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  1. Why be good, when you can be lucky.
  2. We will have to start knocking his ass to the ground. Then out throw him, once the AFCE becomes competitive he will be hanging them up.
  3. He's the new Troy Polamalu 😜
  4. You can't beat Father Time.
  5. I will wait for the in season updates, after a five game winning streak, and the roster average is moved to 83 😎
  6. So this scrimmage isn't going to be salty then..
  7. Fifteen years of divisional games against teams with no QB's. I say knock his ass to the ground, and let Sam throw it all over the place. The old man will be running home in no time.
  8. BurnleyJet

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    No, the Raiders 7th round was conditional. He never made to conditions.
  9. BurnleyJet

    Brandon Copeland’s Road to the Jets

    It's goes to show how poor we are at OLB. I expect the Jets to be picking up OLB's, that are cut during training camp from other teams.
  10. BurnleyJet

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Being over drafted, Hack signed a 2nd round contract. The Kid made over $2Mill in two years. Not bad to say he stood on the sideline and did nothing.
  11. Some how held that Jag Tight End Gronk, to Zero receptions in the last Pats game. How did that happen?
  12. To wit he was the tea boy in all the above, except the Jets, where he was allowed to make the picks. So where is our freakishly talented team?
  13. Our scouts must look for Tight Ends with drink problems.
  14. Your love for Idzik, still continues. He makes Trader Mike look like Ozzie Newsome.
  15. Yes but I'm an England fan, so it's only good for about a week 😒