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  1. I hope not, Vlad looks lost out there....I know there are high on him, and maybe one day he will be a starter, but if it is the same Vlad we saw this pre-season, no thanks....
  2. I thought it was very loud and I also felt the place moving...not sure if it was the fans or just a bad team, but dallas had a number of false starts and delay of games
  3. One of the few games we did a good job of it, and this was mostly because Brady was running for his life the majority of the game....
  4. LOL...its amazing we still can't cover tight ends even after we struggled with it last season and went out this offseason and brought in players to fix the problem...o wait, we didn't...
  5. trying to blame Rex is a joke, can't wait for Goodell to step in since he cannot seem to stay out of anything....
  6. week 1 after a shortened pre-season against a decent front 8, I think its too early to say this
  7. I noticed that...wasn't sure if it was a misscommunication by the Jets staff or if the Cowboys just wanted to steal some of the cheers the Jets were getting
  8. It seemed like he took a backseat for most of the 4th quarter...It was probably because we were coming from behind and Tomlinson is better catching the ball out of the backfield.
  9. I went in the Verizon gate at around 7:15 and there was a small line, nothing crazy. I did hear a lot of people in my section who came in later complaining about long lines at the gates, but that will happen when you decide to head in last minute. You are lower level so your exit is probably a lot easier, leaving from the mezz you hit a log-jam as people from the lower level start pouring out onto the ramps. If I had the chance I would chage my seats to lower level endzone, which is the same ticket price/psl as what I pay for now in the mezz
  10. I am not the biggest fan of the new stadium, especially trying to get out of it after a game, but I cannot knock them for being overly secure at yesterdays game. So I had to wait a little longer to get in the lot or the guards patting your down at the gates were a little more 'friendly' than usual. If that is what it takes to keep it safe, its well worth it.
  11. I agree 100% he looked lost out there...on those sacks he gave up it looked like he was barely able to get a hand on the d-end and watching him try to set up a screen was like watching a chicken run around with its head cut off
  12. I honestly thought that the BB in the background was a joke making fun of Bill Bellicheat filming our practices...didn't realize it was the company's logo who provided this footage....
  13. Definitely, I did your Thanksgiving tailgate last year and it was awesome! Have you released your schedule/prices yet?
  14. I am going to this game but do not need a whole travel package...are there any ways to buy just tickets only through the Jets or another company so that we sit with other Jets fans?
  15. I went to Rutgers and had classes with some athletes who dealt with this kid and they said he was a prick and came off as being very spoiled...apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.....I hope he doesn't make the team
  16. He doesn't have to sign anything until Friday to make it official, maybe by then things will be different....
  17. Yes, they are in the worse possible spot...but they are also interest in Aso... http://espn.go.com/dallas/video/clip?id=6802980
  18. wow...that is great to hear coming straight from him!
  19. I got one, along with a personalized talking birthday card from Rex at the end of last week, nice touch!
  20. I think there is a better chance he wants to stay because he likes playing for Rex as opposed to playing with Sanchez...
  21. works for me..I have to work Sunday afternoons so at least I can make it if this is true...
  22. I paid my 50%, but was not invoiced for my yearly PSL payment, but I think that happens later in the summer?
  23. I think he is good to have around, who knows when another team is going to challenge you at working out????
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