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  1. If Wilson can play, no one will give a fook about his Maga Mom’s tweets.
  2. All good, I’m heading up to Sterling on Wednesday and Braemar on Thursday.
  3. It’s would have haggis and not white pudding but looks a fair attempt.
  4. Urban Mayer is going to such a success in Jacksonville. I give Him 2 years.
  5. I hope so, we finally seem to have a GM and proper NFL head coach. A Man destined to coach this team. He’s connected to the City with what happened with 911 and not scared to take on New York.
  6. Yes I was there, with random NFL fans in Tom Brady jerseys. They wanted to see a game. They didn’t care which team. A strange event. I’d go again just to see the Jets play live.
  7. I know MacCoffee had some bad contracts, but this one is just awful. I'm glad we have some credible NFL leval people running the show now.
  8. Lets see how he plays as a 4-3 Mike. He doesn’t strike me as a sideline to sideline Linebacker. If he can’t play, it it’s his last year in NY. Plus I’d be happy to see the end of the Mike Maccagnan stench of players he brought in.
  9. Agreed, one wonder if Helen of Troy is stalking the Panthers forums. Telling them how good Sam is?
  10. He’s already jealous of Quinnen Williams foot injury
  11. Agreed and every “Star player” on those PR pictures, aren’t on the Jets Roster any more.
  12. If AVT can play guard to a Pro-Bowl level no one will give a **** about the 3rd rounders.
  13. What’s that the black hat Derby
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