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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Allen = Inaccurate goon, with poor decision making skills, with a Big arm, in a poor level of competition. DO NOT DRAFT IN THE FIRST ROUND!!!!!
  2. May has well invite PT Barnum to town.
  3. No he isn't, no where near, his main knock is Hack who he over drafted. So we blow a second rounder, the Jets do that every year. I will see who he picks in the Draft next year, and it isn't anything but a QB and "Anyone who disagrees is an idiot".
  4. I think your close, a little more work and you "could" be troll of the year.
  5. Highlight of the season, 1st Jan 2018, Black Monday.
  6. Jets vs Broncos Report Card

    I've seen some poor play from the Jets over the years, but this "performance" is one of the worst I've witnessed on a very long time. Drop the F Bomb on pretty much all of it!
  7. Keeping up with the Tank.

    No way the Browns trade the pick. After the Wentz Fook up, they won't move, neither will the Giants. SF at #3 will be the furthest we could move up to. That's either Baker Mayfield or Jackson. Only Rosen and Darnold are worth moving up for and both won't be traded.
  8. The Coach sets preparation content of the practice. This is on Bowles.
  9. Kirk Cousins is trash

    Yes but that's not milk on his top lip!
  10. Marrone

    We loaded on D for the passed 10 years and we suck.
  11. If that's the case, we are better off firing him and promote Morton as the interim coach for the rest of the way.