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  1. The risk is to team culture, he’s a lazy malcontent, the the coaching staff don’t like him. He’s not here next season book it.
  2. Soft teams make soft players. Something isn’t right at 1 Jets drive.
  3. Jets staff coaches the Senior bowl. Half the players go on IR.
  4. Sick numbers:- Regular season Rec 145 Yards 1,947 Average 13.4 LNG 59 TD’s 16
  5. @jetstream23 Nice trolling the troll thread. Any way just to answer as you know you can’t run if you have zero Oline. Yesterday’s line must have been one of the worst I’ve seen even has a Jets fan. p.s Im glad the season is over, I’ve ran less difficult Marathons.
  6. And-when we trade Mims we will have another pick in the 200’s
  7. One he’s not leaving, two if he was he isn’t coming here.
  8. They actually managed to finish that SOB. At least JD did something right.
  9. You defo need your coaches like Andy Reed, these stick boys aren’t cutting it. Fat Rex over thin Rex.
  10. Terrible signing from the Jets point of view. I think vinny is done from a health point of view.
  11. He’s still going to have more catches on Sunday than Mims
  12. Pinero Can hit the squat rack in the off season. Guys been very accurate I’d keep him.
  13. First off we aren’t giving up serious Draft capital on a 27 year old receiver who’s taken a year off for mental health issues. MCCoffee is no longer the GM of the Jets. Trader Joe May do it for a 3rd, he isn’t giving up his well collected draft capital on a guy who may quit at any moment. It’s a potential a career ending trade if he gave up high picks and it goes badly.
  14. No we have to many holes on the roster. Two early seconds could yield us a two starters.
  15. Dude let it go, the staff clearly don’t like him, and he’s built zero trust to have balls thrown his way. It may help if he got open every now and then. Personally I’ve spent to much time over this clearly bust player. I’d sooner spend time talking about player who will be on the roster in 2022.
  16. Shocker about Ironman Becton.
  17. I think even with all the injuries when GVR was benched the play improved dramatically.
  18. Doubling down on the BS doesn’t take away from Mims being terrible. They stopped playing him because the guy had more penalty yards than receptions in two games, Which if your counting was Zero. If you can’t get on the field when your only first team receiver left is Braxton Berrios then your bad. I don’t care what they thought he’d be in college, in the Pro’s he doesn’t have what it takes. Next week will be his last game here, another 2nd round bust. It’s not the staffs fault, the guy doesn’t take his chances, and sure doesn’t look like he can even bother to put effort in eve
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