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  1. finally a big move along the defensive line to help stop the run....... if anything this will at least give guys a chance to rotate in and out of the game more often and keep them fresh.
  2. Just checked my Jets account online and it was there, but I usually get an email telling me to go pay it or get a copy in the mail...weird
  3. I got an email from them months ago about it, but never actually received an invoice, maybe it came in the mail today
  4. Really? I thought he still had some left in the tank...Its not like a running back where he has to be a certain speed or be able to make elusive cuts, he just had to run straight ahead and hit the first thing that he saw....A lot of teams use o-lineman as fullbacks, so you know they do not have to be great athletes.
  5. JennyVrentas Jenny Vrentas Jets sideline cameraman within NFL rules: Also, former Miami FB Lousaka Polite visiting Jets per report http://bit.ly/nRzFXG
  6. http://theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/20854/Source--Jets-working-out-FB-Lousaka-Polite/Default.aspx Is this just to bring in a guy who knows the Dolphin's offense, if we are looking to bring in a FB bring back Tony
  7. I was hoping this meant Sanchez would experience an electric shock each time he made a bad read...
  8. i never understood this, how can a play not be called a penalty on the field, but a week later be considered so illegal it warrants a fine...if we had lost by 7 this would have been a bigger story.
  9. Does that mean we are going to lose to a Matt Moore led offense next monday night....and no Hank Williams Jr. song.....
  10. I remember him saying something like this too...basically this was a band-aid deal and that he would hold out again when the time came.
  11. The thing that bothered me the most about listening to him Monday, was that he called the Giants victory "A good come from behind win"....If the Jets won that way, on a blown call, he would be going off
  12. I was saying the same thing, then he had a great game against JAX (then again, who on this defense didn't play well against them) so I tried to give him another chance....back to my original thought....Bring in Pool!
  13. Scott's increased production might be why Harris' numbers are down, maybe Harris is taking on Scott's old role of occupying blockers and freeing up space for other defenders
  14. I actually think Calvin Pace is playing really well, glad to see him play for a full season (hopefully)
  15. blocking in general, there were a few plays already this season where he was just standing at the line watching while the guy he was supposed to be blocking stepped up and made the tackle...had to become a better blocker
  16. I know O'Hara visited Miami and left without an offer...that was the last I head of him and that was in August
  17. Haloti Ngata is going to destroy Colin Baxter....
  18. Nevermind, I guess he will not be ready for Baltimore.... @TheJetsStream Manish Mehta Here's some sobering news re: Mangold's injury. I'm told "it could be awhile" before he returns. Likely out minimum 2-3 weeks. #nyj
  19. i would much rather see him 100% with Balt and NE coming up, I think we can get by with Baxter at center against Oak, lets just hope he doesn't get Sanchez killed
  20. @TheJetsStream Manish Mehta I've also been told that there's no chance Nick Mangold plays vs Raiders. He's out. MRI didn't reveal any ligament damage. #nyj
  21. http://theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/20240/MRI-confirms-high-ankle-sprain-for-Mangold/Default.aspx Pretty much what was expected, these are tricky and recovery time is basically based on how much pain the player can take.....
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