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  1. Told not to run, I think that’s been in his mind. Let’s see what Douglas can do to build him a line.
  2. It makes it more curious that Sam basically didn’t run at all last year, even when he had clear cut chances to scramble for a first down. I think he was under instruction not to run with the mono risks. I hope he uses his legs more next year.
  3. Injuries according to SAR1. This roster is a loaded Play off Roster..
  4. The way he calls plays I’d say he’s already had one.
  5. Well it’s looks like two ass’s to me. Tough to find a person who’s a big of a douch as OBJ. I think it’s the immovable prick, meets the unstoppable ass hole video.
  6. You do know that whoever plays QB for the Jet has the same issues Sam does. Its a no from me.
  7. Bingo! You could have Revis and Sanders playing Corner. If the have to cover for 6 seconds they are done. Go pick up at least one of the 5 or 6 quality Edge rushers in Free Agency. Even Average Corners look good with a heavy rush.
  8. No benefit for the Mets, no World Series here. The Pats cheating directly benefits the W and L. Lets see what punishment the Pats get?
  9. Not that bothered if I’m honest. Everything is over shadowed by the football, which apart from knocking over a few tomato cans at the end of the season was awful. Just Win, and we will relate Winning with the new Uni.
  10. Great player well deserved, not so sure on the most dominating? Now #75’s going in, let’s get #73 in!
  11. So Oliver played his rookie season hurt and he still got double Quinine Williams sacks (pun intended). Go Mike Maccagnan, more proof Coffee rots the brain..
  12. Geez we dodged a bullet their guys, i’m I right..
  13. Plenty of Edge Rushers available this year. That would be no1 for me.
  14. So long as he doesn’t continue the tradition of drafting sh*te players..
  15. Well Jets fans are to impatient, Obviously. 🙄
  16. To view a QB’s true potential, get them a line and some weapons. Jackson is fantastic at the Ravens, he’d most likely be a bust here.

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