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  1. It’s tough, the guys had 5 months off work, and hadn’t played for the previous 16 weeks due to a 4 to 8 week injury. Cut him some slack!
  2. The Captain has walked the plank a few times now.
  3. https://www.tmz.com/watch/2022-04-29-42922-los-angeles-rams-1409952/
  4. We shot for the moon and came up short. Tristan Wirfs Was the pick we fumbled it. 2020 draft looking sh*t right now. Fortunately 2021 draft looks a lot better.
  5. Good, love them to eat sh*t, under dog Jets kick ass!
  6. Such a Jetsy thread, we usually get enamoured with a fringe Camp player who gets cut. This is next level David Clowney stuff.
  7. He’s a bad man, with just touch of psycho. The Lyle Alzado of 2020’s. I think he’s going to become a favourite.
  8. Giant’s loving fat prick, hates the Jets news at 10. In further news water is wet and fire burns.
  9. BurnleyJet


    More likely to be the next douche bag for the giants. He’s more OBJ than LT.
  10. No love for Let’s talk Jets Radio?
  11. They had a different GM then Ozzie Newsome. Things don’t last forever.
  12. Linebacker and Safety are big needs for this team. I’d also like a better swing Tackle. Looking for Gems in the cut downs. If Mosley goes down we are fooked at Linebacker.
  13. Breece Hall isn’t even 21 until the end of May. On another interesting note he’s the cousin of Roger Craig ex 49er great.
  14. First Jersey I ever got.
  15. A slow safety who takes bad angles, and a short armed zone blocking Center. Followed by an Edge with an Achilles tear. Media A+
  16. Can wait for the tv special Joe Douglas and the Golden Fleece.
  17. Sometimes the best Trade is the one you don’t make. Looking back on what we got in the draft, no way would I make a trade for Deebo.
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