Breaking news: Ny Jets have just traded a 4th round pick for Tim Tebow”
  11. Giants win the Superbowl in 2008 - Jets sign Brett Favre = FAIL! Giants win the SuperBowl in 2012 - Jets sign Tim Tebow? Trying to steal the spotlight from the Giants always seems to backfire, the best way to do this is by WINNING!
  12. http://theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/24947/Disgruntled-Dolphins-fans-stage-protest-at-team-headquarters/Default.aspx FIRELAND!!!! -
  13. Was he wearing #21 in one of those clips in the first video? I guess it was to honor Sean Taylor?
  14. I was referring to the price per year being similar, I thought Winston was a steal for that price and could have bolstered our line. Seems like the Jets are ONLY offering 1 year contracts this year though...
  15. I can still see us going safety in the draft, but I hope we don't try to fill the RT spot with a rookie, especially with Mario Williams in the division now. Hunter/Ducasse is not the answer there and I would rather have them find a reliable veteran to fill that void
  16. For what we are paying him I think its a good move, but we still need a safety who is good in coverage. Landry is huge, looks like a LB, and can come up and stop the run, where a guy like Otogwe and Nelson are better in coverage, something our Safeties lacked the last few seasons.
  17. Adam Schefter ‏ @AdamSchefter LaRon Landry reached agreement with the Jets on a one-year, $4 million deal. Sounds like the same amount as the Eric Winston/Chiefs contract...Why did we not sign him to play RT and block Mario Williams....
  18. i guess we got him? Michael Lombardi ‏ @michaelombardi Robert Gallery to the Raiders Laron Landry to the Jets He later corrected himself, Gallery to the pats...
  19. somebody for the guy we draft to compete with? i dont get it
  20. I am one of the rare Jets-Yankees fans out there...I like this signing...Yankees doing more this spring then the Jets so far...
  21. Does this mean they know they have the inside track to getting Reggie Wayne, which leads to them getting Manning???? I hope not
  22. I agree, he ruined Leon Washington's career
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