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  1. I think Sparano is definitely gone after this season, no matter how much the owners back him now...Could you imagine if they hired Rob, I don't think I could deal with Rex vs Rob 2x a year This is not to much of a stretch because Rob has done a great job with the Cleveland and Dallas' defenses over the last few seasons, so although it is unlikely, I guess anything can happen.....
  2. its all good, i get bad teams confused all the time too...the way i remember it is that the chiefs have 2 wins, the rams only have 0......
  3. I can see them using McKnight more and more at wideout, so this pick up will probably not do anything for us
  4. I was at the game so did not see the telecast, but the next day a co-worker said that Gruden talked about that for almost a whole quarter...I have always liked Gruden on MNF, maybe he had an off game
  5. There has only been 2 classes and it looks like the ring of honor is filled on both sides of the stadium, they must be planning to start using the endzones now
  6. I went to the game last night with my uncle, who unfortunately is a Dolphins fan, and after the Revis pick we both agreed that you know you are a bad team when you should have been up 14-0, but instead you are down 7-3
  7. I noticed last year that Ellis did a great job helping stop the run to the outside, so i think him leaving has a lot to do with us having trouble with that this season Last night there were a few times that a Miami back would cut back and get to the outside for a big gain, when Ellis was here he would stay at home on the outside and prevent that
  8. they must really think they have a team to win now, but that is still a lot to give up....
  9. This might belong in the newest fire Schotty thread that will get started some time this morning, but I agree with you. The games that Sanchez plays well in, he is able to get into a rhythm early with short passes. But the play that pissed me off the most was that halfback throw back attempt by LT intended for Sanchez. You are having trouble running your basic offense, its no time for trick plays...
  10. I agree, I was very impressed with him tonight, its going to be interesting to see what they do if Ropati is ready to go next week
  11. In the post-game interviews Sanchez kept saying how important and unselfish the Plax block was, it almost seems like Rex coached him to keep pounding that point home since Plax did not make an impact catching the ball. Being at the game I could not see it close up, but after the Holmes TD he went right to the bench and sat by himself while the rest of the sideline celebrated. This TD came right after one of his drops so he could have been mad at himself.
  12. Yea they raised both sections back up to what they were selling for originally...I do not remember them being offered at $2,500 a PSL, I would have jumped on that because I like the view from the lower level endzone
  13. When did you purchase your tickets? Because that was the same price I paid for mezzanine endzone and when I purchased my tickets lower endzone was $4,000 a seat.
  14. Most of the NFL schedule for that week is on x-mas eve to avoid a full slate on christmas day
  15. As much as they try to sell it to you as an investment you cannot look at it that way because it isn't....It is an added cost to purchase the tickets that you want, that is at least how I look at (or rationalize it to myself).....
  16. I watched one game from the upper deck in the new stadium and will never again....I could see the rivets on planes that were flying over us
  17. i loved him in undervocer brother
  18. I agree, once I heard he gave Flacco trouble during his rookie season I knew this was not going to work....
  19. I thought there was no conversation? Unless he is talking about something different?
  20. i agree with you. dixon and tevaseau over ellis at this point in the year would create panic
  21. he did get up slow on a few plays last week, but rex said he is going to play
  22. the infamous schotty play where everyone goes in motion at some point during the pre-snap, then we take a delay of game, :10 second run-off, game over!
  23. He played in the playoffs for us last year, so there is something that the coaches like about him
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