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  1. BurnleyJet

    Caption this photo

    "killer tats.."
  2. BurnleyJet

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    Mmm wonder if he's been on the crusher diet?
  3. This is the guy we should be targeting. A slot supremo not a bust.
  4. Unfortunately it directly corresponds to poor drafting. You don't have any of your own stars to resign. So you over pay other teams trash.
  5. BurnleyJet

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    I clicked on the thread to read about Fat Lev Bell. Instead I got T0m Shane outting Joe Willy and some thing called yogurt finger..
  6. BurnleyJet

    Wesley Walker ~ ~ ~    

    I loved the Walker, Toon, Shuler receiving line up of the mid 80's.
  7. When did he make this? - He clearly missed the Todd Bowles lead Jets team. Other wise the first 30 mins would be all Jets.
  8. BurnleyJet

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    Anyone who thinks Haskins and Murray will fall need their bumps felt. There are to many QB needy teams, plus the success of last years crop makes those teams even more desperate. Three is the perfect spot, if some team moves into the top two, to get their guy then we may get a Bosa. Since it's cheaper to trade up to 3 it's the better spot for the trade up. Either way I believe we are sitting pretty.
  9. BurnleyJet

    jets staying with 3-4

    Mmm I'd say he's looked at it, and it's to much to do in one off season to transfer into 4-3. I expect to see us move to 4-3 by 2020. I also think it may be the end for Darron Lee, he's not a great scheme fit for a 3-4. I also think there will plenty of 46 and 4/5 men fronts.
  10. BurnleyJet

    Pierre-Louis Jets DECLINE option Tuesday

    Street level Jags, like I'm bothered. A few guys in the AAF look better.
  11. It helped Allen that he had the second best D in the NFL, behind Baltimore. No way Allen had a better year. I'm glad we have Darnold and I would not swap. After the injury/benching, Sam came back a different player.
  12. BurnleyJet

    Jets Decline Brooks Option

    It's seems like Gase and Williams aren't impressed by the level of players Macc has here. They are molding the team how they want. It's very anti Bowles like movement. Since for me who been cut so far, a street Jag could replace. Call me when someone of significance is cut.
  13. BurnleyJet

    Mike Pennel Released

    Welcome, and clearly not a beast or he'd be still on the roster at 1.6 mill.

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