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  1. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    I've been banging the drum for him for a while now. Manish the QB whisperer lolllll
  2. Bryce Petty support group thread

    Well put, a little like last season, where they just throw him in, I feel sorry for him, but he's not a Jet no matter what next year.
  3. Bryce Petty support group thread

    Oh I think he's gone, Woody is thin skinned, the hate from the fans about next 3 games isnt going to be good. He's dumb enough to play ultra conservative, and run that ball all day, just in case they may lose, which they will anyway.
  4. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    Manish is a total Douche, he likes Josh Allen. Jackson can't play in the NFL and No Mayfield. So get ready for him pushing the Allen agenda going Into the Draft.
  5. I'm just glad his time has a Jet is over. He's just made it super tough for his agent to get him a good deal. He may have finished is playing career early. Good bye Mo $. File under another lazy Revi$. Started great, ended fat, lazy, and greedy.
  6. Argued this many times. Ealy to play rest of the way.
  7. Allbright hears

    Burnley's football team is actually good. So that's fine, plus living in the beautiful Pennines is such a chore
  8. Where has Austin Seferian-Jenkins gone?

    Wow what do we expect at TE, he's solid resign him it's a no brainer. Some on here expect Tony G numbers or he stinks geez.
  9. Looks like Morton got the Tank memo..
  10. Allbright hears

    Yeah, and all gone before we pick!
  11. No matter now, I think the whole organisation, has moved on from Petty and Hack. We will be Drafting a QB, or signing Kirk, The next three games mean nothing evaluation wise.
  12. Washington Redhawks

    Our medical staff would be second to none!
  13. Washington Redhawks

    I think I started something.
  14. Baker Mayfield

    Allen = Inaccurate goon, with poor decision making skills, with a Big arm, in a poor level of competition. DO NOT DRAFT IN THE FIRST ROUND!!!!!
  15. May has well invite PT Barnum to town.
  16. No he isn't, no where near, his main knock is Hack who he over drafted. So we blow a second rounder, the Jets do that every year. I will see who he picks in the Draft next year, and it isn't anything but a QB and "Anyone who disagrees is an idiot".