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  1. Dave Gettleman the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Rate This ravenmuscle says: January 26, 2020 at 9:36 pm Mosley was a major liability when dropping back in pass coverage. Grossly overpaid. The only person deserving of that kind of contract on the Jets is Jamal Adams. @T0mShane
  3. The worse groin strain in the history of the league. In hindsight would you sign this guy?
  4. One of the TD’s the Oline literally sat on the floor, and the D rushed zero players. They didn’t have a single player on the line of scrimmage!
  5. Terrible news RIP. I think the NBA needs an award to him.
  6. Any other good players people want to run out of town? He only leaves on a monster trade. He’s the only player we’ve had in a long time, worth a big contract.
  7. If Andrew Thomas and Tristan Wirfs are off the board at 11 I’m ok going Receiver.
  8. I think Brandon Copeland is some sort of Gordon Gekko off the field.
  9. All rubbish, we should forget, that and carry on with our proud tradition of drafting fat run stuffing D-lineman with our first pick 😁
  10. Told not to run, I think that’s been in his mind. Let’s see what Douglas can do to build him a line.
  11. It makes it more curious that Sam basically didn’t run at all last year, even when he had clear cut chances to scramble for a first down. I think he was under instruction not to run with the mono risks. I hope he uses his legs more next year.

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