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  1. Jaguars out of Cousins race

    Idzik's the tea boy.
  2. think about this fact

    Snacks is better then Mo. He actually gives a ....
  3. This would suck..

    The Vikings have to lose 2/3 QB's they have to do this:- Bridgewater. Keenum. Bradford.
  4. Jaguars out of Cousins race

    What this says is Draft a rookie QB. If Blake's making 18 per, then Drafting a QB on cheap Money for at least 3-4 years makes sence. The modern NFL has made the QB even more important. I think people seem to be shocked over the prices for a QB now. I'm not, good ones change everything, and even average ones make an impression.
  5. LB David Harris Retires from the NFL

    Still a snake for signing for the Pats. #tainted
  6. If we draft a QB and not sign Cousins, my prediction is Hack isn't a Jet in 2018.
  7. LB David Harris Retires from the NFL

    He signing with the Pats to get a ring, that really grates with me. Harris was a very good if not unspectacular Jet. He made some money here to. The Pats thing has tainted Harris for me, if I had a choice I'd never let him in the ring of honour Ever!
  8. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    If these two are the options at QB then we've failed.
  9. You know what Macc and Bowles are like..
  10. Never happening, even if we signed Cousins. It will be Minka Fitzpatrick.
  11. Patrick Mahomes is going to be a star

    Hey, I'm from another fan base. I'm here to tell you how "My team" have the best young Franchise QB. Thanks for the insite, the Chefs have been a well run and competitive Franchise for a long time. The New York Jets have not been either for a very long time. Go tell a starving man how good your meal was.