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  1. Yes you can see why they all went crazy when he was available in the 2nd round in the draft. He looks like a Star.
  2. The usual hack style Jets beat writer. He must of been taking tips from Dick Cimini and Manish.
  3. Well for me there’s been to much love for a guy that’s shown nothing, and done nothing. Wake me up when he does.
  4. Don’t care what he did before the Pros, it what he does in the NFL. It’s year 2 and he’s running with the 2&3’s. It’s still early but he’s not showing anything yet on camp, it’s not a good sign. Fortunately we drafted Moore.
  5. He’s seems to have a whiff of Stephen Hill about him.
  6. After two practices JD caved pretty quick. Apparently a bold Arabic gentleman was seen throttling Douglas this morning
  7. Poor Captain Morgan now has to walk the plank!
  8. Wow I’ve never seen this before, com’on it happens all the time. He may miss a few days of camp. Call me when he misses all of camp.
  9. If you’ve been following this story for a while, this is a game. Rogers can take a year off and come back. He’s making it clear just like Brady in N.E, it’s him not the Head Coach why they Win games. Matt LaFleur and GM Brian Gutekunst will get eviscerated by the fan base when Jordan Love Wins 6 games. These MF’s are like Pats fans are spoilt, they’ve effectively had HOF Quarterback play since 1992. Its going to be my guilty pleasure watching Green Bay burn this year.
  10. He’s shaking the tree, he’s making it clear he’s not coming back to the Packers ever. Matt LaFleur tried to get to cute with Drafting Love while Rogers had about 4-5 years play left in him. About time Packers fans get to find out, what it’s like without a HOF QB at the helm for 30 years.
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