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  1. We will see about jenkins...injuries and weight problems the last few years!?!?!?
  2. If the picks are conditional then they can be any of the above...if he plays a lot of games next year we get a better pick...thats why its conditional
  3. espn.com (John Clayton) and foxsports.com (Jay Glazer)...both are saying it is still a 3 team race, but the Jets are the clear favorite...and yes they have already discussed numbers with him!
  4. If Mangini just came in and adjusted himself to the 4-3 instead of trying to get his whole defense (especially the front 8) to adjust to the 3-4 all of this could have been avoided.
  5. Supposedly he wants to meet with a few teams starting sunday (Jets, 49ers, Cardinals)...But the Cardinals may pull out because they do not have enough money to pay him and Larry Fitzgerald...And according to a 49ers source they feel like the Jets are the front runners....lets hope this is true!
  6. why couldn't they get at least a pick this year for Vilma and a conditional next year. It seems like we pretty much gave away a good young player!
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