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  1. BurnleyJet

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    Really it’s about Sam Darnold, if he takes the leap and becomes a Franchise QB. These predictions are worthless.
  2. He’s an OLB for sure, just a 4-3 WLB. In that scheme they Cover and add run support. They don’t really rush the passer. The classic 4-3 DE does that. Lee was a bad pick, a miscast 4-3 OLB, forced to play 3-4 ILB. More Macc and Bowles magic..
  3. BurnleyJet

    NY Jets Schedule Announced

    Brutal, I think 7 wins is min for GM and even HC to survive.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001026933/article/mosley-adam-gase-joined-jets-to-take-down-patriots Lets Hope.. Adam Gase switched jobs but stayed in the AFC East, home of the greatest dynasty in modern NFL history. The new Jets coach did so with one goal in mind: Knock off the New England Patriots. "He's going for that one team that's been winning every single year in the division," new linebacker C.J. Mosley said Wednesday, via the New York Daily News. "He said that's one of the main reasons he came here. We all believe that. And the guys that are the new additions to the team ... we're pretty much here for the same reason. We know what team's been up top for a long time. We feel we have the tools, the players and the game-plan to get that done." Many Jets coaches have tried. Most failed miserably. As Sam Darnold said last week, the Patriots and Tom Brady have dominated the division the majority of his life. Bill Belichick's squad has won 15 of the past 16 AFC East titles, including 10 straight. The last time the Jets finished ahead of the Pats in the division was 2002. Gang Green has lost six straight games to the Patriots, dating back to Week 16, 2015 -- Todd Bowles' only victory over New England. Gase spent the past three seasons in Miami, where he went 2-4 against the Patriots, with both victories coming at home. The schedule release on Wednesday revealed that the Jets will face the Patriots twice in the first half of the season (Week 3, Week 7). If ever there is a good time to face the Pats, historically it's at the beginning of the season, before Belichick works out all the kinks in his steamroller. The new coach and new players know that to get where they want to go, they must finally overcome Belichick and Brady. "He came here to win," Mosley said of Gase. "At the end of the day, history shows who we have to beat to get to that top spot. Not overlooking anybody else in the division definitely or anybody else on our schedule, but we know if you want to get to where we got to be, we know what chair we got to knock off." Knocking off the Patriots might be the main goal, but we're confident Gase would enjoy beating up on his former team in Miami this season as well.
  5. Six rings is good, but they have to live in Bean town..
  6. Tua isn’t all, But Miami are in full Tankathon mode.
  7. BurnleyJet

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    Some of those trade ideas are right up there with the 2005 trade for Doug Jolley. Our first for him, plus the Raiders 2nd netting us Mike Nugent and Justin Miller 🤪
  8. If a trade down happens they pick oline. If the stay put they will pick Edge. I the the situation is fluid, The Cards choice will govern a lot of what happens.
  9. Just like Villain, I seen this movie before. I cant see any change until Brady hangs them up. We need to get a whole lot better, and I mean a “WHOLE LOT BETTER!”
  10. Is it going to be BJJ or BJ 😁
  11. BurnleyJet

    Bosa scares me

    I don’t see him fall past the 9ers. They seem to love him.
  12. BurnleyJet

    Happy Birthday, SLATS

    Happy Birthday @slats Can’t wait for your “War and Peace” length response to this thread 😁
  13. The Idzik Shill T0m Shane hard at work I see 😎
  14. BurnleyJet



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