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  1. I used to be naive, and thought Woody was incompetent, boy did Christopher adjust my expectations.
  2. Gase was shocking, but I take your point about GM.
  3. Horrible signing, like many I want him gone. I just don’t think it’s possible in 2021. If we move to a 4-3 he just isn’t a Mike Linebacker in that scheme.
  4. So is it the Head Coach, or the Quarterback. I think that’s been answered.
  5. The Perine I didn’t like, one thing you don’t need is a pedestrian Running back. He’s to slow, and I can see him out or kept as a specials player. When I look at the 49ers, I can see very fast running back who can break a big run. I don’t see that in Perine. Ty Johnson looks quick and can catch a ball too, he’s a keeper.
  6. More like he had to much of “the real thing”. I wonder what the clue was from the get go that he’s wasn’t going to be good🤔
  7. The full clip is great, I wonder who he posts as on JN.. 🤔
  8. How un-Jetsy if we could turn Jamal Adams into D Jackson..
  9. Well we need someone to fleece a 2nd from for Duh-arnold!
  10. Kanas looked mortal without Mahomes, hands down the best QB in football.

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