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  1. BurnleyJet

    Sam Is Mic’d Up On Showtime Tonight

    Music to my ears.
  2. BurnleyJet

    Sam Is Mic’d Up On Showtime Tonight

    Somehow I think I'm going to enjoy watching Sam Darnold for the next few years.
  3. BurnleyJet

    Speaking of classless...

    Nailed it, what about provocation. At events with passions running high. It's a bit of beer, millionaire wide receiver diva has hissy fit. Wants to sue 21 year old, get outta town.
  4. BurnleyJet

    This is 100% Sick

    No it's the Raiders owner Mark Davis, and I think Lloyd from dumb and dumber is smarter.
  5. The Giants draft top 3 again, and next season they draft a QB. Eli is done!
  6. BurnleyJet

    This is 100% Sick

    Gruden is aweful, he's dismantling the Raiders at a incredible pace. Trade the best Pass Rusher in the NFL (Check) Regress Derek Carr to terrible (Check) Run an outdated scheme (Check) Alienate your player (Check) That ten year stupid contract, will keep him there just long enough to totally make them the new Browns.
  7. BurnleyJet

    classless cousins

    I'm so happy we have Sam over a 30 year old QB, with much less upside than Darnold. A young franchise QB makes it all better, watch all the Top Free Agents clamour to sign for the Jets, over the next couple of years.
  8. BurnleyJet

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    It's just a man crush 😎
  9. I'd sooner have Sam. Houston's also got a fit JJ Watt, Imagine him on our D!
  10. BurnleyJet

    Jets Colts Game Balls

    His sneaker collection 😎
  11. I'm with you the BPA as limitations. It does not take into account that some positions have a higher levy like QB, LT, Edge. I'd reach more on them than an ILB, Safety, or DT. That said he did not pick BPA this year he went QB. There was higher rated players than Sam on the board, but We needed a QB. Hopefully he's going LT, Edge 1st this year. Sam needs weapons and a better line.
  12. We need a ligit Edge rusher to complete this Unit. I think it will transform the defence. The opposition QB's have to much time. That said Adams has been very good, and Lee's coverage and zone skills are much improved. He's not an MLB though. Leo's started to come back, he was injured and aweful last year and was starting to look a little bust like to me. He's much improved this year, Jets look to resign him in the off season? He's not a Mo Wilkerson douche. He's a top quality guy off the field.
  13. I'd sooner have Alvin Kamara on a trade up. We picked who we did. Mac's going to have to hit more with the middle round picks.
  14. To think we Could have paid Kirk Cousins 34 mill per. A QB who's Nine years older than Sam!!!!
  15. BurnleyJet


    It's looks like the hog roast is off. The pig 🐷 isn't ripe again. Guess we wait till Brady is gone, or Sam has a couple more years of seasoning and more weapons.

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