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  1. Going to miss Tony, he was a great guy. When I went to training camp a few years ago he was the only player to stick around and sign for every fan who wanted an autograph. I can see him on SNY someday.
  2. im not sure on this but i remember asking this question to a rep who called once and they said they are only allowed to raise ticket prices 3% - 5% each year
  3. Great move...he will be our next OC
  4. thats how it is with most unions, the reps who makes the big bucks are the ones who make things difficult
  5. pass...well i guess with ricky it would be puff-puff PASS
  6. I think Weatherford had a good regular season, just a rough post-season, maybe his heartbeat was off again?
  7. I think both will be willing to take a pay cut to play here. Edwards came out publicly earlier in the year and said he loves being a Jet and being in NY and will do what it takes to remain here. My only concern with Edwards was that it was a contract year, I hope the drops don't come back after he signs a new deal.
  8. Imagine trying to stop him as a drunk college-age female....
  9. I think the only reason this was open was due to the cornerback falling down at the beginning of the play. I think it was supposed to be a shorter route but Holmes switched it up when he saw Ike Taylor on the ground.
  10. I would like one of these also. I think the Giants o-line put together a clothing line during their SuperBowl run in 2000
  11. He has hated on them this whole post season...he has no business working the pre/post game show hes a fat a$$ giants fan with a bad hairdo I went by the 1050 setup outside the new stadium, he sits there with Greg Buttle smoking a cigar while on the air very douchey
  12. Brady has ongoing foot injury? http://theredzone.org/BlogDescription/tabid/61/EntryId/14339/Sources--Brady-s-foot-fracture-a-chronic-condition/Default.aspx
  13. i dont get why he keeps getting big games, he is one of the worst
  14. interesting, he always looked/acted like a douche on the field, but i didnt realize he was like that behind the scenes as well ignoring John Lynch and Elway is ballsy
  15. 'tell me again where it hurts?"
  16. When the players first left the tunnel did anyone else see Bart take a pink sign from a fan, rip it up, then stomp on it? He was not in direct camera view, but you could see it.
  17. Nantz called that game like he was trying to reserve a spot under Brady's podium post-game. I never noticed it until last night, but he is a PatsBacker
  18. my bad it wouldnt all fit. i am on it now, its pretty interesting
  19. starts at 330pm call 1-877-229-8493 id code = 15777 if anyone is interested on listening in
  20. Just got an email saying season ticket holders can call up and listen in on a conference call with Nick and Sione..anyone else get this?
  21. A few friends and I are looking into Washington because they think tickets will be easier to come by. Not sure how the fans are, but I am sure there are a handful of a-holes that are going to try and cause trouble, just like anywhere else
  22. http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978710709
  23. I also saw this last night...it shows that all coaches have an inner rex, he is just the only one man enough to let it out
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