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  1. BurnleyJet

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    Bonner pants at the ready..
  2. To me Sam has something about him. He seem to learn at a different rate to others we've had. He also seem built for a guy just turned 21, he just looks bigger than a lot of young QB's. I think we are going to be very happy that he's our QB.
  3. Fair points on Glennon. I think Baker will be good, just a loose cannon. Sam is made for the NY media. I think both teams got a good QB.
  4. Well you did endorse the giraffe for a while so.
  5. BurnleyJet

    Bucky Brooks AFC Preseason Grades - Week 1

    You have to understand we've been used to garbage for decades. It's not normal for us to have even average QB play. I think a lot is us are having to adjust, it's a shock to the system (In a good way).
  6. BurnleyJet

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Williams is a nice player. He's not a pass rusher. He's a versatile 3-4 End, that can play DT also. He was not worth #6 over all. We should have drafted Vic Beasley. Especially having Wilkerson and Richardson on the books at the time.
  7. I think within 2 years there will be no debate. Sam's the Man.
  8. Never give your friends a job #KaceyRogers
  9. BurnleyJet

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    As an early second round pick, the kids made a small Lotto win out of being terrible. It shows how poor NFL QB play is that he keeps getting signed. He just doesn't have the stuff to make it. Sorry but I'm on the Sam train and I'm just not bothered about these loser QB's any more.
  10. Jets fan base so woke we have trans fans too..
  11. BurnleyJet

    Case for Teddy?

    I just hope we get a high draft pick for him.
  12. BurnleyJet

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    I still can't believe the Browns and the Giants was stupid enough to pass on Darnold. I think he's going to be very special. Written in the Stars.
  13. BurnleyJet

    It's like Christmas Eve

    Jets fans excited by a Pre-season game. #AlternateUniverse.