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  1. Whatever it takes right??

    I'd take it right now, love it!
  2. Can Jalin Marshall surprise?

    I'd be surprised if he makes the 53.
  3. Allen discusses his inaccuracy.

    It's ok Pat Kirwan says Allen does not throw screens. So he's defacto 65% and it's only when he throws left he's got a problem.. http://www.newyorkjets.com/videos/videos/Pat-Kirwan-on-the-Top-3-Picks-in-the-NFL-Draft/f251947c-6a04-4b0c-91a4-a72e1d64602b
  4. Darron Lee, both FA signings are better ILB's.
  5. Browns are morons, "we don't need a franchise QB". We need more 2 tier busts that we draft with the extra picks. The Jets FO look like Albert Einstein in comparison.
  6. Jets 5th worst to agents

    Upsetting Agents is a bad thing now? - I don't believe the BS about Bill Belichick, the Pats don't pay any one well, not over the table any way.
  7. Possible AFC East 1st round picks

    Lolz No way the Pats get Rosen.
  8. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    23/35 287 2TD's 1 Int in a narrow 54 - 48 lose, terrible!
  9. FFS

    Blue Steel Baker lol
  10. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Yes clearly Baker Mayfield is a far superior Collage QB, with better stats, accuracy, experience ,and moxi.
  11. You're right that's why the have AJ McCarron to start. - I do think they draft a QB ,I just don't think they have the ammo to go to #2. Nor the Giants moving to 12 and having to pick clear second tier players.
  12. Is the pig finally ripe?

    Look we all know it's "NO!" Until BB and TB pack it in then it's still NO. Lets draft a QB first so we can at least compete.
  13. Looking forward to your messages, when we Draft Baker Mayfield