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  1. 54,000 enough said, the Jets used to be top 3 even with sh*t teams. I think the fans have finally had enough.
  2. I noted he said 18 year, so Victor Green didn’t turn up and kick his ass.
  3. Becton looked like azz all off season, before he blow his knee cap off. No I wouldn’t rush him back, somethings not right with him and I’d start Fant.
  4. Well I’m 52, I’m hoping will be around when we do
  5. Geno Smith finally paying the Jets back, by tanking the Seahawks.
  6. That first rounder looking juicer by the week.
  7. To be fair, JD is investing money in important positions like edge, and not on a diva Strong Safety.
  8. This guys never been the same since the injury, no thanks.
  9. Yes according to PFF Jerry Rice was the 9th rated WR when he caught 22TD passes, is the kind of nonsense you get from them.
  10. Well that late round finds and UDFA class is bailing him out.
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