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  1. Is this Chris Johnson’s burner account?
  2. I think it’s funny that Chris Johnson looks worse everyday after his Genius B.S from last week. What a ******* Baffoon.
  3. Joe’s a prick, but he’s not wrong. It’s funny it’s like ashow that’s been produced by half the JN’s board.
  4. Well this as aged well, who’d of thunk, SAR1’s super optimistic evaluation of the 2020 NY Jets was massively overrated?
  5. Your right, we were even more competitive in the losses in 1996. We lost 3 games by 3 points, and 3 games by a TD or less. Do you see the 2020 Jets being that competitive?
  6. Yes, look at the Kotite games, we lost games by 3 points or less, on four occasions, and actually Won three games, we where at least competitive. This year we are getting our doors blown off against teams with no QB, no receivers and their best players out. God knows the score against K.C.
  7. Yes I called in on the game thread, this guy is terrible.
  8. Gase needs to go, the season is over, so I’d like us to evaluate him with a different approach for the rest of the year. I’d say Gase gets fired by the Arizona game in week 5. Then let’s see what we got with someone who will play to his strengths.
  9. So reality has kicked in, good it seems for once the whole fan base is together on this. Gase as to go and soon. The first two weeks have been some of the worst football I’ve seen, both in effort, game planning. They are mailing it in already. The pressure will only increase as the doors get blown off in Indy next weekend.
  10. Gase gotta go, funny The Bills HC would have been ours, but the Johnson’s listened to Manish Mehta.

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