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  1. Since we've had virtually no one to play TE at any level for this team, for what seems like decades, ASJ has been a very nice surprise. He's not Gronk or Tony G, but he's Big, he can catch, and block some. Tight Ends dont command big money contracts. He's 24 let's lock him up. It's one less gap to fill in the off season.
  2. Yeah but we're all set at Safety now Your right of course, the problem is Macc's painted himself into a corner and Must draft a QB next off season. Every one knows the Jets want one and the price for moving up will be heavy. Unfortunatly for the Jets The Browns and Giants sit 1 & 2 in the draft. Neither of these teams will trade down. If Darnold and Rosen both declare. So it's Allen, Mayfield, or Jackson really. I'm hoping we loose out so we don't have to trade up to pick one of them. Not ideal, but hopefully one we pick can at least play at NFL starter level, which will be a novelty being a Jets fan.
  3. DT.. Steve McLendon ~ ~ ~

    Genius, play smarter. Lots of penalties, is from poor discipline, breed from poor coaching. Go figure!
  4. A real QB changes everything, they cover up so many gaps. So far Macc is 0-2 at Drafting a QB. He's not stupid he knows he gets another strike next year. If it's 0-3 he's gone. Plus they will get zero time. I think he will be under preasure to play him right away.
  5. Breer On Josh Allen

    Yes you will see the smarmy douchebagginess, when he's being interviewed post game with "his fav reciever" OBJ..
  6. Anyone Drafting in the top two will not trade Rosen or Darnold for any price. It's who's the next tier. It's got to be Baker Mayfield for the Jets, anything else for me is a fail. Even if we have to move up, he's got to be a Jet al ALL COSTS!
  7. Wow Counting QB hits now, its like almost an interception, or almost a TD catch. Just classic fluff.
  8. Calvin Pryor ~ ~ ~

    Wow why Necro this POS. it did make me laugh reading all the "Break out year" BS though. What an awful, awful pick.
  9. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Yes he sells protein shakes to the Pats, with his TB12 company for only $38,000 per serving
  10. Very high on my re-sign wish list, he's still young, and he can play. This must happen, he looks to have turned things around in his life.
  11. Breer On Josh Allen

    Baker Mayfield says hello.