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  1. Let’s be honest, if Darnold was drafted by the Ravens I think he’d look amazing. How good would Jackson look playing for Adam Gase’s Jets? Get him a line, and some weapons on 2020!
  2. Taking the bias out Jamal Adams has been playing at an All-Pro level. Clearly MVP.
  3. He’s on my sh*t list until he can show he can make NFL level moves. So far he’s whiffed badly on pretty much all his decisions. The Q thing is nuts, anyone comes with anything like a first he should be a goner.
  4. No, I mean in context, I don’t think they get punished, ie it’s going to be tough to get them punished.
  5. Tough to see the Pats getting punished. Its time the league moved on from them as their favourite team. Their product is being damaged by them and the cheating.
  6. Well we will need a Running back next year, when Gase forces Bell out the door.
  7. Oh I don’t know, try not giving him the ball. Then the game after force feed Powell the ball, to prove he’s not needed. Bell was so ill, he went bowling with flu. I’ve had flu you can’t walk. He’s been vocal about not wanting him, and he’s not used him properly since he’s been here. Gase’s plan is very obvious.
  8. Built a solid roster, fill the key positions. QB, Edge, LT, Corner, Receiver. It’s why Maccagnan fell on his ass. He had no Idea LT, Corner, Edge, is worth more than an ILB, D.T and Safety.
  9. At this point he knows he’s gone, so why not make Gase look like a dick.

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