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  1. What if we re-animate Bill Walsh and Vince Lombardi... At this point being a Jets fan, my expectations are so low that a semi competent Head Coach will do.
  2. BurnleyJet

    Darnold With An Amazing PFF Grade

    Brett Favre, Sam's a gun slinger just like Brett. Your right, plenty of picks, plenty more TD's.
  3. Todd's 3D chess, Belichick would take away your best player, and make you beat them another way. Bowles "what if I don't double Hopkins that will confuse them.."
  4. BurnleyJet

    Bell or draft?

    Would you like to pay an underperforming 3-4 DE 14 mill per. Or pay an impactful Offensive weapon around the same money?
  5. BurnleyJet

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    Yes. Leo is a none factor, he never beats double teams, loafs about. He's Wilkerson lite. That's not worth 14 mill per. Unless I live in an alternative Universe, where run stuffing 3-4 DE's should be paid Edge rusher money. Oh yes I do, I'm a Jets fan, they paid Wilkerson. Let's not make the same mistake again.
  6. BurnleyJet

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    Highly skewed by the first few weeks of the year. He looked a whole lot better than Lee, doing the dirty work and tackling well. He looked a lot better than Lee to me. I want to see more of him.
  7. BurnleyJet

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    How much better did Hewit look than Lee at ILB? Lee Kearse Williams Carpenter Crowell Skrine
  8. BurnleyJet

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    Because he's been massively out played by Henry Anderson who we got for a 7th round pick. His 5 year option costs around 14 million dollars. He's starting to loaf off, and put in minimal effort. He's a 3-4 End that gets 3 sacks per year. If I get offered a 2nd rounder I'm bitting their hand off.
  9. BurnleyJet

    Notes and an article

    I'd move Heimerdinger up to GM. Fire Macc, there seems to be a lot of rumours out of 1 Jets Drive, a lot of the good moves have been instigated by Heimerdinger.
  10. Nice to see entitled "Royalty" Franchise's Gold bars not being so shiny. Then they all start bitchin. They want to try following the Jets all your life. They make me laugh. "Boo boo, we are not going to make the playoffs". What douche bags.
  11. BurnleyJet

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Did I miss something? - Did we lose an All-Pro tackle or Brandon "the revolving door" Shell. I thought Sam played fantastic against a savage Pass Rush. Not much difference between Shell and Qvale.
  12. Next two years a great time put in place parts to take over the AFCE. Never mind Brady, how long has Belichick got left? - He's 66, 67 before next season.
  13. BurnleyJet

    Brandon Shell

    Shell is a total Jag, not a big loss. The whole line needs rebuilding.
  14. BurnleyJet

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    I'd do all of the above, do you see how much we are playing that Jag Cornerback? - Bell is all world, contra to popular belieave top running backs really help the modern game. Gurley, Hunt (before being fired) Elliott. He'd take a lot of pressure off Darnold. I don't care he costs $15 mill who else you going to spend your money on?
  15. Interesting Peter King of sports illustrated was on Sky sports last night. Says Joe Flacco will be available also says Tannehill is out in Miami. A Lot of room for a trade up. Especially if a QB has a good Pro day/ Combine they can jump the board. Just like Wentz a couple of years back. The Jets will be in a good place for that, Since whoever is #1 will take Bosa.

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