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  1. So Patsie shill hates the Jets, news at 11. He also forget the ass kicking we gave, Dak 38 million per is not enough for me Prescott.
  2. It’s does appear to be most of your shtick. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my nationality very much in my 11000 plus posts. Although we all can’t be as smart as your good self. I’m looking forward to the season, to watch Sam Darnold become the best QB in the AFCE.
  3. So his contract extension is a bargain at 16mill per 😁
  4. I’m English, the “U” is silent, Unlike your Sam hatred 😁
  5. Pretty much, 14’s Darnold derangement syndrome colours everything, he perceives.
  6. Well basically replaced, since it was the worse Oline I’d ever seen.
  7. The way he hammers that football he reminds me of Shane Lechler just 50 pounds lighter.
  8. I see Cashman on the practice squad, or cut. I like him, I just feel his shoulders are fooked.
  9. Agreed, interesting we drafted a young back, and signed Frank Gore. If Bell stinks the place up with is slow jogging through the line sh*t, the other two will take his job.
  10. Never heard this before, Show me, I have very low tolerance to 1st round Defensives tackles drafted by the Jets. ******* show me!
  11. I’m yet to be convinced, he won’t have any excuses this season with the revamped Oline. He’s playing for his career.

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