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  1. I think he has to go, especially the way Haley has no problem going toe-to-toe with players on the sideline, during games. He did it with Boldin in Arizona during a playoff game and I am pretty sure him and Cassel went at it earlier this season.
  2. everyone knows, real jets fan hate schotty!
  3. NO I hear Freeman likes to play with guns, this would not be a good combo if we re-sign Plax.... http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2011/11/29/2597137/josh-freeman-injury-shooting-range-tampa-bay-buccaneers
  4. Did anyone else go to the game? We had seats in the 200 sections which is the lower level but under the overhang, it felt as though you were concealed from the rest of the stadium and any ball in the air (passes, punts, field goals, etc.) you couldn't see because the overhang is so low. Poor stadium design, but at least we got the W...
  5. i thought it was a shot at him when i first read it also, but when i read it again i think i realized what he meant to say, i think.....
  6. The one thing you cannot teach is arm strength and that is the only thing Chad lacked in...Bring him in!
  7. Rex said in his book he did not want to take Lewis because he felt like he belonged in Baltimore and that was his team.
  8. youth at the qb position is a big deal, i am a rutgers fan so i know what this is like over the last few years.
  9. I think Brees was ok under Schotty, but became great when he got away from him...A lot of credit to Sean Payton and his offense, but something worth pointing out.
  10. me too, i think there will be a lot of green...probably cheaper for jets fans to buy tickets and spend a day in dc then to go to a home game
  11. I agree with you there, most RBs make their numbers under their first contract then slowly fizzle out. It is a shame but that position takes such a pounding. With the way offenses are run now its almost as though you would rather have 2 above average backs as opposed to 1 premeire back.
  12. why not give him credit when the running game carried us the last 2 seasons and he was in charge of coordinating that aspect of our offense? i can be labled a 'schotty-hater' so this view might seem biased, but i really think we have the same ability to run the ball but his playcalling does not give us the opportunity to do so. watching the game this past weekend there were holes that any of us would be able to run through, but of course as soon as we establish the run, schotty want to turn into 'air coryell'
  13. Florida's offense is struggling, but its only year 1 in that system. Also, I am sure there is some sort of post-Tebow religious voodoo on that offense... College aside, as an NFL OC Weis always had top rated offenses...When he got to KC they averaged 120 yards/game rushing, when he took over in 2010 they averaged 165 yards/game...<- Ground & Pound
  14. Callahan has developed Mangold into one of the best offensive lineman in football and this has been the only year that the line truly struggled under Callahan. Most of that can be attributed to a bad job by the front office in not finding a legitimate replacement for Mangold when he went down and betting that Wayne Hunter, a career back-up, would be able to contribute as a starter. I have less of a defense for Lynn, we did have a top-level rushing attack for 2 seasons under him. Other than that, I like his energy on the sideline and from what I saw on hard knocks, he seems like the type of guy you need around a football team.
  15. Schotty and Cavanaugh yes, but I think there are some good coaches there in particular Anthony Lynn and Callahan
  16. that had a lot to do it, but one thing is for sure, he can run an offense...his only season in KC he had their offense playing well and they were a playoff team
  17. If he turns into Brandon Jacobs, we are in trouble. He ran great for 1 season, now, since his body takes such a pounding when he runs, he tip-toes through the wholes. Greene is not at that point yet and hopefully he never will be. I do not see them drafting another RB #1, but there are a lot of backs whose contracts are up at the end of this season (Matt Forte, Arian Foster, Ray Rice...) who I would like to see them go after.
  18. I was surprised they went with announcing the starting O and building up to Sanchez last knowing all the criticism he has been getting it was going to be a mixed reaction from the fans. Unless Rex wanted him to hear the boos to motivate him even more....
  19. Is there video of this anywhere? I have been looking for it and cannot find it...
  20. Bill Callahan or lure Charlie Weiss away from college (great coordinator terrible HC)
  21. did not notice that, but i did notice he did not celebrate with his teammates in the endzone or wait to congratulate them on the sideline like he normally does...after each td yesterday he ran right to the bench, took off his helmet and sat down with Matt Cavanaugh
  22. I am not sure what he was doing on that play, I noticed he backed off about 7-8 yards away from Johnson when the bills were close to the goal line, no reason to give that much space down there especially when they are killing you with slants all day
  23. JetsFan220


    he played great yesterday and is becoming a fan favorite...the "Poooouuuhaaaaa" chant starts everyime he makes a play!
  24. I will be there...anybody know how far the walk is from the non-permit parking lot? and can you tailgate in those?
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